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World of Warcraft celebrates 12th anniversary with new quests, items, and free Corgis

By Daniel Perez, Nov 21, 2016 7:48am PST

Have you always wanted a Corgi to follow you around in World of Warcraft? Then you're going to want to log into the game soon to earn yourself a free pup!


Here's when the Overwatch Free Weekend begins

By Daniel Perez, Nov 18, 2016 7:06am PST

The Overwatch Free Weekend kicks off today, so find out when exactly you can start playing!


"I wonder if they'll make it free to play sometime in the future"

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Heroes of the Storm Varian Gameplay and Giveaway

By Daniel Perez, Nov 17, 2016 2:30pm PST

Varian is now available to play in Heroes of the Storm, and in addition to showing off his moves, we have 50 Varian Hero Bundle Codes to give away!


"His tank build seems terrible His taunt ult needs to be aoe at level 20."

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Hearthstone 'Mean Streets of Gadgetzan' Card Reviews (Part 2)

By Steve Watts, Nov 11, 2016 2:30pm PST

We're back with another round of Hearthstone card reviews in anticipation of the Mean Streets of Gadgetzan. This week focuses primarily on the Grimy Goons faction.


Overwatch free weekend coming to PC, Xbox One, and PS4 soon

By Daniel Perez, Nov 10, 2016 6:42am PST

The Overwatch free weekend is coming soon across all platforms, and just in time for the holidays.


Overwatch: Here are all of Sombra's skins, emotes, sprays, and more

By Daniel Perez, Nov 07, 2016 1:24pm PST

Check out Overwatch's newest hero in action.


Blizzcon 2016: Heroes of the Storm adds Varian and Ragnaros soon

By Daniel Perez, Nov 04, 2016 12:11pm PDT

Varian and Ragnaros will be entering the Nexus in the coming weeks, as well as a new map and the 'Nexus Challenge' event.


Blizzcon 2016: Sombra infiltrates Overwatch in new animated short; coming to PTR next week

By Daniel Perez, Nov 04, 2016 11:22am PDT

Blizzard Entertainment has finally revealed Sombra in a new animated short for Overwatch, called Infiltration.


"https://media.giphy.com/media/87q2hyslQN4IM/giphy.gif boop"

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Overwatch's D.Va will soon announce all of your StarCraft 2 matches

By Daniel Perez, Oct 17, 2016 11:20am PDT

The eSports phenom, D.Va, will soon be showing off her announcer chops in StarCraft 2.


"Seriously? Dva's voice is insufferable. It's purposely designed to be annoying."

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Heroes of the Storm lead Hero designer discusses Samuro's entry into the Nexus

By Daniel Perez, Oct 14, 2016 1:00pm PDT

In our interview with Kent-Erik Hagman, we learn how difficult it was to bring Samuro the Blademaster into Heroes of the Storm, the challenges his Heroic Ability 'Illusion Maser' created, and more.


Overwatch Has Reached 20 Million Registered Players

By Brittany Vincent, Oct 12, 2016 5:33am PDT

There's an impressive amount of people wo play Overwatch, it turns out. 


"It's definitely a game that comes with emotional swings. It's on a level that I probably haven't ..."

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Here Are All of Overwatch's 'Halloween Terror' Skins, Costumes, Voice Lines, Emotes, and More

By Daniel Perez, Oct 11, 2016 12:00pm PDT

Blizzard has released a new special event for Overwatch called Halloween Terror, and with it, players can expect a number of new skins, voice lines, emotes, victory poses, and the first PvE Brawl.


Overwatch Halloween update now live [Updated]

By Daniel Perez, Oct 11, 2016 4:55am PDT

There's some credible evidence Blizzard could be releasing special Halloween-themed loot boxes later today, which will give us new skins, costumes, voice lines, emotes, and more!


"Can't wait. Been playing Overwatch at a rate of about a level a day lately. Gimme those sweet, ..."

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Heroes of the Storm gets weekly Brawl game mode later this month

By Daniel Perez, Oct 04, 2016 11:15am PDT

Heroes Brawl is a new game mode for Heroes of the Storm, although it won't seem all that new to fans of other Blizzard games.


Blizzard's Battle.net servers are down effecting Overwatch, Heroes of the Storm, and more

By Daniel Perez, Sep 20, 2016 1:38pm PDT

Battle.net is currently experiencing a serious DDoS attack as players are unable to access a wide variety of its games.


"steer clear? just keep in mind there will be connection problems, thats all"

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