PC, PS2, XBOX, GAMECUBE / Action / Release: Nov 18, 2003 / ESRB: M

XIII Details

By Steve Gibson, Apr 08, 2002 10:46am PDT

The folks at CVG have a few more details on XIII from UbiSoft, the cel-shaded Unreal tech powered FPS. I still cant figure out if I like the way it...


"I, for one, LOVE cel-shading. There's something much more immersive about a properly cel-shaded ..."

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XIII Screenshots

By Maarten Goldstein, Apr 05, 2002 7:06am PST

Computer & Video Games managed to get the first set of screenshots from the cel-shaded FPS XIII. This Unreal powered game was announced last month....


"cell shading could make for some really good anime based games problem is it doesn't seem to ..."

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Ubi Soft Announces XIII

By Maarten Goldstein, Mar 13, 2002 6:05am PST

Ubi Soft sent along a press release announcing that they are working on the action FPS XIII, which is based on the latest Unreal technology. Not...


"Quote: "XIII reaches the limits of interactive gameplay never experienced before.” More ..."

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