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Binary Domain demo available this week

By Andrew Yoon, Feb 14, 2012 7:30am PST

What happens when the creator of Yakuza attempts to make a third-person shooter? The end result is Binary Domain--and you can try it this week with a playable demo.


"seems boring and generic. nothing new, kind of nazi-ish with all that superior race crap. "

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Shack PSA: Mass Effect 3 demo out today

By Alice O'Connor, Feb 14, 2012 6:00am PST

This Valentine's Day, show your sweetheart you're not a callous brute by saving the entire dang human race in the Mass Effect 3. Here's a friendly reminder it launches today with a taste of the single-player campaign, with a multiplayer bit coming later i


"As far as I know, the demo doesn't allow you to import your save, they offer presets decisions ..."

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Resident Evil 6 demo included with Dragon's Dogma

By Andrew Yoon, Jan 31, 2012 7:30am PST

If you want to get early access to Resident Evil 6 demo, you'll have to shell out for another Capcom game. The Xbox 360 version of Dragon's Dogma will include early access to the RE6 demo, Capcom has announced.


"Btw I am super pissed about this --> "no PC version of Dragon's Dogma""

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The Darkness 2 demo out for all on PC, Xbox 360, PS3

By Alice O'Connor, Jan 25, 2012 9:30am PST

The Darkness II's demo is now available to all and sundry on PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, having previously been exclusive to Xbox Live Gold.


"Played demo last night, I liked it. Looking forward to full game."

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Nintendo 3DS demos begin tomorrow with Resident Evil: Revelations

By Andrew Yoon, Jan 18, 2012 6:00am PST

The Resident Evil: Revelations demo goes live on Nintendo's digital store tomorrow, as Nintendo promises the eShop will be "periodically updated with new game demos."


"This is the one with even more 3d options right? 8-4 was talking about cranking both 3d settings ..."

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Mass Effect 3 demo DLC cross-over with Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning

By Alice O'Connor, Jan 11, 2012 6:45am PST

Playing the Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning demo will score you bonus items in the full version of Mass Effect 3, and vice versa. EA also confirmed that the Reckoning demo will hit PC and PS3 on January 17 too, alongside the Xbox 360 version revealed yester


"(On PC at least), you just need to load the demo and login, and it adds the armor to your ..."

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Rise of Nightmares demo released

By Alice O'Connor, Jan 03, 2012 11:15am PST

If you got a Kinect for Crimbo, you may well be looking for more games to lean and wave in, especially games for growed-ups wot got blood and guts and stuff. You'll certainly find innards in Sega's Rise of Nightmares, which received a demo today.


"I can see it now... this game will sell 5 copies and then Sega will say "oh well, people don't ..."

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Gears of War 3 demo released

By Alice O'Connor, Dec 28, 2011 2:30pm PST

Gears of War 3 has been out for a while and Christmas is behind us, so those who'd buy it sight unseen have probably already done so. Enter a demo, to court those weird weirdoes who prefer to actually "play" a video game before coughing up $60.


"What a great marketing scheme, make people buy it then let them play what they just bought for ..."

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Rage demo on Xbox 360 now, PS3 on December 6

By Andrew Yoon, Nov 22, 2011 7:15am PST

Have you forgotten about id's latest shooter, Rage? If you haven't given it a chance yet, you'll be able to sample some mega-texture fun with a free downloadable demo on Xbox Live.


"Those are some great examples of the benefits textures gain from the Mega Texture technology. "

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Achron demo and price cut open up time travel

By Alice O'Connor, Nov 15, 2011 5:00pm PST

Any RTS player worth their salt knows that time is a valuable resource, but rarely as literally as in Achron. Developer Hazardous Software has now released a demo of the time-travelling RTS and cut its price.


"Sadly, those who have already bought Achron cannot skip back to the past and buy at the new, ..."

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Anno 2070 demo sets sail on PC

By Alice O'Connor, Nov 04, 2011 10:15am PDT

After a whistlestop tour of the past, city-building strategy series Anno (aka Dawn of Discovery) is preparing to blast off into the future with Anno 2070. Ubisoft is giving a taste of that gleaming future today in a demo out now.


"Really excited for this one. Bought 1404 (dawn of discovery) on a whim during a sale... really ..."

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Lord of the Rings: War in the North demo exclusively on OnLive

By Alice O'Connor, Nov 02, 2011 2:15pm PDT

With The Lord of the Rings: War in the North now in stores, you may be wondering where the demo is. Turns out, the only one is on OnLive.


"Was really hoping to try a steam demo to see whether or not to buy. Thanks for saving me money!"

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Nintendo 3DS eShop getting DLC, demos, and web store

By Alice O'Connor, Oct 28, 2011 6:15am PDT

Demos, downloadable content, and a web-based storefront are coming to the Nintendo 3DS eShop, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has revealed during his latest financial results briefing.


"how is this good? it just means they can release half a story, then nickle and dime you for the ..."

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Grease Dance demo screeches onto Xbox 360

By Alice O'Connor, Oct 25, 2011 3:00pm PDT

If you've got chills, they're multiplying, and you suspect you may be losing control, do not panic. You see, the power the Grease Dance demo for Xbox 360 Kinect is supplying today is, quite simply, electrifying.


"i wonder how much money kinect is making for MS, seems like they are dumping a lot into ..."

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Mass Effect 3 demo coming in January

By Andrew Yoon, Oct 21, 2011 7:00am PDT

You'll be able to get an early look of Mass Effect 3 via a pre-release downloadable demo this January. To secure early access to the demo, you'll want to buy Battlefield 3.


"Whats the point? Thing is gonna sell like hot cakes no matter what. Why ruin it? Besides from ..."

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