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3dfx Rampage: Coulda been!

By Steve Gibson, Jul 08, 2002 1:49pm PDT

Here is a cute article looking at the 3dfx Rampage card that could have been. There are a few specific details about what the technology included....


"taped out means that the chip has been simulated to death, as well as checked for timing, etc. ..."

- BulletPro see all 96 comments

New V4/5 Drivers

By Maarten Goldstein, Oct 22, 2001 10:27am PDT

For the few of you still stuck with the ol' Voodoo 4 or Voodoo 5, there are new drivers out, released by a company called AE Software Technologies....


" same here. My Voodoo5 is rock stable. One reason why I didn't get a Geforce 2 GTS. My friends ..."

- Cheesedog_3:16 see all 49 comments
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