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F1 2012 games vs. reality trailer

Announcing that yes, Codemasters is bringing out a new Formula 1 racing game in 2012. Here's how some race drivers feel the series compares to reality.

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F1 2011 PlayStation Vita shake it gameplay trailer

F1 2011 comes to the PlayStation Vita with a shake it gameplay trailer, showing off the hardwares in-game touch functionality.

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F1 2011 'Shake it' Trailer

Shake your PlayStation Vita to control the race and beat your competitors in F1 2011.

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F1 2011 'Launch sizzle' Trailer

Formula One crashes onto the scene and lets players live the life of a racer, hitting all 19 professional circuits of 2011.

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F1 2011 'Developer diary #4' Trailer

The fourth developer diary for the next iteration in the wonderful racing series F1 2011.

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F1 2011 'Developer diary #3' Trailer

Race cooperatively with your fellow gear-head and see how fast you can go while ushering the pack through the course in F1 2011.

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F1 2011 'Gameplay #2' Trailer

The second trailer for F1 2011 showing off brand new racing gameplay footage.

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F1 2011 'Developer diary #1' Trailer

Go under the hood of F1 2011 for an extended look at the development of the game with Codemasters.

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F1 2011 'Gameplay' Trailer

Once again designed around the EGO Engine, F1 2011 will recreate the 2011 Formula One season on the PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, the Nintendo 3DS, and the PlayStation Vita.