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Easily Add Polls, Mini-Games, And More With Twitch Extensions

By Charles Singletary, Aug 31, 2017 4:10pm PDT

With this new platform, Twitch is bringing interactive tools to all creators and giving streaming a massive facelift.


Get Your Free Overwatch Loot Boxes Now With Twitch Prime

By John Keefer, Aug 10, 2017 11:20am PDT

Get five regular loot boxes now and another five in October.


"PSA: If you have Amazon Prime, you have Twitch Prime. Get your loot boxes."

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NVIDIA's GTX 1080 GPU is Quickly Disappearing

By Chris Jarrard, Jul 13, 2017 10:00am PDT

Previously unaffected by the Ethereum mining boom, NVIDIA's high-end GPU availability continues to dwindle.


"You don't need a 1080 anymore for the Rift. With their ATW drivers a 1050 is plenty enough. Some ..."

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When does Amazon Prime Day End?

By Bill Lavoy, Jul 11, 2017 10:45am PDT

The sale only lasts 30 hours, but when does Amazon Prime Day end for you?


Sony XBR55X900E 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV Deal is Awesome

By Bill Lavoy, Jul 11, 2017 9:45am PDT

The price is certainly awesome, but does the Sony XBR55X900E have the specs to back it up? 


Best Amazon Prime Day 2017 Deals for Kindle, Echo and Fire 7

By Bill Lavoy, Jul 10, 2017 7:20pm PDT

Get the best Prime Day deals for the Kindle, Amazon Echo and Fire 7 Tablet.


Amazon Prime Day 2017: Is it Worth it?

By Shack Staff, Jul 10, 2017 3:45pm PDT

Amazon Prime Day 2017 kicks off this evening at 6 p.m. PT / 9 p.m. ET and you'll want to know the pros and cons of looking for video game and peripheral gold.


Nintendo Switch with Neon Red and Blue Joy-Cons on sale for $300 on Amazon Prime Day

By Asif Khan, Jul 10, 2017 10:50am PDT

Nintendo's new console is in stock on Amazon Prime Day 2017.


When Does Amazon Prime Day Start?

By Shack Staff, Jul 07, 2017 6:00pm PDT

The huge one-day-plus sale kicks off on July 11, but you need to know the exact start times.


"I buy all kinds of crap I didn't know i needed on Prime Day... and most of it ended up ..."

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Amazon Prime Day Sale Coming in Two Weeks

By John Keefer, Jun 29, 2017 4:30pm PDT

If the Steam Summer Sale didn;t tap you out, then save a few buck for this July 11 extravaganza.


"i found some sweet underwear i wasn't looking to buy last year... i think they are Korean, i ..."

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Overwatch Golden Loot Boxes Are a Bonus With Twitch Prime Membership

By John Keefer, Jun 20, 2017 1:50pm PDT

You don't have to stay a member to get the box, either, although more bonuses come with membership each month.


"I have a code from my Twitch account for this overhyped game. First response gets if if you're ..."

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Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Already Outsold Zelda on Amazon

By David Craddock, Apr 28, 2017 12:30pm PDT

Already a bestseller on Wii U, Mario Kart 8 seems destined to find an even larger audience on Switch.


"Separating it by 3 years doesn't, exploit fixes, battle mode changes, and other tweaks makes it ..."

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Here's When Video Game Companies Will Release Their Q1 Earnings Reports

By Asif Khan, Apr 24, 2017 1:00pm PDT

Looking to invest in gaming stocks? We have you covered from Activision to Zynga!


"Yeah, I wanted to keep this an informational guide. I can break out individual stocks into ..."

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Amazon launches on-demand streaming music service today

By Daniel Perez, Oct 12, 2016 7:15am PDT

Amazon has entered the on-demand streaming music service today with the launch of Amazon Music Unlimited.


Amazon's Twitch Prime offers free digital games and other benefits to gamers

By David Craddock, Sep 30, 2016 3:06pm PDT

A premium experience on Twitch is one of many offerings available to Prime subscribers who enjoy gaming streams.


"Free codez for Hearthstone, Streamline and SMITE, just say which"

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