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Tuesday Afternoon New Releases and ShackReviews

Coming to you live from San Francisco International Airport, it's the Tuesday Afternoon New Releases and ShackReviews.

This Week's New Releases

Dance Dance Revolution SuperNOVA (Konami | Tue. | PS2) The Fast & the Furious (Eutechnyx | Tue. | PS2; also PSP in Dec. '06)
Greg Hastings' Tournament Paintball MAX'D (WXP | Tue. | PS2; also Xbox in Oct. '05; NDS, GBA in Jan. '06) NRA Gun Club (Highway 1 | Tue. | PS2) Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria (tri-Ace | Tue. | PS2)
Import Tuner Challenge (Genki | Tue. | X360)
Baten Kaitos Origins (Monolith / tri-Crescendo | Mon. | GCN) Naruto: Clash of Ninja 2 (Eighting | Tue. | GCN)
Alex Rider: Stormbreaker (Altron | Tue. | GBA)
Backyard Football 2007 (Humongous | Tue. | GBA) Battle B-Daman: Fire Spirits! (Atlus | Tue. | GBA)
Bubble Bobble Revolution (Taito | Fri. | NDS)
Disney's The Little Mermaid: Magic in Two Kingdoms (Gorilla | Tue. | GBA)
Dora the Explorer: Dora's World Adventures (Black Lantern | Tue. | GBA) Harlem Globetrotters: World Tour (Full Fat | Tue. | NDS, GBA) Mage Knight: Destiny's Soldier (Big Blue Bubble | Tue. | NDS) Mario vs. Donkey Kong 2: March of the Minis (NST | Tue. | NDS)
MotoGP (Namco | Tue. | PSP)
Princess Natasha: Student, Secret Agent, Princess (Frame Studios | Tue. | NDS, GBA)
Rainbow Islands Revolution (Taito | Tue. | NDS) Rock'em Sock'em Robots (Full Fat | Fri. | GBA) Spectral Souls (PSP)
Strawberry Shortcake Sweet Dreams (Gorilla | Tue. | GBA)
Unfabulous (THQ | Wed. | GBA)
The Backyardigans: Mission to Mars (Activision | Tue. | PC)
Caesar IV (Tilted Mill | Tue. | PC) City of Heroes Good vs. Evil Combined Edition (Cryptic Studios | Frid. | PC) DEFCON (Introversion | Fri. | PC)
El Matador (Plastic Reality | Fri. | PC) Family Feud (Global Star | Tue. | PC, also PS2, GBA in Oct. '06) Hidden Expedition: Titanic (Activision | Tue. | PC)
Mage Knight Apocalypse (InterServ | Tue. | PC)
Miss Spider's Scavenger Hunt (Kutoka | Tue. | PC) Pacific Storm (Lesta | Tue. | PC) ParaWorld (SEK Ost | Wed. | PC)
Rider's World: I Want to Ride (Caipirinha / Calibre Desenvolvimento | Tue. | PC)
World Series of Poker: Tournament of Champions (Left Field | Wed. | PC; also PS2, X360, PSP last week)
Just Cause (Avalanche | Tue. |PS2, Xbox, X360, PC) NBA 07 (SCE San Diego | Tue. | PS2, PSP) NBA 2K7 (Visual Concepts | Tue. | PS2, Xbox, X360) NBA Live 07 (EA Canada | Tue. | PS2, Xbox, X360, PSP, PC) The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy (Midway | Tue. | PS2, GCN; also PC in Oct. '06; GBA, Wii in Nov. '06)
Featured ShackReviews:

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"omg an NRA sponsered game? AWESOME somebody tell kaiser quick!"
- Degenerate    See all 8 comments

Cryptic Studios Q&A

Related Topics – Cryptic Studios, RPG News

FiringSquad has been updated with a new Q&A with Jack Emmert, creative director over at Cryptic Studios. Questions focus on City of Heroes/Villains and upcoming projects.

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Late Night Consoling

There have sure been quite a few recurring rumors this week.

