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ZeniMax secures 'Dragonborn' trademark for downloadable games

ZeniMax secures 'Dragonborn' trademark for downloadable games

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim developer Bethesda Game Studios' parent company, ZeniMax, has secured the new trademark 'Dragonborn' for what could be the second major downloadable content update for the wildly-successful role-playing game.

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The unmistakably English art of Dishonored

The unmistakably English art of Dishonored

One of Dishonored's biggest selling points is its unique take on the steampunk aesthetic. At a recent preview event for the game, Sebastien Mitton, the game's art director, and Viktor Antonov, visual design director for ZeniMax Media, explained how this strange world came into being.

Dunwall, the city which players explore in the game, has been heavily influenced by London. (The city itself is set in the Isles, a clear reference to England.) Although inspired by an iconic real-world city, Arkane Studios wanted to create a place never seen before on any medium.

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"Looks like something for mythbusters to test - exploding bullet. "
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Dishonored preview

Dishonored preview

Dunwall is a Rat Plague-infested Victorian city, ruled over an oppressive regime led by the villainous Lord Reagent. Framed for the murder of the Empress Jessamine Kaldwin, you step into the shoes of Corvo Attano, a former bodyguard turned assassin. But you are no mere mortal--you have been granted supernatural powers by a mysterious deity named the Outsider. Thus sets the events of Dishonored, Bethesda's upcoming first-person action/stealth game developed by Arkane Studios.

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"Well, they weren't going to put Harvey 'Universal Ammo' Smith you know..."
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Rumor: Prey 2's future uncertain

Rumor: Prey 2's future uncertain

Update: 2:36 p.m. with no comment from Bethesda.

When Shacknews' Ozzie Mejia previewed Human Head Studio's Prey 2 back at E3 last year, he came away impressed with the new direction the series seemed to be taking. Open-world bounty hunting is an intriguing concept, to say the least. That's why it's disheartening that a rumor has surfaced indicating that the game might never see the light of day.

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"Did you even play the first Prey? At least both Star Treks have similarities. The Prey 2 ..."
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Report: Elder Scrolls MMO announcement coming in May

Report: Elder Scrolls MMO announcement coming in May

Over the years, there has been lots of speculation about a massively multiplayer online game set in the Elder Scrolls universe. A new report has surfaced claiming the project will be announced in May.

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"I scrolled down, intending to post "As long as it's 1st person this'll be awesome". I then saw ..."
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Bethesda hiring for iOS game

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Bethesda hiring for iOS game

In a move that's becoming increasingly common, Bethesda is adding iOS development to its list of skills. The company has posted a job listing for an iOS programmer in its main offices, requesting prior experience and a close familiarity with Apple products and news.

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"Everyone wants a IOS developer. Good luck trying to find one. "
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Bethesda hiring 'future generation console programmer'

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Bethesda hiring  'future generation console programmer'

Bethesda Game Studios is hiring a programmer for "future generation consoles." Though the job listing is left fairly vague, it does confirm that yet another developer is starting to plan ahead for consoles that have yet to be announced.

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"^^ This guy right here knows what he's talking about everyone"
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Rage 'Campaign Edition' now available on Mac

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Rage 'Campaign Edition' now available on Mac

It's taken a few decades, but Mac is finally becoming home to the latest video game tech. The preferred OS of turtleneck-wearing Apple users supports Source Engine, Unreal Engine 3, and now, idTech 5. Aspyr and id Software have announced a Mac version of Rage, and it's available right now.

Dubbed the "Campaign Edition," the Mac version of Rage includes the entire single-player experience, enhanced with content that was formerly exclusive to the "Anarchy Edition" of the game. The Mac version also includes the "Wasteland Sewers Missions."

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"Id's graphics engines haven't been up to snuff for a while now. If Beth were to make Rage with ..."
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Best of 2011 Runner-Up: Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Best of 2011 Runner-Up: Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

All things considered, it's not really too much of a surprise that the fifth chapter in developer Bethesda's long-running series of sword-and-sorcery has garnered a comfortable position as Shacknews' fourth best game of the 2011. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim once again transports players back to the sprawling land of Tamriel, thrusting them into one of the series' most compelling main storylines to date, set in the beautiful snow-capped landscapes of the world's titular northern region. Few games sucked up as many of our precious gaming hours this year, thanks largely to sandbox design sensibilities and a vast amount of compelling content.

