Shacknews Live: NES Remix with Andrew and Joe

By Ozzie Mejia, Aug 28, 2014 12:40pm PDT

Sam's on her way to PAX Prime, so Andrew and Joe are sticking around to play some NES Remix. (And Shovel Knight, if time permits)


Shacknews Spotlight: The Walking Dead: Season 2

By Ozzie Mejia, Aug 28, 2014 12:00pm PDT

Now that The Walking Dead: Season 2 has concluded, the time has come for a conversation about where we've been. Steven, Steve, and myself all take a moment to reflect on the highs and lows of Season 2 and where the series might be going next. (Warning: Spoilers within!)


"Your final choice is to stay in Wellington or to leave with Kenny. I don't know what happens if ..."

- BlackCat9 see all 5 comments

Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney review: the odd couple

By Steve Watts, Aug 28, 2014 11:00am PDT

Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney takes the best parts of both franchises, but brings their shared baggage along for the ride.


"I'm a little bummed Layton gets the center stage over Phoenix as I like the Ace Attorney more ..."

- helvetica see all 3 comments

Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire to get special editions in the U.K.

By Robert Workman, Aug 28, 2014 10:30am PDT

Nintendo of Europe has just introduced some fun new collectibles for Pokémon fans overseas, although there's no word if we'll get them here in the U.S. Keep those fingers crossed.


A City Sleeps is a musical 'bullet hell' shooter from Harmonix

By Ozzie Mejia, Aug 28, 2014 10:22am PDT

Harmonix has unveiled their latest game, taking inspirations from bullet hell and anime. A City Sleeps will hit PC in October.


".... YAAAAAAAAAAY Only two of those got totally boned by the Kinect becoming optional! "

- Deathlove see all 10 comments

Super Smash Bros. Music Tracks Released By Nintendo

By Robert Workman, Aug 28, 2014 10:00am PDT

Get a listen to what kind of soundtrack will be included in the brawling game when it releases later this year for 3DS and Wii U.


"Yes ever since the first trailer dropped I knew I had to have that song!!!!!"

- DandySlayer see all 4 comments

Xbox 'Games with Gold' for September includes Halo: Reach and more

By Ozzie Mejia, Aug 28, 2014 9:25am PDT

A whole new slate of Games with Gold for Xbox One and Xbox 360 have been revealed, including Bungie's final installment of the Halo series.


"MP became a mix of Halo and COD, instead of sticking to what always worked."

- Medster see all 26 comments

Assassin's Creed Unity delayed to November

By Robert Workman, Aug 28, 2014 9:15am PDT

Ubisoft has delayed its forthcoming new-gen Assassin's Creed adventure, and it further assures that November is going to be a huge month for games.


"That's all fine. Campaign co-op is worth the wait. Make it good. "

- Downforce see all 3 comments

Halo: The Master Chief Collection gets Halo 2 Lockout map

By Robert Workman, Aug 28, 2014 9:00am PDT

The latest map will serve as the newest addition to Halo 2 Anniversary, which will play a crucial part in the forthcoming collection.


Stick It To the Man slaps its way to Xbox One

By Robert Workman, Aug 28, 2014 8:30am PDT

Zoink! Games' indie platformer reaches out to Xbox One owners today.


The Walking Dead Pinball impressions: dead on

By Robert Workman, Aug 28, 2014 8:00am PDT

Zen Studios' latest table adaptation is easily one of its best to date.


"dunno about ps4, but it's on ps3. the physics between the 360 version and the ps3 version are ..."

- -=kodiak=- see all 7 comments

Charlie Murder studio announces PlayStation RPG Salt and Sanctuary

By Steve Watts, Aug 28, 2014 7:50am PDT

The Dishwasher and Charlie Murder developer Ska Studios has announced its next project: Salt and Sanctuary, an action RPG coming exclusively to PlayStation platforms.


"Cool. I really like a lot of Ska's previous games, interested to see how this turns out."

- snot3353 see all 2 comments

Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 trailer outlines new bosses, cutscenes, and more

By Steve Watts, Aug 28, 2014 7:30am PDT

A new trailer for Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMix shows that it's more than just a compilation of some old games: it's adding cutscenes, weapons, and bosses.


"My money is on Square one of the 2 Square games. They're the only one's we've seen anything on. ..."

- Peanut Fox see all 13 comments

Minecraft will get a Doctor Who invasion next month

By Robert Workman, Aug 27, 2014 5:00pm PDT

The good Doctor and company will hit the Xbox 360 version of the game this September.


Rocksmith 2014 introduces new Bachsmith pack

By Robert Workman, Aug 27, 2014 4:30pm PDT

Five classical renditions of Bach's best will be transformed into rock rhythms for the guitar game.

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