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New Fallout 4 trailer charms us with its Charisma

By Daniel Perez, Sep 30, 2015 7:27am PDT

Bethesda has released a new trailer for Fallout 4 that takes a look at what makes Vault Dwellers S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Today's video attempts to charm us with its Charisma, and you know what? It's totally working.


"Just got caught up on the other three videos also. I'm so excited to channel my inner Masshole ..."

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New Fallout 4 trailer takes a look at the importance of Endurance

By Daniel Perez, Sep 23, 2015 7:35am PDT

Bethesda has released a new trailer for Fallout 4 that takes a look at what makes each Vault Dweller S.P.E.C.I.A.L. In today's video, we take a look at Endurance.


Fallout 4 Loot Crate price, release date, and contents revealed; going on sale Sept. 23

By Daniel Perez, Sep 22, 2015 6:55pm PDT

Loot Crate has revealed what we can expect from its upcoming Fallout 4 Limited Edition Crate, including pricing, availability, and its contents.


"Solid out. Why didn't subscribers get first dibs? Damn. Oh well. "

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Dogmeat won't be the only companion in Fallout 4; Mr. Handy confirmed

By Daniel Perez, Sep 21, 2015 7:20am PDT

Fallout 4 will have multiple companions to help Vault Dwellers in their journeys. We already know Dogmeat is one, and today, we're learning Mr. Handy will be an additional companion.


"I'm the same way usually. I only keep them around on occasion to be a pack mule for me."

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Fallout 4 trailer focuses on the benefits of being perceptive

By Daniel Perez, Sep 16, 2015 7:22am PDT

In a new trailer highlighting what makes Vault Dwellers S.P.E.C.I.A.L., Vault-Tec offers some advice on the benefits of being more perceptive in the world of Fallout 4.


""practice your pilfering on youths, the elderly or the incapacitated." sage advice right there!"

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Fallout 4 Season Pass includes 'all DLC' Bethesda ever does

By Daniel Perez, Sep 09, 2015 10:00am PDT

Bethesda has announced its plans to support Fallout 4 from its launch and beyond. One of the things it revealed was its upcoming Season Pass will include "all DLC" Bethesda ever does for the game.


" “all of the Fallout 4 DLC we ever do,” I'll believe it when I see it. The Oblivion GOTY ..."

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QuakeCon 2016 location and dates announced

By Daniel Perez, Sep 03, 2015 7:31am PDT

Bethesda has announced both the dates and location of QuakeCon 2016. We hope you like Dallas again!


"I still wear my 2004 and 2005 grey Quakecon shirts all the time."

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Fallout Shelter Android debuts as top and #3 top grossing app on Google Play

By Daniel Perez, Aug 17, 2015 8:09am PDT

Bethesda Softworks has announced the Android version of Fallout Shelter is also extremely popular. What a shocker.


"Unless you count not knowing wtf I'm doing as a bug. Otherwise it's been fine for me"

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Loot Crate announces Fallout 4 Limited Edition Crate

By Daniel Perez, Jul 28, 2015 9:11am PDT

Loot Crate is once again offering an exclusive crate, this time, focusing on Bethesda's upcoming Fallout 4.


"Somehow, everything inside the crate can also be used to craft a unique gun. "

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Fallout Shelter for Android releasing on August 13

By Daniel Perez, Jul 24, 2015 12:12pm PDT

Bethesda has announced Android users will be able to be their own Vault Overseer in just a few weeks.


Fallout Anthology emerges from its vault on September 29 on PC

By Daniel Perez, Jul 23, 2015 11:52am PDT

Bethesda has announced it will be releasing a special Fallout Anthology collection in September.


"It wasn't bad. Kind of mindless, as all action RPGs tend to be, and the tone was slightly off, ..."

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New Fallout 4 trailers feature lots of guns, power armor, Deathclaws, and more

By Daniel Perez, Jul 20, 2015 6:42am PDT

Bethesda has released a set of Fallout 4 trailers that highlights a number of weapons we can expect to wield in the game as well as allowing us to explore beyond the E3 demo.


"I can't figure out why I loved THE SHIT out of Fallout 3 but have zero interest in playing this one."

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Fallout Shelter updated with Photo Feature and other improvements

By Daniel Perez, Jul 10, 2015 9:14am PDT

Bethesda has released an update to Fallout Shelter that includes a Photo Feature among some additional improvements.


"I bet it's a joke about a bug that causes some dwellers to be perpetually pregnant. I have one ..."

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Fallout 4, Uncharted 4, and Star Wars Battlefront win big awards at E3 2015

By Daniel Perez, Jul 07, 2015 1:22pm PDT

The Game Critics Awards has revealed Fallout 4, Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, and Star Wars Battlefront were bigger winners at this year's E3 with Fallout 4 winning the Best of Show award.


Fallout Shelter Android 'should be out' in August

By Daniel Perez, Jul 02, 2015 8:30am PDT

Bethesda's Pete Hines has said we could be seeing the Android version of Fallout Shelter some time next month.


"I was entertained for about 20 minutes, then I realized that I'd had enough. It's just kind ..."

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