Helldivers Review: To Hell and Back

By Daniel Perez, Mar 03, 2015 12:01am PST

Arrowhead's Helldivers offers a uniqe co-op experience both in your living room and around the world. Find out what makes this game worth saving the galaxy for in our review.


"looks like this is PS/vita only then? does anyone know if they have plans for releasing on ..."

- comben see all 3 comments

Shovel Knight: Plague of Shadows centers an all-new quest around Plague Knight

By Ozzie Mejia, Mar 02, 2015 10:35pm PST

After hinting at it for months, developer Yacht Club Games has officially unveileod Shovel Knight: Plague of Shadows, the first add-on campaign that will put players in the role of the mad apothecary known as Plague Knight.


"Awesome I am looking forward to this expansion, love Shovel Knight"

- valcan_s see all 2 comments

Shacknews Remembers Leonard Nimoy in Video Games

By Shack Staff, Mar 02, 2015 1:45pm PST

A memorial to Leonard Nimoy, who has boldly gone to the final frontier. 


Unreal Engine Has Been Set Free

By Josh Hawkins, Mar 02, 2015 12:30pm PST

Today, Tim Sweeney announced a shocking new price for popular game development tool, Unreal Engine 4.


3D Realms Returns with Bombshell at GDC 2015

By Steven Wong, Mar 02, 2015 11:25am PST

3D Realms and Interceptor Entertainment revealed a first look at Bombshell at GDC 2015 today. 


"Diablo with guns? Also, for some strange reason, this trailer made me think of Too Human more ..."

- Gwyndion see all 22 comments

World of Warcraft will allow players to buy game time using in-game gold

By Daniel Perez, Mar 02, 2015 11:22am PST

With this change, World of Warcraft can now be accessed without having to spend a single penny.


"No kidding ^^^ WOW may be the most successful game of all time if you think of what it has done ..."

- valcan_s see all 12 comments

Amplitude's multiplayer mode shown off in its first gameplay trailer

By Daniel Perez, Mar 02, 2015 10:38am PST

Harmonix has published a new gameplay trailer for Ampltidue as well as announcing the game will contain various multiplayer modes.


"This is one of those games i thought already came out a year or two ago. Hasn't this been in ..."

- harlinson see all 3 comments

Leonard Nimoy being honored in Elite Dangerous with memorial station

By Daniel Perez, Mar 02, 2015 9:00am PST

A new memorial stations will be created to honor Leonard Nimoy, who passed away this past week.


"or how much it will cost to get the promotion and guitar riff when you do"

- RikiTiki2 see all 10 comments

ClayFighter Remastered shapeshifts onto PC in 2016

By Daniel Perez, Mar 02, 2015 8:15am PST

Ready or not, a new ClayFighter is coming to PC next year that will include over 20 characters and new fighting mechanics.


"That may have been true when Street Fighter IV first came out but there have been some notable ..."

- r_picmip 5 see all 39 comments

Mortal Kombat X performs fatalities on Android and iOS in April

By Daniel Perez, Mar 02, 2015 7:20am PST

Mortal Kombat X is heading to a mobile device near you as a free-to-play card-battle fighting game.


"Quasi card collecting game like Injustice mobile? That was fun for a week or two. "

- dodob see all 2 comments

Battlefield Hardline Premium includes all expansions and more for $50

By Daniel Perez, Mar 02, 2015 6:50am PST

EA and Visceral Games wants to dig a bit deeper into your pocket by offering a premium edition of Battlefield Hardline. With all digital expansion packs, exclusive features, and game-altering masks, this could be a pretty good deal.


"Aren't they just paid shills at his point, EA have a streamer payment setup for not talking ..."

- Beady see all 23 comments

HTC Vive is a new VR headset made in collaboration with Valve

By Ozzie Mejia, Mar 01, 2015 9:56am PST

HTC and Valve have joined forces to blast into the virtual reality market with the new HTC Vive, which is going a step further by removing the need for a controller.


"As a disabled gamer with only 1 hand im hoping i wont be left out too! I'm only able to game ..."

- 1ArmRobber see all 95 comments

Weekly Game Release Highlights, March 2-8

By Ozzie Mejia, Mar 01, 2015 8:00am PST

Spring releases are starting to come in and this looks to be the calm before the storm. So get ready to welcome in ScreamRide, Helldivers, OlliOlli 2, and more!


"Sign of the times: of the entire list of releases, all but two titles are available through ..."

- Amusatron see all 4 comments

PSA: Rayman Legends goes free for Xbox Live Gold members a day early

By Ozzie Mejia, Feb 28, 2015 4:15pm PST

Looking for something to play this weekend? If you're an Xbox Live Gold member, you'll be happy to find that Rayman Legends has gone free as part of March's Games with Gold lineup a day early.


Chatty Twitch Highlights 53: Time to go Homeworld

By Ozzie Mejia, Feb 28, 2015 12:00pm PST

After an unexpected hiatus, the Chatty Twitch Highlights are back! And there's no better way to come back than by revisiting one of the greatest PC games ever made.

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