  • Xbox 360 Price Cut Rumored (Again), Microsoft Denies (Again)

    Today, rumors flared up yet again that Microsoft is planning to cut the price of its Xbox 360 console later this year. A report from DigiTimes claimed that the news came courtesy of Taiwanese OEM component manufacturers. DigiTimes speculates that the broad capabilities of Sony's upcoming PlayStation 3, which includes a hard disk drive and a Blu-ray Disc reader, are giving Microsoft reason to take a more aggressive price strategy. Apparently, the manufacturers' claims are based on a reported 15-20% decrease of manufacturing costs due to more efficient production. However, it seems just as likely that Microsoft would want to hang on to those savings in an attempt to edge out of the per-unit loss currently taken on each Xbox 360 console, particularly given the already fairly substantial pricing discrepancy between Xbox 360 and PS3. For its part, Microsoft Taiwan Corporation denied the claims, calling them "misinformation." When contacted for comment, Microsoft's home base operations issued a similar refutation. Last month, the Microsoft marketing employee-run Gamerscore Blog stated that there are "no plans for a price drop this fall."
  • Previews "Announce" Assassin's Creed and Mercenaries 2 on 360?

    Ever since the respective announcements of Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed and Pandemic's Mercenaries 2, both of which are currently only confirmed for the PlayStation 3 platform, gamers have been speculating that both games will eventually make their way to Xbox 360. In the case of Assassin's Creed, it seems almost inevitable. During X05, in the game's pre-official announcement days as Project Assassin, the game was mentioned by Microsoft's Peter Moore as coming to Xbox 360. Ubisoft is also known for its widely multiplatform releases. This week, two previews surfaced on Computer and Video Games, one for Mercenaries 2 and the other for Assassin's Creed. CVG is owned by Future Publishing, which handles The Official Xbox Magazine. To make matters a bit more conclusive, both previews are branded with that publication's logo. If previews of the two titles are indeed being published under the auspices of Microsoft's official gaming print publication, it would seem that the Xbox 360 versions of the games are all but confirmed.
  • Gearbox Grinds Nintendo's Gears

    Speaking to IGN, Gearbox Software president Randy Pitchford today stated that the studio behind the acclaimed Brothers in Arms franchise will be developing for Nintendo's upcoming Wii console. "Gearbox Software is enthusiastically supporting the Wii," said Pitchford, though he did not elaborate on any specific games in development. Pitchford also commented on the currently apparently pros and cons of the system, placing the unique controller in both categories. "The strengths of the Nintendo Wii include the price, the unique interface, the sure-bet library of games based on the great Nintendo properties and the promise back catalogue of classic games from Nintendo and others that they have partnered with," he noted. "The weaknesses of the system include its lower relative power when compared to other next-gen consoles and the unique interface requiring more dedicated focus specifically for the platform." Today's announcement is yet another potential vindication of the alleged Ubisoft release schedule leaked earlier this year and officially denied by the publisher. Among other platforms, the list included the then-named Revolution as being a destination for "Brothers in Arms 3"--presumably Brothers in Arms Hell's Highway, which has since been announced for PS3, Xbox 360, and PC. As IGN points out, Ubisoft has already proven to be one of the stronger third party publishers at the system's launch, with Red Steel an exclusive for the system and most of the marketing for the multiplatform Rayman Raving Rabbids being focused on the Wii version.
  • PS3 in "Better Place Vis-a-Vis Microsoft With Relation to Launch," Says Rein

