Weekend console download deals: PlayStation Summer Sale begins

By Ozzie Mejia, Jul 31, 2015 4:00pm PDT

As the summer months come to a close, PlayStation is opening up its summer sale with new deals each week.


Weekend PC download deals: Steam throws a massive SteamOS sale

By Ozzie Mejia, Jul 31, 2015 3:00pm PDT

Before summer comes to an end, many retailers are throwing big-time end-of-summer sales. Meanwhile, Steam is sizing up its SteamOS lineup and offering major discounts on their PC counterparts.


"infinite stands pretty strongly on its own, worth every bit of that price"

- Veegeezee see all 7 comments

The Swindle Review: Procedurally Generated Crime

By Josh Hawkins, Jul 31, 2015 2:00pm PDT

Could Size Five Games' The Swindle be the indie hit of the year? Our review.


"Upgrades and tools stay after death, the only thing you lose is current level cash and thief ..."

- Joshua Hawkins see all 7 comments

Harmonix delays Amplitude to end of 2015 to add more features

By Daniel Perez, Jul 31, 2015 1:45pm PDT

Harmonix wants to give us more Amplitude, but as a result, it needs to delay it a couple of months.


"Fair enough. Was hoping to get a crossbow PS3/ Vita. Oh well PS3 it is."

- realplumpbox see all 5 comments

Mario and Luigi Paper Jam Hands-On Impressions: 2D Teams Up With 3D

By Steven Wong, Jul 31, 2015 1:00pm PDT

Shacknews goes hands-on with Mario and Luigi Paper Jam to see how well 3D characters and their flat counterparts work together. It turns out, crossing dimensions has some suprising results.


"Sounds a lot like dream team with some paper oddities thrown into the mix."

- one random winner see all 2 comments

Rocket League patch introduces penalty for rage quitters and more on PC and PS4

By Daniel Perez, Jul 31, 2015 12:34pm PDT

Psyonix has released a new patch for both PC and PS4 versions of Rocket League that introduces some new features, changes, and bug fixes.


"lol my skizl had our first two ranked matches of the games have both guys drop out"

- vov1n see all 2 comments

Inspired: Breaking down the Hearthstone 'Grand Tournament' cards (Part 4)

By Ozzie Mejia, Jul 31, 2015 12:00pm PDT

Shacknews continues its breakdown of new cards for Hearthstone's upcoming Grand Tournament expansion. And... well.... they can't all be winners.


Don't Starve: Shipwrecked will set sail this fall

By Ozzie Mejia, Jul 31, 2015 10:32am PDT

Developer Klei isn't finished with single-player expansions for Don't Starve just yet. There's one more in the works and it's being made in collaboration with the makers of Super Time Force and Below.


Destiny - Where to find Xur and what he's selling July 31 - August 2

By Josh Hawkins, Jul 31, 2015 9:40am PDT

Find out what's worth buying from the Agent of Nine this weekend in Destiny.


Shack Reels: Angry Birds 2 Interview with Rovio

By Shack Staff, Jul 31, 2015 9:30am PDT

We attended Rovio's launch party for Angry Birds 2 where they talk to us about the inclusions of boss battles, new features, and more.


"I don't think its built that way. I'm finding the limits really frustrating."

- baron calamity see all 3 comments

TwitchCon 2015 will include playable Legacy of the Void, Street Fighter 5, and more

By Ozzie Mejia, Jul 31, 2015 9:00am PDT

Twitch has issued an early list of exhibitors that will attend the inaugural TwitchCon in San Francisco. A number of publishers and developers will be in the house with some playable games that are sure to raise a few eyebrows.


The Witcher 3 1.08 patch notes released

By Daniel Perez, Jul 31, 2015 8:35am PDT

Patch notes for The Witcher 3's upcoming patch 1.08 have been released. Check out what you can expect to be improved


"I'm glad I'm not the only one who did that quest and thought, "I'd rather have the ugly thing"."

- Firefly1985 see all 37 comments

Wasteland 2: Director's Cut will miss summer for an October release [Update: InXile responds]

By Daniel Perez, Jul 31, 2015 8:12am PDT

Deep Silver and InXile Entertainment have announced the release date of Wasteland 2: Director's Cut, and it no longer will be in the summer as previously expected.


EA confirms new Battlefield is coming in 2016

By Daniel Perez, Jul 31, 2015 7:12am PDT

Did you really think EA wouldn't have a new shooter next year?


"I think the timing is perfect for a Battlefied: U.S Civil War"

- kn1fe see all 42 comments

Nvidia Shield Tablet recalled due to potential fire hazard

By Daniel Perez, Jul 31, 2015 6:41am PDT

Nvidia has issued a voluntary recall of its Shield Tablet due to a possible fire hazard issue regarding its battery.


"Probably just an insurance write off, but it may hurt stocks if someone actually gets hurt and ..."

- ovrlrd see all 3 comments
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