Title Platform Genre Release Date
Heavy Armor Brigade DS Strategy Dec 5, 2008
Heavy Fire: Afghanistan PC, PS3, WII, X360 Action Oct 25, 2011
Heavy Fire: Black Arms WII Action Mar 7, 2011
Heavy Fire: Black Arms 3D 3DS Action Aug 15, 2013
Heavy Fire: Shattered Spear PC, PS3, X360 Action Jan 29, 2013
Heavy Fire: Special Operations WII Action Jul 26, 2010
Heavy Fire: The Chosen Few 3DS Action Nov 8, 2011
Heavy Gear PC Simulation Nov 25, 1997
Heavy Gear Assault PC Action na
Heavy Gear II PC Action Jan 1, 1970
Heavy Metal PSP MOVIE Other na
Heavy Metal: FAKK2 PC Action Aug 6, 2000
Heavy Rain PS3 Action Feb 23, 2010
Heavy Weapon Deluxe PC Action Mar 24, 2005
Heavy Weapon: Atomic Tank X360 Action Jan 17, 2007
Heavyweight Transport Simulator PC Other na
Hector: Badge of Carnage IPHONE, MAC, PC, IPAD Adventure Jun 17, 2010
Hector: Episode 1 - We Negotiate with Terrorists PC, IPAD, MAC Adventure Apr 27, 2011
Hegemony Gold: Wars of Ancient Greece PC Strategy Feb 25, 2011
Hegemony Rome: The Rise of Caesar PC Strategy Jan 1, 1970
Hegemony: Phillip of Macedon PC Strategy May 10, 2010
Helicopter Simulator: Search&Rescue PC Simulation May 18, 2013
Helix WII Other Aug 25, 2008
Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit PC, PS3, X360 Action Oct 3, 2012
Hell's Kitchen Vs. DS Other Jan 4, 2010