    [ps3] [xbox360] [nintendo]
    In a video interview with Eurogamer published today, Epic's outspoken VP Mark Rein commented on various issues surrounding the games industry and Epic's upcoming projects. While he spent a great deal of time speaking on his latest vocal cause, slamming Intel for shrinking the PC gaming market via the widespread adoption of Intel integrated graphics solutions in PCs, he also had some words on Sony's upcoming PlayStation 3 and why Sony is right where it needs to be at this stage. Despite the flak Sony has been taking from various quarters in regards to PS3's price and known game selection, Rein believes the company is on track. "I think one of the things you have to consider right now is that Sony is at that awkward stage where Microsoft was last year. Developers are just getting finished hardware now, which is a long time before ship. That's pretty good," he said. "Developers did not have finished [Xbox 360] hardware last year at E3. So, Sony's actually maybe in a better place vis-a-vis Microsoft with relation to launch. I'm actually quite surprised at how good the [PS3] games look considering that situation." Rein had mixed feelings about Microsoft's Live Anywhere and Xbox Live services. "As a business guy it scares me a little bit, because, are they horning in on my relationship with my customer or not?" he pointed out, in reference to Epic's preference for working with its own server architecture and online features. "I think that's why EA was a late in coming to Xbox Live, was they were a little worried about that." Rein indicated that on the PS3 version of Unreal Tournament 2007, Epic will take a more traditional PC-like approach. Still, as a gamer, he sees a lot of potential in Microsoft's initiatives. "One of the things I really liked about the Bill Gates presentation [at E3] was the idea that, 'Look, these things can coexist,' and we're huge fans of that," he said, referring to the convergence between PC and consoles.
  • Cryptic Coming to Consoles, Hiring Humanities Help

    [ps3] [xbox360] [nintendo]
    Cryptic Studios today sent out a note that the MMO developer is holding "open tryouts" for new employees coming from a variety of disciplines. "WeÂ’re looking for the best, whether you are a proven industry veteran or a new college grad who wants to break into the business," said president Michael Lewis. "You wonÂ’t be surprised to know weÂ’re looking for top-notch programmers and artists, but you might be surprised to find weÂ’re also interested in engineering, economics, linguistics and philosophy majors." Prospective applicants are encouraged to visit the company's official website for more on the application process and the company's upcoming "job fair" appearances at SIGGRAPH, Gen Con, and the Austin Game Conference. Within the announcement was included the news that the company has multiple MMO titles in the works, coming not only to PC but to unspecified next generation consoles. No further details were given, though the company plans to make announcements later this year. Most recently, Cryptic has been known for its superhero-themed games City of Heroes (PC) and City of Villains (PC).
  • Son of Working Designs

    [ps2] [ps3] [xbox360]
    Victor Ireland, former president of defunct niche RPG localization and publishing company Working Designs, appears to be launching a new company. Dubbed Gaijinworks, the only thing the organization currently has to publically show for itself is a splash page and a logo depicting a gear set within a Japanese flag. The site's meta content tags suggest that, like Working Designs, Gaijinworks will likely largely deal in the publishing of Japanese RPGs; listed terms include "RPG," "jRPG," "otaku," "role-playing game," "japanese role-playing game," and others. Two platforms are mentioned as well, "playstation" and "xbox 360," as is "localization." A potential company slogan, "one nation under games," finishes off the list. No projects have been announced, but more details are expected later this summer.
  • Time-Limited Table Tennis Download on Live

    As announced last week, a playable demo of Rockstar Games presents Table Tennis (X360) is now available via Xbox Live. The free demo includes single-player and local multiplayer modes, though not an online mode. Interestingly enough, it comes with a catch. The demo will only be functional through the end of August. After that, it will no longer run, nor will it be available for download.
  • Misc. Q&As/Features

    IGN has an interview with producer Yoshinori Yamagishi on Square Enix's upcoming RPG sequel Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria (PS2). Eurogamer has an interview with Saint's Row (X360) project lead Christopher Stockman, speaking about Volition's upcoming GTA-esque action game.

Misc. Media/Previews

1UP previews Climax's ATV Offroad Fury 4 (PS2).
IGN goes hands on with Tomy's Naruto: Clash of Ninja 2 (GCN).
We've got a preview up of Capcom's Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Justice for All (NDS) and Mega Man ZX (NDS). GameSpot checks out Climax's ATV Offroad Fury Pro (PSP). IGN takes a look at an import copy of Nintendo's Cooking Navi (NDS). 1UP checks out Team Soho's Gangs of London (PSP). Screenshots: GUN Showdown (PSP). Movies: Star Fox Command (NDS).
Screenshots: Super Monkey Ball Adventure (PS2, GCN, PSP).

