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LEVEL: a puzzle-platformer from Chatty's theDrMikey

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LEVEL: a puzzle-platformer from Chatty's theDrMikey

Mike Stanton (known to Chatty as theDrMikey) is no stranger to game development, having previously participated in Activision's Independent Games Competition in 2012 and also having worked on a 2D deathmatch game called Vespidae.

Now Stanton is looking to start his next project, a unique puzzle platformer called LEVEL, which was originally submitted to Sony for a split-screen tablet that didn't wind up seeing the light of day. He's taken his pitch to Kickstarter, where he hopes the Shacknews community and other fellow gamers will help make his next game a reality.

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Community Spotlight: David Craddock's Stay Awhile and Listen post-mortem

Community Spotlight: David Craddock's Stay Awhile and Listen post-mortem

David Craddock has been a part of Shacknews for many years, as both a writer and as a part of the Chatty community. He most recently released the first book of Stay Awhile and Listen: How Two Blizzards Unleashed Diablo and Forged a Video-Game Empire, his labor of love chronicling the creation of Diablo and the evolution of Blizzard Entertainment.

Mr. Craddock was happy to offer a bit of a post-mortem for the first part of his trilogy, which is available now through the Google Play store, Nook shop, and Amazon. He also offers some insights on his time at Shacknews and how much the community's feedback has been instrumental to the making of his book.

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"Okay, cool. Book sounds great but I don't own a kindle/ipad :("
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Community Spotlight: Star Citizen's ShackFleet

Community Spotlight: Star Citizen's ShackFleet

Chris Roberts' upcoming space sim Star Citizen has created a lot of excitement, from both eager backers and from our own Shacknews community. Among the most excited community members is ejectorpod, who's actively rallying to organize a task force of capable pilots. His efforts have led to ShackFleet, an organized site for Star Citizen enthusiasts from the Shacknews community. Star Citizen has been a hot topic in Chatty, so I asked ejectorpod what it is about this game has such a far-reaching appeal?

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"windows 7/8 is wayyyy faster on same hardware as vista. it's better in every way possible."
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Community Spotlight: Yeti Set Go

Community Spotlight: Yeti Set Go

Yeti Set Go! is a 2D snowboarding game for mobile that offers time-control and gyroscopic gameplay. Jeroen "SniperGen" Dessaux walked us through his game.

"Yeti Set Go! is a physics based snowboarding game for phones and tablets," Dessaux told Shacknews. "Gameplay-wise, you could compare it to Trials mixed with Sonic. You control your yeti's position on the board, and the physics simulation takes care of the rest. So you have to make sure you make smooth landings while doing sweet flips and grinds to complete the levels without bailing, and be quick and nimble enough to get through tricky parts in each level. If you bail there are ragdoll physics for the yeti, and you can rewind time to go back to a point where you can recover, so that’s fun!"

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"I was wondering when linerider would make it to mobile. Has it already prior to this?"
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Community Spotlight: Bridge Physics

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Community Spotlight: Bridge Physics

Andy Campbell has been a member of the Shacknews community since 2005, under the tag Code RedBeard. In addition to browsing Shacknews, he's turned his attention towards game design and has released his first game on Xbox LIVE Indie Games. Bridge Physics is a game about constructing bridges and helping people out, rather than eyeing their destruction.

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"Looks nice. The visualization of stress is a great touch. On a technical note, did you write ..."
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What the community thinks of Xbox One

What the community thinks of Xbox One

Like the rest of the gaming world, the eyes of the Shacknews community was on Tuesday's Xbox One reveal event. Some enjoyed the hardware and entertainment features, others are taking a wait-and-see approach until E3, but many others left the event disappointed. To help gauge our community's reaction, I reached out to some of the longer-tenured members of the Shacknews Chatty community for their thoughts.

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"FinalSpart4n, When it comes down to it one of the major deciding factors will be cost. As a ..."
- Rhasa Ghoull    See all 153 comments

Community Spotlight: Vespidae

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Community Spotlight: Vespidae

Mike Stanton has been a part of the Shacknews community for three years, going under the handle of theDrMikey. When he's not helping his wife set phasers to "delicious," Stanton is wrapped in the world of indie game development. He's already had some success in that realm, taking home $75,000 for his previous effort, Planet Smashers. Now he's submitting his latest title to the Shacknews community for feedback--a 2D flight-based deathmatch game called Vespidae.

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"Man, I'm both envious of you in regards to that site and also super glad it's not me. I would be ..."
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Community Spotlight: Enemy Starfighter

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Community Spotlight: Enemy Starfighter

Mike Tipul has been working in game development for many years, having worked as a mission/game designer on various console titles. He recently decided to leave his position with an unnamed game publisher to pursue indie game development. He has also been a part of the Shacknews community since 2001, starting off under the name Flawless Cowboy before adopting the username Rampancy. He recently revealed his first project to the Shack community, a flight simulator called Enemy Starfighter.

"Enemy Starfighter is about being the commander and flight lead of a covert fleet sent into hostile star systems during the systematic conquest of the known universe," said Tipul. "Strikes you plan may involve anything from kidnapping a scientist at a research facility to taking out an enemy capital ship undergoing repairs. You're this grizzled commander on the bridge of a carrier, deep in space, planning your next move. Once you're done planning that next move, you jump into your starfighter and execute it, along with your fleet, which stays with you between missions. The combat and planning phases should only take a few minutes and you'll run this cycle several times over the course of a campaign."

