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Batman: Arkham Origins gets Infinite Earth DLC skins today

By Andrew Yoon, Nov 27, 2013 10:20am PST

So many more skins...


"Not only that, but they've released DLC not covered by the season pass."

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Batman: Arkham Origins patch coming next week to address major bugs, WB apologizes

By Andrew Yoon, Nov 01, 2013 11:30am PDT

Apparently, many players have been experiencing serious bugs in Batman: Arkham Origins. Crucially, one bug affects the ability to actually play the...


"I've had only two glitches so far.The first being in one of the predator rooms where after I ..."

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Rocksteady's next game aiming for 2014

By Andrew Yoon, Nov 01, 2013 10:10am PDT

The latest Batman: Arkham game was not developed by series creator Rocksteady. But, of course the studio is working on something. And whatever it is, it'll be ready in 2014.


"My first thoughts as well. I really want to see a more mature big budget TMNT game. Kevin ..."

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Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate video shows off 10 minutes of Vita gameplay

By Andrew Yoon, Oct 24, 2013 12:15pm PDT

Hey, don't forget that there's another Arkham Origins game coming out this week. In addition to the PC, console, and mobile game, there's also Blackgate for 3DS and Vita.


Batman: Arkham Origins gets free One Million & Red Son skins for WBID registration

By Andrew Yoon, Oct 22, 2013 6:00pm PDT

People sure do love dressing up the Batman. And while you'll have to dole out money for many of his alternate outfits, you can get something for free.


"Is there any way to actually use the skins in the campaign without finishing it first? If not, ..."

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Batman: Arkham Origins TV commercial transforms Bruce Wayne

By Andrew Yoon, Oct 17, 2013 9:50am PDT

In creating the TV spot for Batman: Arkham Origins, WB has tapped into the story of Bruce Wayne--a well-known part of pop culture canon.


Batman: Arkham Origins goes free-to-play in iOS and Android game

By Andrew Yoon, Oct 12, 2013 5:45pm PDT

Batman: Arkham Origins is coming to iOS and Android. However, don't expect the same open-world adventure you'll find on consoles. This is a new action game from NetherRealm Studios, developer of Batman: Arkham City Lockdown.


"Free to play on iOS--vaporware on Android. 2nd major release to claim an Android tie-in that ..."

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Batman: Arkham Origins lets you explore the Batcave to learn combat

By Andrew Yoon, Oct 01, 2013 6:00am PDT

In Origins, Batman can call the Batwing at nearly any point to fast-travel to various points on the map. A key point of interest is the Batcave.


Batman: Arkham Origins for Wii U will be cheapest console version

By Andrew Yoon, Sep 27, 2013 2:00pm PDT

The cheapest console version of Batman: Arkham Origins will be the Wii U version. It will sell for $50, while it will be $60 on PS3 and Xbox 360.


"Well considering they've stopped publishing games on the WiiU, I'm not sure what point you're ..."

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Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate trailer reveals a familiar setup

By Andrew Yoon, Aug 30, 2013 7:45am PDT

There's actually two Batman: Arkham games coming out this year. If you forgot about Blackgate for 3DS and Vita, a new trailer from Warner Bros will...


Batman: Arkham Origins' $120 Collector's Edition revealed

By Andrew Yoon, Aug 14, 2013 6:30am PDT

Ha! You thought the $100 Collector's Edition for Arkham City was impressive? Warner Bros has created an even-bigger CE for Arkham Origins. It's about 20% cooler, based on MSRP alone.


"I was going to get this game eventually cause it's batman and it looks pretty damn good, but ..."

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Why Batman feels irrelevant in Arkham Origin's new multiplayer mode

By Kat Bailey, Aug 02, 2013 9:00am PDT

The central problem of Invisible Predator Online, Akrham Origin's new multiplayer mode: Batman isn't enough of a badass. In fact, he barely seems relevant.


"I almost feel like the best Batman multiplayer would be something like The Hidden or perhaps ..."

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Batman: Arkham Origins has 3v3v2 multiplayer mode

By Andrew Yoon, Jul 31, 2013 6:00am PDT

Batman: Arkham Origins will have online multiplayer. You're now free to debate the merits of this decision.


"Stopped reading at, "...and is being co-developed by Splash Damage, best known for their work on ..."

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Copperhead joins assassins roster of Batman: Arkham Origins

By Andrew Yoon, Jul 18, 2013 2:30pm PDT

Copperhead is joining the Arkham Origins roster. See HER go against Batman in this new trailer.


"While it would have been pretty hilarious to interact with the Copperhead from James Robinson's ..."

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Batman: Arkham Origins to get exclusive Knightfall DLC and 1960s skin on PS3

By Andrew Yoon, Jun 10, 2013 6:39pm PDT

Adam West Batman is coming exclusively to PS3.


"THATS ALL I NEEDED TO HEAR. Now only if they could get Adam to do the voice work for this ..."

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