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THQ president: Company doomed by 'massive mistakes'

By John Keefer, Jan 31, 2013 2:45pm PST

THQ's demise was not something that happened because of bad luck or a changing marketplace, but more a result of a "sea of bad decisions," with the uDraw tablet at or near the top of the list, according to company president Jason Rubin.


"THQ killed themselves by over-DLC-ing their best games and keeping their special editions ..."

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Bankruptcy Puts Future of Game Crazy Stores in Jeopardy Again

By Jeff Mattas, Feb 03, 2010 3:20pm PST

Movie Gallery, the rental company that also owns outlets Game Crazy and Hollywood Video, has just filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy for the second...


"Poor chaps near my house were always nice to me, and even sent out for a CE of Dragon Age when ..."

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EGM, 1UP Publisher Ziff Davis Files for Bankruptcy

By Nick Breckon, Mar 05, 2008 4:31pm PST

Publishing house Ziff Davis Media announced today that it has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy due to mounting debt that now totals between $500...


"Not to be insensitive, but that "Get rid of debt NOW!" ad on the side there is killing me. "

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Napster Files For Bankruptcy

By Maarten Goldstein, Jun 03, 2002 8:10am PDT

CNET is reporting that Napster has filed for bankruptcy protection. This is not surprising considering as bankruptcy filing was part of the deal...


" Yeah I kinda relate to that. I used to spend hours going through IRC fserves trying to find a ..."

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Evening Reading

By Steve Gibson, Dec 14, 2001 5:05pm PST

So I got a UPS notice which I assume is the Shack shirts for donators which I'll pick up tomorrow from my apt complex front office. It's gonna take...


" very very good.... cant summarize it... too hard........more like a bad swat cop turned to ..."

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@Home Can End Service

By Maarten Goldstein, Nov 30, 2001 1:03pm PST

A judge has cleared the way for Excite@Home to shut down its Internet service, according to MSNBC (thanks SatansFist). In fact @Home could end its...


"Hey btw, how many of you think that current @home subscriber rates will end up a little higher ..."

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Excite@Home Dead In 3 Days?

By Maarten Goldstein, Nov 27, 2001 2:12pm PST

Yahoo is carrying this Reuters story which reports that the bankrupt Excite@Home could possibly cease providing its cable internet service in 3...


"I'm glad my ISP (Shaw @Home) never used the home.net network. Did their own peering instead. "

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Excite@Home Files For Bankruptcy

By Maarten Goldstein, Sep 29, 2001 6:30am PDT

What was expected for a while now, has happened. Excite@Home has filed for bankrupcty. It's also selling its network to AT&T (which was already a...


Loki Software Files Bankruptcy

By Steve Gibson, Aug 14, 2001 6:51am PDT

What seems to be a disturbing trend lately around these parts has happened again... LinuxGames sends word that Loki Software has filed for Chapter...


" Im not sure about that...I'd actually say most individuals just use the OS that came with their ..."

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Covad To File For Bankruptcy

By Maarten Goldstein, Aug 07, 2001 9:31am PDT

Another DSL provider in big trouble, Covad this time according to this Yahoo story. The company will file for bankruptcy protection by mid-August,...


" Speakeasy will be okay.. worry not my friend, have faith :-]"

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Scour Files Bankruptcy

By Steve Gibson, Oct 13, 2000 5:51am PDT

Doh! it looks like the guys at Scour are really feeling the heat on all of those lawsuits being flung at them by the music industry. They have just...


"Scour still sucks. The user upload throttling doesn't work so the people who have a LOT of stuff ..."

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