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PUBG Sells One Million Units on Xbox One

By Blake Morse , Dec 15, 2017 3:53pm PST

It didn't take long for the console version of PUBG to break such a major milestone. Less time than you probably even think.


"6700k with Nvidia 1080, it's far from shit but good luck in getting consistent 60+ fps at 1440p ..."

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Microsoft Offers PUBG Free with Xbox One X Purchase to End 2017

By Ozzie Mejia, Dec 15, 2017 10:10am PST

Need an Xbox One X? Want to get in on the PUBG phenomenon? Microsoft has something for you!


PUBG Developer Bluehole, Inc. Valued at Over $4 Billion

By Asif Khan, Sep 27, 2017 9:30pm PDT

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is not just a gaming juggernaut when it comes to concurrent players on Steam, it is reaping huge financial gains for Bluehole.


"Agreed. The game itself is incredibly generic. Someone could come along and make a more ..."

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PlayerUnknown Talks PUBG 1.0, Xbox, DJing, and Updates at TGS 2017 Interview

By Asif Khan, Sep 27, 2017 10:00am PDT

Shacknews chatted with PlayerUnknown, Brendan Greene, about the future of PUBG and how he is handling the games's massive success at Tokyo Game Show 2017.


"Haha. Dnagenomes fantastic driving skills on display! Good interview. Need Shackers shirts! "

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Next PUBG Patch Adds New Weapon, New Town, Fog But No Vault

By Charles Singletary, Sep 12, 2017 8:20am PDT

The new patch schedule from Bluehole has yielded quite a dense update this first time around.


"A lot of stuff looks good, especially if they effectively squelch afk farming of BP"

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PUBG Vaults Over Milestone With Ten Million Units Sold

By Charles Singletary, Sep 05, 2017 8:15am PDT

PlayerUnknown and Bluehole can pop another bottle with another milestone reached and a huge viewer performance from the Gamescom 2017 Invitational. 


"Oops, I'm disappointed this game became so successful is what I meant to say."

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PUBG's Upcoming Desert Map Will Be 8x8km

By Charles Singletary, Aug 29, 2017 9:20am PDT

It's quite possible the new map will technically have even more space for chicken dinners.


"I had originally really wanted a smaller map, just to see how the dynamic changes, but increased ..."

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PUBG Surpasses 600K Concurrent Steam Users, Moves 7 Million Units

By Charles Singletary, Aug 17, 2017 8:59am PDT

We have yet to reach the games official launch and it keeps hitting milestone after milestone.


"Yeah I saw that and almost made a post. Be funny if it took the #1 (DOTA2) spot in early access."

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PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Makes Some Major Loot Changes

By Steve Watts, Jun 27, 2017 8:15am PDT

Those drops are going to come a little less often from now on, for the sake of game balance.


E3 2017: PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds an Xbox One Console Exclusive

By John Keefer, Jun 11, 2017 2:40pm PDT

It will come to Xbox One X some time after the XBO launch.


Tera free-to-play launch confirmed for February 5

By Alice O'Connor, Jan 30, 2013 12:00pm PST

Tera's free-to-play relaunch under the name Tera: Rising will come on February 5, publisher En Masse Entertainment confirmed this morning. The PC MMORPG will be free for everyone to download and play, supported by optional subscriptions and microtransactions for players who ...


Tera going free-to-play in February

By Alice O'Connor, Jan 09, 2013 7:45am PST

As will happen with almost any subscription-based MMO that's not World of Warcraft or EVE Online, Bluehole Studio's Tera is switching to a free-to-play model, barely ten months after launch. Come February, anyone who fancies will be able to download and play the fantasy MMOR...


"I believe reading somewhere that Blizzard admitted the inevitable F2P future of WoW, just a ..."

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Tera merging its 11 servers into 3

By Alice O'Connor, Sep 04, 2012 1:45pm PDT

As is the case with many subscription-based MMOs nowadays, Tera seems to be in a spot of trouble. Only a few weeks after layoffs at developer Bluehole's publishing subsidiary En Masse Entertainment comes word that it's merging the fantasy MMORPG's 11 servers into a mere 3 on...


"I think the repeated failings of all these mmorpgs indicates that the genre is saturated. I know ..."

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En Masse settles Tera suit with NCSoft

By John Keefer, Aug 10, 2012 3:30pm PDT

En Masse has finally settled its lawsuit with NCSoft over whether developer Bluehole Studios had used proprietary material from Lineage 3 in developing its MMO Tera.


Tera publisher En Masse hit with layoffs

By John Keefer, Aug 09, 2012 11:00am PDT

En Masse Entertainment, published of the recently released MMO Tera, has announced the layoffs of an unspecified number of employees to "prepare for the next chapter of our business."


"That's funny, I always thought the point was raiding, PVP, or having large persistent worlds. ..."

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