Console Game Of The Evening [Submit Yours!]

Power Instinct: Matrimelee for the Neo Geo. "In a sea of fighters, this one stood out with humor, use of sound, and guest stars from Rage of the Dragons. It had quite possibly the hardest boss fight on the Neo-Geo." (submitted by Sideways Bob)

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"Fair enough, but the 360 is only one platform out of 3? that Epic is developing for. On top of ..."
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Looking for Love in MMOs

Related Topics – Sony, MMO, Cryptic Studios, Games: PC

The Wall Street Journal has an article up on real life relationships triggered by online games. Writer David Kesmodel talks to couples who met in Cryptic Studios' City of Heroes, Sony Online Entertainment's EverQuest 2, and Funcom's Anarchy Online. According to research from Stanford, an unexpectedly high proportion of online gamers have ended up in real world dating situations with players they met in game.

Nick Yee, a Ph.D. student in the Department of Communication at Stanford University who studies online games, found in a survey earlier this year that 29% of women players and 8% of men said they had gone on to date someone they met in a game. He says the games are filled with scenarios that shed light on players' personalities. A risky raid on a dungeon, for example, can reveal whether someone is a team player. "These are trust-building exercises," he says. Players "are constantly having to make decisions like, 'Do I run out and save myself or help the others survive?' " Situations that reveal so much about someone's character are less common in the real world, he thinks.
Susan Bard says that, unlike most online gamers, her partner whom she met online "made sure his sentences weren't choppy." David Knife says that his wife, to whom he is married both in real life and in Anarchy Online, has impressive leadership skills. The players noted in the article spanned ages from 26 to 39 and locations across the world. One research firm projects that 25 to 30 million people worldwide participate in online games. That's not a bad dating pool.

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"i met my current gf of 12 years (2 kids now) through a multi-user BBS"
- derean    See all 87 comments

City of Villains To Support PPU

Related Topics – City of Heroes, Cryptic Studios, PhysX

AGEIA today announced that Cryptic Studios will update City of Villains to make use of the PhysX physics accelerator cards that are coming out soon. The PPU support will mainly help with the game's particle effects, with the press release listing a few examples.

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"It won't make it in the mainstream market as a dedicated card. There's no compelling reason ..."
- Nephsevenon    See all 30 comments

City of Villains Issue 7 Q&A

Related Topics – City of Heroes, MMO, Cryptic Studios has a new City of Villains/Heroes Q&A, asking Matt Miller of Cryptic Studios about the latest free expansion pack for the game. Questions are about Grandville, the Mayhem Missions, new base features and more.

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City of Villains/Heroes Q&A

Related Topics – City of Heroes, Cryptic Studios

GameZone has posted a Q&A with Matt Miller of Cryptic Studios, asking the system designer about the upcoming expansion pack which will include a high-level PvP zone called Recluse's Victory.

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Cryptic Studios Q&A

Related Topics – Cryptic Studios, RPG News

A new Q&A with Jack Emmert is up at Boomtown, asking the creative director at Cryptic Studios about the future of City of Heroes and City of Villains.

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Make a Hero, Minus the City

Related Topics – MMO, Cryptic Studios, Games: PC

Ever wished you could just fool around with the City of Heroes character creation utility when it strikes your fancy? It's got to be the most robust character design tool available in the front end of a commercial game, and I know people who actually maintain City of Heroes subscriptions primarily so they're able to make characters again and again. Well, with the launch of City of Heroes in Asia (over there it's called "City of Hero"), NCsoft has made the creation utility from Cryptic Studios' MMO available for free.

More importantly, with the release comes a nifty promo that pretty much everyone has been screaming for since the game first launched in the US more than a year ago. The game's asskickoriffic character editor is up as a free download. Not only does it include all of the game's hundreds of costume options, but auras and capes are available for screwing around with from the start, which is spiff if you want to see how they're going to look on your guy before going to all the trouble of getting him to level 30.
The catch is that it's all in Korean. This isn't really a problem with the installer, which is standard fare for those familiar with setting up Windows software, but it can be a bit of an inconvenience in the utility itself. That said, I managed to grope through the process by fiddling with sliders and drop down boxes until I figured out what everything did.

