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Pink Knight Coming to Castle Crashers for Breast Cancer Awareness

Over two years after its release, The Behemoth is still going to support Castle Crashers with another piece of downloadable content. The company site announced yesterday that it will be releasing a new "Pink Knight" pack for Breast Cancer Awareness.

The pack is due on the PlayStation Network on February 8, and includes the titular Pink Knight along with a Lollipop and four new weapons. It will cost $1.99 and all proceeds will go to breast cancer research charities. The Behemoth is planning to release the pack for the Xbox Live Arcade version too, but the date isn't set yet. The blog hints that it may come with different goodies. Read more »

""includes the titular Pink Knight along with five new weapons, one of which is a Lollipop" ..."
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L.A. Noire Release Scheduled for May [Updated]

[Update: 11:14] And the trailer's out. Find it below.

Though Team Bondi's L.A. Noire has received plenty of release windows--and delays--today's announcement that the open-world detective game will launch on May 17 in North America is the first time it's been given an actual release date. Hopefully, this indicates that publisher Rockstar Games really means it this time. Read more »

"i'm being to loathe ROCKSTAR 'cos they dont do sod all for pc...'so suck my fat one rockstar'"
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The Behemoth Giving Away Gold-Plated Xbox 360 in Celebratory 'Tournament of Champions'

To celebrate Castle Crashers reaching the prestigious two million player mark on Xbox 360, developer The Behemoth has sold its complete stock portfolio for gold, liquidated the bars and dipped an Xbox 360 into the rich cauldron only to give it all away to one lucky fan.

Although we made up the way in which the indie developer procured such a rare find, The Behemoth really is giving away a 24-karat, gold-plated Xbox 360 console in an upcoming XBLA Castle Crashers tournament. Read more »

"I got stuck on the fight with the organ guy and never got past it."
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Report: Microsoft Sees Record XBLA Sales in August

Forecasting & Analyzing Digital Entertainment (FADE) is reporting that Microsoft's Xbox Live Arcade enjoyed its best month to date in August, built on the strength of the Summer of Arcade promotion.

According to the report, Microsoft brought in $17.5 million in August 2010 over $16.5 million in August 2009, which was the second year of the Summer of Arcade promotion. The report presents a top 10 list of games sold, ranked by revenue generated, and includes the total number of copies purchased. Note that some titles were not included in the Summer of Arcade promotion or were released before August. Read more »

"That's great for Scott Pilgrim! It managed to sell 79000 units in less than a week, after the ..."
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Castle Crashers Lands on PSN on August 31

The wait is over, ladies and gentlemen. Behemoth's downloadable darling Castle Crashers is hitting the PlayStation 3 on August 31.

Originally released exclusively on the Xbox 360 in 2008, Behemoth revealed the multiplayer beat-em-up would hit the PS3 in July 2009. Now, after "a year and a half" of development time, the upgraded title ready to launch. Castle Crashers on PS3 is priced at $15. Read more »

"Yea honestly Fat Princess is a FAR better exclusive in terms of variety and fun online play. ..."
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PlayStation 3 Version of Castle Crashers Almost Done; Getting Team Arena Mode

Related Topics – Castle Crashers, PlayStation 3

The PlayStation 3 version of Castle Crashers from The Behemoth is almost finished and has been sent off for some final testing before being submitted to Sony for the PSN release.

Additionally, the developers decided to add team battles to the game's arena mode while porting the game over to the PS3, opening up arena matches to teams of 2-versus-2 or 1-versus-3. Free-for-all matches are still available. Read more »

""Sofa" is key for this game. It disconnected for me so much over XBL I put it down pretty quickly."
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Castle Crashers 'Necromatic' DLC Coming Wednesday

A new DLC pack for The Behemoth's Castle Crashers will be released on Wednesday, the team announced today.

The "Necromatic Pack" will add two new characters to the title's roster: the Necromancer and the Cult Minion. Read more »

"I wish that they'd stop adding useless features, and make some new levels or something."
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Castle Crashers Getting 'Necromantic' DLC Soon

Another batch of downloadable content will soon arrive for the Xbox 360 edition of The Behemoth's downloadable side-scrolling brawler, the company has confirmed.

