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Monster Hunter Stories anime adaptation announced for 2016

By Daniel Perez, Sep 22, 2015 9:07am PDT

Capcom's Monster Hunter Stories is going beyond video games as an anime will air some time next year.


"The game actually looks pretty interesting. If they managed to keep even a vague semblance of ..."

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TGS 2015: Street Fighter 5 brings back Karin and introduces the Capcom Fighters Network

By Ozzie Mejia, Sep 17, 2015 12:45am PDT

Another new character is entering into the Street Fighter V arena, with Capcom revealing that Karin Kanzuki will make her return from Street Fighter Alpha 3.


"They sure are introducing all the characters I never heard of! "

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Street Fighter 5 Roster Has Rashid Breezing In

By Tyler Wood, Sep 11, 2015 8:30am PDT

Street Fighter 5 reveals an all-new Middle-Eastern character - Rashid - into the roster, featuring a variety of whirlwind moves.


Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen releasing on PC in January 2016

By Daniel Perez, Sep 08, 2015 8:50am PDT

Capcom has announced it's bringing Dragon's Dogma to PC early next year with full Steam support, improved graphics, and more.


"Great news. I've been wanting to play this, and seeing how....not great the frame rate was on ..."

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Street Fighter 5 - Hands-on with R. Mika and Necalli at GameStop Expo

By Ozzie Mejia, Sep 07, 2015 8:00am PDT

The Street Fighter V beta has come and gone, but not all of the revealed characters were available to play. That's why Shacknews went over to this year's GameStop Expo to try out R. Mika and Necalli.


"see how out of the loop I am? I am still disappointed that I never mastered the more difficult ..."

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Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate September DLC is filled with huge monsters

By Daniel Perez, Sep 04, 2015 8:51am PDT

September's free DLC pack for Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is filled with lots of huge monsters to battle. We hope you wear your best gear or team up before taking these behemoths on.


The Great Ace Attorney 'not intended' for Western release, Capcom France says

By Daniel Perez, Sep 02, 2015 7:40am PDT

A day after Ace Attorney 6 was announced, we've learned The Great Ace Attorney's Western releases seems less likely.


New Monster Hunter Stories details emerge

By Daniel Perez, Sep 01, 2015 11:48am PDT

According to the latest issue of Famitsu, Monster Hunter Stories players will have the option to select the protagonist's gender, will have secondary characters assist them, and more.


"No matter how it's drawn, that damn slug/bat thing is gross as all get out."

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Ace Attorney 6 announced for 3DS; confirmed for western release

By Daniel Perez, Sep 01, 2015 7:00am PDT

Capcom is getting ready to unveil its next numbered Ace Attorney game and has also confirmed we can expect a western release.


"hang on, whatever happened to this game? ..."

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Resident Evil Origins Collection bundles two HD remasters in January

By Daniel Perez, Sep 01, 2015 6:37am PDT

Resident Evil fans will be able to play both Resident Evil 0 and Resident Evil if they purchase the Resident Evil Origins Collection this January.


"Awesome, really looking forward to it, RE1 HD was really great."

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Street Fighter 5 Collector's Edition, retailer-exclusive pre-order costumes revealed

By Ozzie Mejia, Aug 31, 2015 10:10am PDT

Capcom has revealed the upcoming Collector's Edition set to release for Street Fighter V. And while the usual DLC model looks to be going away, retailer-exclusive pre-order costume DLC does not.


"Also, I agree. Day 1 purchase, but probably not pre-purchase unless GMG has a crazy discount "

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Street Fighter 5 tags in R. Mika from SF Alpha 3

By Daniel Perez, Aug 27, 2015 8:49am PDT

Get ready for some high-flying action as Street Fighter Alpha 3's R. Mika will be a playable fighter in Street Fighter 5.


"Dude I was born READY! :) I am pumped! Haddddoooooookkkkkeeeennnnnnnnnnnnnn!"

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Street Fight 5 Worldwide Beta Begins This Friday

By Steven Wong, Aug 26, 2015 2:05pm PDT

Street Fight 5 will begin its worldwide beta test at the end of this week.


Street Fighter 5 stress tests on PS4 will run this Tuesday and Wednesday

By Ozzie Mejia, Aug 24, 2015 10:24am PDT

It's not quite time for a new beta just yet, but Street Fighter V will run its stress test in North and South America this Tuesday and Wednesday on PS4.


Street Fighter 5 beta regional stress test kicks off today with more to come

By Daniel Perez, Aug 20, 2015 8:31am PDT

Capcom has started a regional stress test for its beta for Street Fighter 5 with more tests expected to happen if it goes according to plan.


"Looks like even with Mercury, you still can't get the Shack without ads. "

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