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Warframe's TennoCon 2018 Details Revealed

By Blake Morse , Feb 27, 2018 2:27pm PST

The annual celebration of everything Warframe is heading back to Canada for its third year. 


Warframe Interview: Beyond The Plains Of Eidolon

By Blake Morse , Feb 15, 2018 12:11pm PST

The recent changes to Warframe were just the beginning. We chatted with the game's live operations and community manager to find out what the future holds beyond its first open-world expansion. 


Shacknews Most Improved Game of 2017: Warframe

By Blake Morse , Dec 30, 2017 12:00pm PST

Teach a Tenno to fish and they'll never go hungry again.


"Would I be fine starting fresh in Warframe, will it at least explain things to new people, or ..."

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Sword Coast Legends now available for Xbox One and PS4

By John Keefer, Jul 19, 2016 10:53am PDT

The campaign creation tools are still a PC exclsuive, however.


Warframe gets 'Infested Nightmares' Double Affinity weekend

By Ozzie Mejia, Aug 13, 2015 10:20am PDT

Has it been a while since you've last cut things up in Warframe? Digital Extremes wants this to be the weekend everyone catches up, as the developer has offered a Double Affinity weekend.


"That exact element has been improved. It was a big annoyance for me as well. Let me know if ..."

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Warframe for PS4 launches with free pre-order bonus pack

By Steve Watts, Nov 08, 2013 1:30pm PST

Warfarme is offering extra platinum, credits, and a rifle skin as bonuses for pre-ordering the free-to-play PlayStation 4 launch title.


"This story is a couple days old and it doesn't make mention of the fact that, since this ..."

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Star Trek game 'arguably hurt' the movie, says J.J. Abrams

By Steve Watts, Sep 13, 2013 1:30pm PDT

Star Trek: Into Darkness director J.J. Abrams says he left the Star Trek game early, and ultimately felt that it may have hurt the film.


"What is pure garbage? Is all garbage not tainted? What are the qualities of pure garbage that ..."

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Star Trek preview: charted territory

By Andrew Yoon, Apr 01, 2013 1:15pm PDT

Namco Bandai's upcoming Star Trek game is a competent shooter that's adequate enough for hardcore Trekkies--but not really memorable enough for anyone else.


""Trekkies will appreciate the detail that went into rebuilding the Enterprise in the game. It ..."

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Warframe co-op shooter blasts into open beta

By Alice O'Connor, Mar 21, 2013 8:45am PDT

Shooting men in the face can be fun but what if it hurts people's feelings, and why can't we be friends? Thankfully, Warframe has the answer: co-op missions against AI (which is probably not advanced enough to suffer distress). The free-to-play third-person shooter from The ...


"Yeah... i can see a ceiling to this game. they need to think of something for the level capped ..."

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Co-op shooter Warframe coming from Digital Extremes

By Alice O'Connor, Jun 26, 2012 8:30am PDT

The Darkness II developer Digital Extremes has found steady work on the side as a multiplayer hired gun, brought in to jazz up the online offerings of other games. Now it's putting that expertise to work on a game of its own, free-to-play co-op FPS 'Warframe' for PC.


"I liked the constant cold war-style of escalation of powers between the player and the enemies ..."

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Star Trek preview

By Jeff Mattas, Jun 13, 2012 5:15pm PDT

We step behind closed doors at E3 2012 to get a fresh look at the upcoming Star Trek co-op shooter being developed by Digital Extremes.


"I feel ya on that man, I had my mother sell mine on ebay years and years ago for some extra cash ..."

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Star Trek to be co-published by Namco Bandai in 2013

By Steve Watts, Feb 10, 2012 2:45pm PST

Paramount Pictures announced a partnership with Namco Bandai today, to distribute the upcoming Star Trek game from Digital Extremes.


The Darkness 2 demo out for all on PC, Xbox 360, PS3

By Alice O'Connor, Jan 25, 2012 9:30am PST

The Darkness II's demo is now available to all and sundry on PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, having previously been exclusive to Xbox Live Gold.


"Played demo last night, I liked it. Looking forward to full game."

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Darkness 2 demo coming soon, early for Xbox Live Gold

By Steve Watts, Jan 12, 2012 7:30am PST

The Darkness II demo will have a staggered release, with XBL Gold subscribers getting it on January 17, and most others services and territories arriving a week later.


"I agree it a toss up I am optimistic good thing there is a demo soon, I hope it will be good."

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The Darkness 2 co-op 'Vendettas' mode announced

By Andrew Yoon, Dec 06, 2011 6:45am PST

In this day and age, every first-person shooter needs an online multiplayer mode--they don't necessarily have to be competitive, though. The Darkness II will feature a newly-announced cooperative mode called "Vendettas."