Included in the "Necromantic Pack" will be two new characters (The Necromancer and The Cult Minion), the Dragonhead Animal Orb, and the new NG Skull Mace and Chainsaw weapons--all of which are pictured left. Read more »

"ive played it a lot more than once. it's a lot more fun when you're playing with people"
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Castle Crashers Headed to PS3

After a period of Xbox 360-exclusivity, Castle Crashers, The Behemoth's stylish downloadable take on the cooperative beat-em-up genre, is headed to the PlayStation 3.

The four-player title has been smoothly carried over to the Sony system, according to GameSpot, with support for trophies and various other tweaks in the works. Read more »

"Cool with Castle Crashers, Fat Princess, and Trine some pretty exciting little gaming coming to ..."
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Castle Crashers DLC Arrives This Week

In commemoration of what appears to be downlodable content Tuesday, Microsoft has announced that this week's Xbox Live Arcade release will be Castle Crashers DLC.

Coming in at 160 Microsoft Points ($2), the Castle Crashers: King Pack adds two new playable characters, a party-healing spell, three new weapons, and a seal animal orb named Pelter to The Behemoth's Xbox 360-only downloadable beat'em up. Read more »

"If I had to guess, probably a big fat exclusivity contract with Microsoft."
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A Christmas Miracle: Castle Crashers Patched

Related Topics – Castle Crashers, xbox 360

It took several months, but a title update for the popular Xbox Live Arcade game Castle Crashers is finally available. The long-awaited patch fixes data loss problems, Xbox Live game drops, and other issues as noted below

"You need the cardinal to get it. The cardinal "unlocks" secret stuff throughout the game. "
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Castle Crashers Patch Still Coming, Says Developer

Related Topics – Castle Crashers, xbox 360

Castle Crashers developer The Behemoth has reassured fans that a patch for the Xbox Live Arcade title is on the way, hoping to allay concerns over the game's still-buggy Xbox Live co-op component.

"We're working with Microsoft to get the title update out as quickly as we can," said a Behemoth spokesperson to Xbox360Fanboy. "Sadly, we can't get into details about the certification process, but we've resolved the game's issues with data loss and networking in addition to other bugs." Read more »

"It's not MS's fault per say. It's the nature of the beast when dealing with a closed, ..."
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Reminder: Castle Crashers Hits XBLA Wednesday

Related Topics – Castle Crashers, xbox 360

As previously reported, Microsoft today affirmed that The Behemoth's hand-drawn beat 'em up Castle Crashers will appear on Xbox Live Arcade this Wednesday.

Sporting local and online multiplayer for up to four players, the long-in-development downlodable Xbox 360 game will sell for 1200 Microsoft Points, or $15. Read more »

"This has 3 dimensions....but in that aspect so did the original TMNT"
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Castle Crashers Priced at $15

Related Topics – Castle Crashers, xbox 360

The Behemoth's downloadable beat 'em up Castle Crashers will sell for 1200 Microsoft Points ($15) when it hits Xbox 360 on August 27, the developer confirmed today.

"The price for Castle Crashers will be 1,200 Microsoft points," artist Dan Paladin revealed on the studio's official blog. "Domo arigato Mr. Roboto." Read more »

"Not really.. I cant think of a single 360 game at $60 which is a better value than the listed ..."
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Braid Priced at $15 Despite Microsoft Denial

Though publisher Microsoft had previously denied a $15 price for Braid, the company confirmed today that Jonathan Blow and Number None's time-shifting puzzler will indeed cost 1200 Microsoft Points ($15) when it is released as a downloadable Xbox 360 title through the Xbox Live Marketplace this Wednesday.

In last week's statement, Microsoft also denied that The Behemoth's downloadable four-player beat'em up Castle Crashers would sell for 1800 Microsoft Points ($22.50) when it arrives on August 27. Read more »

"The point is, they can have the same Microsoft currency in all countries, however, the real ..."
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