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AMD Hammer Date Slips

By Steve Gibson, Sep 13, 2002 8:37am PDT

For a little while it was looking like the AMD Hammer CPUs were going to come out a bit ahead of schedule, but now that doesnt seem to be the case....


"Itanium is a pure 64bit processor with onboard x86-32 emulation hardware... expect an 800Mhz ..."

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XP 2700 with 333Mhz FSB

By Maarten Goldstein, Aug 21, 2002 8:18am PDT

According to The Inquirer and their numerous sources, the new Athlon XP CPU to be released (the 2700+) will finally use a 333Mhz FSB. The XP 2700+...


"Anyone know of any good techno groups that make some nice ambient music? I want something I can ..."

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Athlon XP 2600/2400+ Reviews

By Maarten Goldstein, Aug 21, 2002 6:38am PDT

AMD has released two new Athlon XP CPUs (2600+ and 2400+) and as usual, everyone and their mom has done a review. Check out Xbit Labs, VIA...


"hmm, I just noticed something.. On Tech Report, the Sciencemark Primordia benchmarks goes to ..."

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Athlon FSB 333Mhz Soon

By Maarten Goldstein, Aug 16, 2002 12:48pm PDT

According to a post on the Inquirer, Nvidia has confirmed that the nForce 2 chipset will support a 333Mhz CPU front side bus so AMD's CPUs should...


"There is little opportunity in a game to make a major difference, apart from perhaps in a ..."

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Athlon MP 2100+ Announced

By Steve Gibson, Jun 19, 2002 7:37am PDT

The new Athlon MP 2100+ CPU has been announced by AMD. Sadly this means our current web and database servers are now dated as they are only dual MP...


" Or just turn off the damn PC and go out to enjoy outdoor life!"

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AMD @ 1.8Ghz

By Maarten Goldstein, Jun 10, 2002 6:45am PDT

The first reviews of AMD's latest Athlon XP CPU are in. The XP 2200+ uses a new core (0.13 micron, first used in mobile XPs), and runs at 1.8Ghz....


" GCC 3.1 already has an option for replacing x87 code with SSE2 scaler floating point code."

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Possible AMD Clawhammer Benches

By Steve Gibson, Jun 07, 2002 8:36am PDT

Seems kinda wacky, but you never really know. Here's some benchmarks of that next-gen Clawhammer chip running at a conservative 800mhz. Thing is it...


" I'd bet a finger carmack will compile a doom 64 bit binary, your jaw will drop when you see ..."

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AMD XP 1.8Ghz Monday

By Maarten Goldstein, Jun 06, 2002 11:15am PDT

According to CNET, AMD will release the Athlon XP 2200+ on Monday. The XP 2200+ will run at 1.8Ghz. There's no word on pricing.


"This better be a .13 micron chip or they are going to be HAMMERED by the tech geek / news sites ..."

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AMD Cuts Prices

By Maarten Goldstein, May 30, 2002 11:18am PDT

Following a similar move by Intel a few days ago (story), AMD has now also slashed CPU prices. The XP2100 has been cut from $330 to $224, the...


" well.. i think he meant that tv resolution is really low. most tv's have 300-500 lines of ..."

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No More Duron

By Maarten Goldstein, Apr 18, 2002 10:50am PDT

The Inquirer is reporting that AMD is phasing out the budget Duron CPUs. They will be replaced by lower speed grade Athlon XP chips, which are...


" Fuck clawhammer until there's at least version 2 chipsets, version 2 boards (required with ..."

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Mobile Athlon XP

By Maarten Goldstein, Apr 17, 2002 7:15am PDT

AMD is launching the mobile Athlon XP CPUs today. Until now, the mobile Athlon was the Athlon 4 but that name has now been dropped. The mobile XP...


" yeah, no shit. Been waiting to upgrade for 'em, AMD seemed to be draggin there feet. Wonder ..."

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New AMD March 20

By Maarten Goldstein, Mar 05, 2002 10:37am PST

The Inquirer is reporting that the latest AMD CPU core will be introduced soon, March 20. The new Athlon XP CPU will use the Thoroughbred core,...


" haha, yeah, the fastest PC running here is a Athlon slot A with 700MHz and it seems I will hold ..."

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Hammer Time

By Maarten Goldstein, Feb 27, 2002 9:10am PST

AnandTech has written up a report about AMD's Hammer CPU, which is being shown at the Intel Developer Forum. The Hammer is AMD's upcoming 64-bit...


" Daughter cards for the RAM. At least for workstations and servers."

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VIA Launches KT333 Chipset

By Maarten Goldstein, Feb 20, 2002 6:01am PST

VIA today officially launched their newest Apollo chipset, the KT333. This one will bring "lightning fast" DDR 333 support to the Athlon XP...


" -5 informative. The additional bandwidth is not only good for overclockers (!) who up the FSB, ..."

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AMD Goes For Profit

By Maarten Goldstein, Feb 13, 2002 6:40am PST

According to this story on CNET, AMD expects to return to profibility in the second quarter. Though last year saw the company back in the red after...


" thoroughbred (should be out before the end of the first half) is .13 and ive heard that it will ..."

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