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"apparently the program has been taken down from the Korean site :*( and NCsoft is babbling ..."
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Games In 2005 - 2006

Related Topics – Cryptic Studios, Games: PC

Today's Games In 2005 - 2006 Q&As on GameCloud are with Scott Brown of Netdevil and Jack Emmert of Cryptic Studios. They talk about the good and bad of 2005, and expectations for 2006.

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Marvel And NCSoft Settle Litigation

Related Topics – Cryptic Studios, NCSoft, RPG News

We received a press release from NCSoft, announcing that they have settled all claims with Marvel. The comic book publisher sued NCSoft and Cryptic Studios last year because City of Heroes players were able to create characters that looked similar to Marvel characters.

The parties' settlement allows them all to continue to develop and sell exciting and innovative products, but does not reduce the players' ability to express their creativity in making and playing original and exciting characters. Therefore, no changes to City of Heroes or City of Villains' character creation engine are part of the settlement. The parties have agreed that protecting intellectual property rights is critically important and each will continue aggressively to protect such rights in accordance with all applicable laws. While the terms of the settlement were not disclosed, all parties agree that this case was never about monetary issues and that the fans of their respective products and characters are the winners in this settlement.

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"There was something along those lines. Also, MArvel violated the TOS to prove their point - add ..."
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Late Night Consoling

Well, like Steve said, it's the weekend!

  • 360 Compatibility List Posted

    It's taken longer than promised, but Microsoft has finally delivered a list of 360-compatible Xbox games. There are some striking absences there, but the list will be expanded over time, eventually comprising the entire Xbox library according to Xbox VP Todd Holmdahl. As previously announced, backwards compatibility requires having the 360's optional hard drive. The compatibility code for each game must acquired independently, and currently there are three delivery mechanisms in place: players can download the code from Xbox Live, burn it onto a writable CD from, or have a CD shipped by mail through One previously unannounced feature is that Xbox games played on a 360 will be upsampled to either 720p or 1080i and will receive the benefit of the Xbox 360's anti-aliasing. Bungie announced that Halo and Halo 2 would have these features when played on Xbox 360, but it appears now that it is simply standard practice. The only difference between the Halo games and the rest of the games on the list is that the compatibility code for Halo and Halo 2's single-player mode will be pre-loaded on the hard drive. Microsoft has frequently stated that the first batch of compatible games would be comprised of the system's bestselling titles. That said, if you're wondering why Yourself!Fitness and SeaWorld: Shamu Deep Sea Adventures made the cut while Psychonauts, Beyond Good & Evil, Indigo Prophecy, and more did not, it might be because for some bizarre reason those first two games shared technology with games that were bestsellers. Holmdahl explains, "As we focused on the top sellers, we discovered that many other games worked due to similarities in their technology. ...Games that share engines and technology...have made the launch lineup as a result." Of course, it's still a bit odd that games like the Splinter Cell titles, the Burnout titles, the Project Gotham Racing titles, and even Madden didn't make the first round. As more rounds of games are made compatible, they will be added to that list on
  • Rein's Revolution Response

