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Long-Running RPG Saga Ys Makes Its Xbox One Debut With Ys Origin

By Brittany Vincent, Apr 13, 2018 3:45pm PDT

Jump into the prolific saga of Adol Christin with this new vision of a classic. 


"The Ys series is so fucking great. I still need to play Origin :("

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Heroes of Might and Magic 3 HD Edition Impressions: A Hero's Return

By Steven Wong, Jan 28, 2015 9:00am PST

Heroes of Might & Magic 3 HD Edition brings the 1999 strategy role-playing classic to modern system, complete with updated graphics and online multiplayer. Does the gameplay still stand up after fifteen years? Our impressions.


"To answer my own question, this isn't based off of VCMI, it's based off of the original HOMM3 ..."

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Double Dragon Trilogy to Support GOG Galaxy

By Steven Wong, Jan 15, 2015 5:00pm PST

The Double Dragon Trilogy releases today, but as an added suprise, it was revealed that its two-player online multiplayer supports GoG Galaxy, enabling cross-play with the Steam version.


"GOG Galaxy is a great idea, I just hope GOG can actually pull it off. Hearing about things like ..."

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Double Dragon Trilogy tackles PC on Jan. 15

By Daniel Perez, Jan 09, 2015 6:45am PST

Those looking for a bit of nostalgia can head on over to Steam, GOG, and Amazon to pick up the Double Dragon Trilogy starting next week.


Heroes of Might and Magic 3 getting HD remake in January 2015

By Daniel Perez, Dec 10, 2014 8:30am PST

Fans of the classic Heroes of Might and Magic 3 will be able to experience an HD version of the title in late January on their Android, iOS or Windows PC devices.


"This is cool, but I was hoping for more HDness I guess. Still getting my money though."

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R-Type II coming soon to iOS and Android

By Robert Workman, Feb 04, 2014 11:00am PST

Remember the 1989 arcade shooter R-Type II from Irem? If not, you're about to get a re-introduction.


"Or just use Mame... But this is a very hard, twitch reflex game, and vitrullay impossible to ..."

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Double Dragon Trilogy heading to mobile devices

By Steve Watts, Oct 30, 2013 4:30pm PDT

Double Dragon Trilogy is coming to iOS and Android devices later this year, packing the three arcade classics together with customizable controls, new difficulty levels, and a remastered soundtrack.


"Yeah the timing is super tricky, even to this day I can't get a hyper knee on every try. "

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The Last Express stopping on iOS

By Alice O'Connor, Mar 19, 2012 10:00am PDT

Jordan Mechner's widely-adored adventure game The Last Express is making an unexpected stop on Apple iDevices soon, and yes, you will be able to play The Last Express aboard the last express.


"I'm playing through this right now for the first time. Cool concept but I'm really not enjoying ..."

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Another World heading to Android devices

By Steve Watts, Jan 18, 2012 5:30pm PST

Another World is coming to Android devices, after finding success with a recent iOS release.


"I first played "Out of this world" on my first PC, a 386sx. The intro animation was so cool at ..."

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Another World coming to iOS

By Steve Watts, Sep 07, 2011 5:00pm PDT

Another World is getting a re-release on iOS to celebrate its 20th anniversary, and includes revamped visuals and sound, new difficulty modes, and touch controls.


"Sweet memories with this game, and flashback.. Blackthorn remake please!"

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