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"id love to play this game, looks fantastic. the planning phase makes me yearn a little bit for ..."
- senor135    See all 9 comments

Community Spotlight: Dawn of Fantasy

Community Spotlight: Dawn of Fantasy

Steam unveiled another group of Greenlight titles and John Locks (Shacknews user "johnlocks") couldn't be happier to see it. One of the titles revealed was Dawn of Fantasy, a game on which Locks serves as a programmer. As Valve hammers out the final details with developer Reverie World Studios for DoF's upcoming Steam release, Locks shared some details about the game with Shacknews.

Dawn of Fantasy is described as a step forward for the MMORTS genre--a full, free-to-play 3D experience with real-time siege combat, in which players can manage their economies, construct towns, direct their citizens, and complete dozens of quests in a growing online realm. Of course, Locks points out that this is the marketing department's description of the game, so how would he personally describe the game?

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"Is the game becoming free to play? Currently you have to pay for a key to play."
- xBlueMoneyx    See all 11 comments

Community Spotlight: DayZ 2017 mod

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Community Spotlight: DayZ 2017 mod

DayZ has become one of the Shacknews community's favorite games, with a dedicated server for community members to set up shop and go on raids around nearby towns. After months of playing through the game, however, at least one Shacker has found the game a little too forgiving. Sure, there are brain-eating zombies running all over the place, but there are just too many ways to dispatch the ambling undead.

Erich Geiger (aka BeowolfSchaefer in Shacknews circles) is a part of a team that's working on DayZ 2017, a mod designed to take DayZ to its logical next step. Fast-forwarding to the year 2017, zombies continue to roam the earth and the human population is quickly running out of defenses. "The core idea is that the events of DayZ took place five years ago and the world has moved on, so to speak," explains Geiger. "Remaining resources have largely been scavenged, exhausted or lost and mere survival has become even more of a challenge."

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"Hello, this is Icewindo on the BIS forums / blub2121 on YT. I like that shinkicker creates a ..."
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Community Spotlight: Extreme Road Trip 2

Community Spotlight: Extreme Road Trip 2

On the surface, Extreme Road Trip 2 appears to be a fun take on the endless runner genre that has rapidly filled the iOS App Store. What Etienne Giroux could not have imagined, however, was his game surpassing a million download. Giroux has been a member of the Shacknews community since 2002, under the name barichnikov, and was happy to talk about Extreme Road Trip 2.

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"Goddamnit, why did you add the Suzuki Escudo RIGHT after I spent all my premium bills on the ..."
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Community Spotlight: The man behind the book of Blizzard

Community Spotlight: The man behind the book of Blizzard

You read the exclusive chapter from Stay Awhile and Listen by David Craddock. Now, we chat with the author about putting the book together, including more tidbits from Diablo 2, World of Warcraft and StarCraft.

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"As an avid fan of Diablo II (to the extent of remaking it) this book sounds awesome! I also like ..."
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Community Spotlight: Neon Run21

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Community Spotlight: Neon Run21

Card games are among the best-selling apps on mobile devices. Solitaire, Poker, and Blackjack are some of the easiest games to pick up and play on-the-go, as evident by gamers and non-gamers alike normally carrying around at least one iteration of a card game on their phone. Kevin King (Shacker NeonGames_Kevin) decided to capitalize on this idea and create a twist on the traditional blackjack formula.

"I had worked in the console gaming industry for about a decade as a programmer and was disappointed that all of the games I had made could not be played by non-gamers," said King. "The interfaces were cryptic and the gameplay was twitch based that required years of experience with a controller to even be playable. I wanted to develop a title anyone, not just gamers, could pick up in a minute -- something that would be accessible for people with motor skill impairments without removing the depth, strategy, and challenge of the game."

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"I hope everything goes well for you! Sounds great. If I had a phone/tablet I'd check it out."
- OmegaRed59    See all 4 comments

Community Spotlight: Gamers After Life

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Community Spotlight: Gamers After Life

After listening to the latest Weekend Confirmed, have you had the urge to listen to a gaming podcast by Shackers, for Shackers? Three members of the Shacknews community--Billy "Mercfox1" Spies, Paul "Sexpansion Pack" Montesanti, and Jeff "geedeck" Gondek--have come together for just that purpose. Together, they've created Gamers After Life, which is currently at 10 episodes and counting.

Gondek and Montesanti have been friends for many years and having gotten to know Spies through Shack, the trio decided to pool together their talents to start up a podcast. Together, they bring a unique "everyman" perspective to the world of gaming podcasts.

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"Now make me happy. Get Deathlove an exhaust pipe, a hose, and an enclosed space."
- Rauol Duke    See all 24 comments

Community Spotlight: iControl DCS

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Community Spotlight: iControl DCS

Games are often considered an immersive medium, allowing players to live out fantasies that were never before possible. Willie Zutz (known to the Shack community since 2004 as boarder2) has used his personal experience to create an iOS supplement to the Eagle Dynamics A-10C Warthog flight simulator. It's called iControl DCS, a virtual glass cockpit recreated in excruciating detail.

"iControl DCS allows the player to connect their iPad directly via WiFi to the simulator in order to manipulate switches, dials, buttons, etc.," said Zutz. "It also mirrors the MFCD (Multi-Function Color Display) and CDU (Control Display Unit) from the simulator to the iPad. The application makes it so the average Joe who already has an iPad, but doesn't want to spend $200-$400 on a complex HOTAS (Hands-On Throttle & Stick), and another $1k+ on a home cockpit build to get a very rich and engrossing experience at a much more reasonable cost."

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"Yeah, it really comes alive when you see it in action. One of these days I'll get around to ..."
- boarder2    See all 15 comments

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