    [nintendo] [xbox360]
    Epic's Mark Rein generated some press when he made some rather gleefully pointed comments regarding Nintendo's Revolution controller at a recent IGN event; he also, many said, grossly overstated the importance of improving graphics in games relative to other areas of improvement. The other day, Eurogamer asked Nintendo's Jim Merrick what he thought of Rein's comments, and Merrick responded that Rein was speaking about the Revolution from an uninformed perspective, and that Rein should get his hands on it before making judgments. Eurogamer has stepped in as a mediator once again, and talked a bit to Rein about his comments. Rein did a bit of clarifying and a bit of backpedaling, explaining that in regards to graphics, he was stating that "the most significant improvement we get" with new consoles is improved graphics. As far as the Revolution goes, Rein apparently called Merrick up after seeing the latter's comments, to find that Merrick didn't seem to be holding a grudge; Merrick still offered Rein a dev kit, and Rein accepted the offer. Rein said, "If the [Revolution] can run [Unreal Engine 3], it'd be fantastic to have it on there," though of course his comments do not indicate any kind of formal support. Rein briefly touched on actual Epic-related news, saying that work on Gears of War (X360) is progressing fine, and that no PC port is currently being planned; decisions such as that are up to publisher Microsoft. He also said, "We're going to be doing a game for PlayStation 3, we just haven't come out and announced it yet. I think it's pretty clear people know we're going to be doing Unreal Tournament." Finally, Epic is also doing preliminary research for the next-next-gen Unreal Engine 4.
  • BioWare to Expand the Jade Empire

    In an interview with Xbox Evolved today, BioWare joint CEOs Dr. Ray Muzyka and Dr. Greg Zeschuk revealed that BioWare plans to create a sequel to Jade Empire (Xbox). When queried about whether the title might show up on PlayStation 3, Muzyka responded, "Microsoft has been a great supporter of BioWare in the past...We've also said in the past that we're working on not just one, but two Xbox360 titles. Enough said. ;)" BioWare's other 360 title is the previously-announced Mass Effect (X360), the first in a planned trilogy. Zeschuk commented in the interview that the overall story arc for the trilogy has already been planned and BioWare plans to release all three titles for 360 within this upcoming console generation.
  • NCsoft on Consoles (Not 360)

    Speaking to, Tack Jim Kim of MMO publisher NCsoft revealed that his company has already begun development on games for next-generation consoles. However, it appears that the Xbox 360 is not included in that development, suggesting that the company is working with Sony's PS3 or the Nintendo Revolution. Kim also noted that the Korean company, which currently has offices and development studios in South Korea, California, and Texas, will be opening a European base of operations as well. As far as whether the in-progress console work will be on existing titles or new franchises, Kim did not comment. The company current operates Lineage and Lineage II, Cryptic Studios' City of Heroes and City of Villains, and ArenaNet's Guild Wars, all currently exclusively for PC.
  • PGR3 Not 720p?

    Here's your daily dose of unconfirmed Xbox 360 news! Claims are floating around such places as the official Bizarre Creations forums that Bizarre's Project Gotham Racing 3 (X360) does not run natively at 720p but rather at 1024x600 upscaled to 1280x720, in order to ensure that the game runs smoothly at 30 frames per second. People with access to Xbox 360 debug units and review builds of the game have taken screenshots (an example .bmp mirrored here) using the game's screenshot utility--which are claimed not to have been edited, resized, or otherwise tampered with in any way--that turned out to be 1024x600. Even if it's true, it shouldn't be particularly noticeable; the person making the claim states he didn't notice until taking the screenshots. The main complaint that has been voiced is more that such a technique would violate Microsoft's promised 720p minimum native resolution for all 360 games.
  • Activision and Marvel, Together Forever

    [ps2] [xbox] [gamecube]
    Well, maybe not forever, but game publisher Activision and comic publisher Marvel have renewed their X-Men and Spider-Man license contract. The extended deal gives Activision the right to develop and publish games based on the two popular licenses until 2017. Most recently, Activision published Ultimate Spider-Man (PS2, Xbox, GCN, DS, GBA, PC) and X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse (PS2, Xbox, GCN, PSP, PC).
  • Misc. Q&As/Features

    Official Xbox Magazine UK has an interview with Rare's Chris Tilston and Dale Murchie, the lead designer and story writer respectively on Perfect Dark Zero (X360).