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"I quite like the way you're doing it too. And nope, not saying that to curry favor. Though I ..."
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id Software hit with layoffs; future projects continue 'unabated'

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id Software hit with layoffs; future projects continue 'unabated'

Bethesda Softworks has confirmed circulating reports that id Software has been hit with layoffs. It's still unclear how many jobs were affected by the cuts.

Creators of such classic franchises as Doom and Wolfenstein, id Software recently launched Rage--the developer's first new intellectual property since 1996's Quake.

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"? doom3 was amazing. rage was terrible atmosphere and gameplay wise. nice engine tho"
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Bethesda settles with Interplay, MMO license is 'null and void'

Bethesda settles with Interplay, MMO license is 'null and void'

A settlement has been reached in the case between ZeniMax Media subsidiary Bethesda Softworks and Interplay Entertainment surrounding the fate of an MMO set in the Fallout universe.

Interplay had retained the right to make a Fallout MMO when it licensed, then later sold, the Fallout IP to Bethesda in 2007. The original agreement stipulated that Interplay must enter "full-scale" development with a minimum of $30 million in funding by April 4, 2009, in order to retain rights to the title. Bethesda had claimed that the conditions were not met and so Interplay's license was automatically cancelled, which Interplay naturally contested.

Under the terms of the settlement, all rights granted to Interplay in order to develop a Fallout MMO have reverted back to Bethesda, effective immediately.

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"It'd just be such a mammoth undertaking. I doubt we'd see it anytime soon. I mean, they'd have ..."
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Skyrim 'Update 1.3' hits Steam, submitted for consoles

Skyrim 'Update 1.3' hits Steam, submitted for consoles

Bethesda has used its favorite Dragon Shout today, crying "PATCH-THIS-NOW" into the heavens of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim this morning. Update 1.3 has been deployed for PC users via Steam making "general stability improvements," fixes to magic resistance issues that surfaced from update 1.2, and more. The update has also been submitted to Sony and Microsoft for consoles, but no date for its release has been established.

Also, for those asking about the developer enabling 'Large Address Aware,' Bethesda has confirmed that they plan to roll out support for "4-Gigabyte Tuning (Large Address Aware)" next week on PC. Patch notes are available after the break.

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"So what's the benefit here? In order for the game to even use a decent amount of memory where ..."
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Bethesda addresses Skyrim issues plaguing some PS3 users

Bethesda addresses Skyrim issues plaguing some PS3 users

In an update to its original blog post dated December 1, developer Bethesda has said it is aware some Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim players on PlayStation 3 are still experiencing "long-term play issues" despite the release of update 1.2, which was meant to alleviate those problems.

According to the update, Bethesda is "reaching out" to a number of users that use multiple save files in order to detect the exact problem. "Right now we know it's not one thing, but a combination of smaller ones that some folks are seeing, but others are not."

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"I had to turn all the auto save optioins off or else the game would lock up. Now its an ..."
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Skyrim Stories: 'A Home to Rest My Bones'

Skyrim Stories: 'A Home to Rest My Bones'

Shortly after having felled his first dragon in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, my Khajiit thief--known only as McMane--found himself in quite the conundrum. Thankful for assistance in defending his city's westernmost watchtower from scaly, fire-breathing doom, the Nordic Jarl of Whiterun had bestowed the title of Thane upon my unsuspecting feline, along with permission to purchase property within the city walls.

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"As others have pointed out, Whiterun is the least expensive at 5000 gold while Solitude is the ..."
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Rage demo on Xbox 360 now, PS3 on December 6

Rage demo on Xbox 360 now, PS3 on December 6

Have you forgotten about id's latest shooter, Rage? The open-world FPS came out all the way back in October, making it ancient by today's standards. Still, if you haven't given it a chance yet, you'll be able to sample some mega-texture fun with a free downloadable demo on Xbox Live.

Available now, the hefty 2GB+ demo will send you to Wellspring, "a small oasis of civilization in the Wasteland." From there, you'll have to stop the Ghost Clan from poisoning the water supply. The demo will give you a chance to try both the shooting and driving halves of the game.

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"Those are some great examples of the benefits textures gain from the Mega Texture technology. "
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