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PSP, DS / Strategy / Release: Sep 4, 2007 / ESRB: E10+


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Worms: Open Warfare 2 Interview

Currently in development at Team17 is Worms: Open Warfare 2, a sequel to the popular handheld game featuring gamers' favorite little dirt diggers. I spoke with Andrew Aveyard, Junior Production Assistant at Team17, to find out about the core differences between the PSP and DS versions, new weapons that we'll see and the backdrops on which players will wage open warfare.

Shack: Tell us about the single-player campaign. What historical backdrops will be available on which to wage battle? Andrew Aveyard: Without giving too much away, the single player campaign takes place over six themed environments inspired by conflicts throughout the ages-past, present and future. I can't reveal all of the environments because some of them are not announced yet. However, I can say that the first four levels are "Pirates!," a homage to the Spanish Armada, "World War I," "World War II" and "Cold War." Shack: Are all of the maps static, or are certain features randomly generated to create unique play experiences? Andrew Aveyard: The random landscape generator and the several default landscapes allow for endless variations on the way battles can be fought. Each of the historical themes has a multitude of crazy landscape objects which are randomly placed across the terrain, adding to the ever-changing, never-the-same-battle worlds. The landscapes in the game are also fully destructible so they constantly change as the game progresses. We also have World Events for each of the environments, such as the random dropping of objects that alter the landscape. For the first time in any Worms game, landscape elements can be added during battle, and not just taken away! Shack: Can I customize my team of Worms? In what ways? Andrew Aveyard: Worms: Open Warfare 2 is the most customizable Worms game to date. Not only can you can name your team and individual worms, but it is also possible to choose the worms' skin color, the speech that the worms use, the gravestone a worm leaves when it dies and also the victory dance a worm performs when it wins a battle. In addition, the flag editor allows for further customization by allowing players to either draw custom flags or select a flag from several different preexisting templates. Custom flags are displayed proudly next to team health bars during gameplay. The PSP version also has a number of hats for you to customize for your team of worms to wear, from military styles to more fun styles. Shack: Tell us about the weapons featured in the game. How many will return from the original Open Warfare, and how many are new? What features will the new weapons employ? Andrew Aveyard: All 22 weapons and utilities from the first game are in Worms: Open Warfare 2. Overall we have 11 new weapons and utilities in Worms: Open Warfare 2 which didn't appear in the first game, several of which are completely new to the Worms series. New weapons include the Boomerang, which doesn't do any actual damage, but can be used to knock worms off the land as well as collect crates, as well as the Buffalo of Lies, Sentry Gun, and Bunker Buster. Shack: How are the dual screens and touch screen used in the DS version? Andrew Aveyard: The battlefield is viewable across both top screen and touch screen in Worms: Open Warfare 2, making for bigger levels and better visibility of the action. The weapons panel can be toggled on or off on the touch screen at the touch of a button (or a slide of the stylus). The top screen can also be used to display a mini map overview of the entire landscape. The touch screen is used for selecting weapons and menus, but where it really comes into its own is being able to use it to draw custom landscapes and flags with the stylus in the editors. Shack: Have any of the original Open Warfare's mechanics been tweaked? Andrew Aveyard: In the PSP version, the mechanics of some of the returning weapons from Open Warfare have been tweaked slightly to account for the effects of friction and gravity. In addition, there are new gameplay mechanics such as the World Events that further enhance the combat. Worms: Open Warfare 2 on DS is a completely new beast from its predecessor. This time we're sure we've got the right mix of mechanics, balance and feel that were missing from the first game on DS. We're all proud of what is shaping up to be two excellent Worms handheld games. Shack: What new gameplay features (new modes, etc.) have been developed for Open Warfare 2? Andrew Aveyard: In Worms: Open Warfare 2, there are two new single player modes: Puzzle mode, which challenges players to solve a series of increasingly more difficult puzzles using weapons from the game; and Campaign mode, where you take on the AI in a series of combat scenarios based on the six themed environments. In addition, the Custom Game option allows players to choose between the traditional Deathmatch mode, or the new Forts and Race game modes, either against other human players or taking on the AI. The DS and PSP versions both feature a unique single player mode as well. The DS features the Laboratory mini-games which utilize the stylus and microphone, whereas the PSP has Time Attack mode where the goal is to reach an exit point in the fastest time possible using Ninja Ropes and so on. With the custom landscape editor and flag editor, customizable skin colors and hats for worm teams, local wireless multiplayer, online multiplayer, online leaderboards, and clan functionality [for the PSP version], Worms: Open Warfare 2 is the most robust Worms iteration yet! Shack: What multiplayer modes are available? Andrew Aveyard: The DS version supports Single-Card, Multi-Card and Nintendo WFC multiplayer modes, as well as traditional "hot seat" pass around multiplayer. Single-Card play is a simple two-player deathmatch affair, whereas Multi-Card games allow up to four players to play traditional Deathmatch games using the full range of custom schemes. Multi-Card also allows players to create alliances with other players and play Forts games or compete with other players in Rope Race games to see who can reach an exit point in the fastest time possible. All three game types can also be played against players from anywhere else in the world over Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. Players can choose to face-off against random players, friends or rivals or, for a real challenge and some possible bragging rights, compete in a ranked game. All wins and losses for ranked games are transferred to the permanent game leaderboards. Fun leaderboards also exist for players who don't take part in ranked matches. Details of the top players will be available on the official game website at www.wormsopenwarfare2.com. While the PSP version has similar multiplayer features to DS-wireless ad hoc multiplayer for up to four players, plus infrastructure multiplayer for online action and leaderboards-the PSP version also has a few additional features. Unique, hand drawn landscapes and flags will become available to download via the game, and players will also be able to make their own custom landscapes available for other players to download and use as well. The community features, where players can create relationships with other players and send messages, also support the use of Clans and allow players to compete in Clan-only ranked games. As with the DS leaderboard ranking statistics, all PSP stats can be viewed in-game while connected to infrastructure mode or on the official game website. Shack: Tell us about the level editor. Can custom maps be used in multiplayer? Andrew Aveyard: The level editor is a fully loaded landscape creation tool which enables you to create any kind of landscape you wish, and place objects on it such as mines, electromagnets, sentry guns and Race exit points. The level editor in the DS version is completely stylus driven. Custom levels can be used in multiplayer, both local and online. The DS version allows players to share their created landscapes in multi-card games and in friends' games when using the Wi-Fi connection. The PSP version supports the custom landscapes in ad hoc games and infrastructure games against anyone, apart from ranked matches. Shack: Thanks for your time. Andrew Aveyard: We hope people have as much fun playing Worms: Open Warfare 2 as we've had making it!

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