Misc. Media/Previews

Impressions of the upcoming demo of Square Enix's Final Fantasy XII (PS2) come to us from GameSpot, IGN, 1UP, Game Informer, and GameSpy. Screenshots: Tourist Trophy (PS2).
1UP checks out Visual Concepts' NHL 2K6 (X360, also PS2, Xbox). Screenshots: Ridge Racer 6 (X360). Movies: Kameo: Elements of Power (X360). Amped 3 (X360). Test Drive Unlimited (X360). Project Gotham Racing 3 (X360).
GameSpot checks out Tecmo's Tokobot (PSP). Eurogamer previews Nintendo's Mario Kart DS (DS). Screenshots: Viewtiful Joe: Double Trouble (DS). Championship Manager (PSP). Tringo (GBA). Movies: Sonic Rush (DS). Mario Kart DS (DS).
Screenshots: Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell 4 (??? - listed as PS3 on IGN but actual platform is unknown).

Console Game Of The Evening [Submit Yours!]

Power Blade for the NES. "Playing as NOVA, keeper of the Power Blade (a suped up boomerang), I spent many days plowing through this action/platformer. You can also turn into a robot and upgrade your Power Blade, which added to the depth of the game." (submitted by anthonybean)

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"Well, I'd guess that they're going to ship the HDs blank or close to blank and then have them ..."
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Sunday Evening New Releases and ShackReviews

Well, I got back from BlizzCon today. Here's your release schedule. I'm working on the database entries, but I've been pretty busy lately so they're lagging a bit. Gotta get you guys your BlizzCon previews!

This Week's New Releases

Guitar Hero (Harmonix | Tue.) Trapt (Tecmo | Tue.)
Mega Man Battle Network 5: Double Team (Capcom | Tue. | DS) Ty the Tasmanian Tiger 3: Night of the Quinkan (Krome | Tue. | GBA)
City of Villains (Cryptic Studios | Mon.) Irth Online (Magic Hat | Tue.) The Sims: The Complete Collection (Maxis | Tue.) Taito Legends (Empire Oxford | Tue. | PC, also PS2, Xbox last month) Tycoon City: New York (Deep Red | Tue.) X3: Reunion (Egosoft | Fri.)
Call of Duty 2: Big Red One (Treyarch | Tue. | PS2, Xbox, GCN) Castlevania: Curse of Darkness (Konami KYO | Tue. | PS2, Xbox) From Russia With Love (EA Redwood Shores | Tue. | PS2, Xbox, GCN) The Incredibles: Rise of the Underminer (Heavy Iron, Helixe | Tue. | PS2, Xbox, GCN, DS, GBA, also PC, PSP later '05) NBA 06 (989 Sports | Tue. | PS2, PSP) Star Wars: Battlefront II (Pandemic | Mon. | PS2, Xbox, PSP, PC) Star Wars Galaxies: Trials of Obi-Wan (Sony Online Ent. | Tue. | PS2, Xbox, PC) Without Warning (CiRCLE | Tue. | PS2, Xbox)
Featured ShackReviews: The past few days have been mainly World of Warcraft and StarCraft: Ghost (PS2, Xbox) for me, for obvious reasons. I have, however, been sneaking in some Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney (DS) during Gryphon rides. You know how it is.

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"Can't wait to read it. I've been wondering how this has been doing since it changed hands."
- SixDemonBag    See all 16 comments

City of Heroes Update Plans

Related Topics – City of Heroes, MMO, Cryptic Studios

This post on the official City of Heroes message board outlines plans for the Issue 6 update for Cryptic Studios' MMORPG. Look for new zones, an increase in character name length, engine tech changes and a few other things.

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"The engine tech changes you can see in the CoV beta are awesome. A few little graphical ..."
- Bull    Add a comment

City of Villains Q&A

MMORPG has posted the third part of their City of Villains Q&A, asking David Cook of Cryptic Studios a few more questions about this standalone expansion pack. NCSoft meanwhile, has let us know that the game is gold and will be in stores October 31st.

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  2. Resistance 3
  3. Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII
  4. Space Pirates and Zombies 2
  5. MX vs. ATV Supercross
  6. Hearts of Iron IV
  7. DayZ
  8. Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn
  9. Grand Theft Auto V
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  3. MX vs. ATV Supercross
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  9. The Walking Dead: Season Two
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