World of Warcraft

PC / RPG / Release: Nov 22, 2004 / ESRB: T

Huge layoffs at Blizzard: 600 jobs to go

By Alice O'Connor, Feb 29, 2012 10:20am PST

Blizzard plans to cut around 600 jobs. It insists that its "current development and publishing schedules will not be impacted," though around 10% off the people affected are from departments "related to development."


WoW Monopoly, StarCraft RISK announced at Toy Fair

By Steve Watts, Feb 13, 2012 5:30pm PST

Hasbro and Blizzard have struck a deal to produce a special World of Warcraft version of Monopoly, and StarCraft-themed RISK.


No BlizzCon in 2012, Battle.net World Championship spun off

By Alice O'Connor, Jan 25, 2012 7:30am PST

There'll be no BlizzCon in 2012, Blizzard has announced, though it will return in 2013. The pro-gaming strand is being spun off into its own event, the 2012 Battle.net World Championship.


World of Warcraft patch bringing cross-realm raids

By Steve Watts, Jan 10, 2012 3:30pm PST

The World of Warcraft 4.3.2 patch will let players perform cross-realm raids, and use the raid finder in conjunction with the new feature.


Blizzard introduces BattleTag nicknames as Real ID alternative

By Alice O'Connor, Dec 16, 2011 6:45am PST

Blizzard is introducing a new unified friends system which uses player-chosen nicknames, BattleTags. You'll be able to stay friends with people across games and WoW realms without sharing your real name.


World of Warcraft patch 4.3 tolls Hour of Twilight

By Alice O'Connor, Nov 29, 2011 12:30pm PST

Deathwing shall fall in World of Warcraft patch 4.3, which launches today. It adds three new dungeons and one new raid, the Raid Finder feature, Transmogrification for items, class balance tweaks, and heaps more.


Activision Blizzard downgrades stock due to Old Republic concerns

By Jeff Mattas, Nov 22, 2011 4:30pm PST

Activision Blizzard has downgraded its stock rating due to indications that many World of WarCraft subscribers


World of Warcraft celebrates seventh birthday

By Alice O'Connor, Nov 21, 2011 9:00am PST

Have you remembered to get World of Warcraft a present for its birthday? For shame! Blizzard's MMO adores its players so much, it's actually giving players presents to celebrate the seventh anniversary of its launch on November 23.


World of Warcraft subscriptions continue to decline; majority in the east

By Xav de Matos, Nov 08, 2011 3:45pm PST

World of Warcraft subscriptions fell approximately 800,000 this quarter, dipping to 10.3 million. It was just over year ago, the game had welcomed its 12 millionth active subscriber.


World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria announced

By Andrew Yoon, Oct 21, 2011 12:15pm PDT

Blizzard has just announced the next expansion pack for its World of Warcraft MMO. Titled "Mists of Pandaria," the expansion pack introduces a new continent, and a new monk class. Also, there's pandas.


Diablo 3 free for annual WoW subscribers

By Andrew Yoon, Oct 21, 2011 11:30am PDT

At BlizzCon today, Blizzard announced plans on rewarding World of Warcraft subscribers with quite an enticing bonus: a free copy of Diablo 3 when it releases.


Blizzard planning six 'proven' releases by 2014

By Steve Watts, Sep 09, 2011 9:45am PDT

Blizzard is planning to release six "proven" products over the next three years: two StarCraft games, two WoW expansions, Diablo 3, and a Diablo expansion.


World of Warcraft 4.3 patch details revealed

By Xav de Matos, Aug 18, 2011 4:15pm PDT

Details on the 4.3 patch for World of Warcraft have found their way online, with a close examination of the game's upcoming "Transmogrification" technology.


World of WarCraft pet sales pull in $1.9 million for Red Cross

By Jeff Mattas, Aug 04, 2011 10:15am PDT

Blizzard has announced that sales of the Cenarion Hatchling, a downloadable pet in World of WarCraft, have generated more than $1.9 million for Red Cross's Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami relief fund.


World of Warcraft free-to-play to level 20

By Garnett Lee and Xav de Matos, Jun 28, 2011 3:10pm PDT

Blizzard has thrown away 10- and 14-day free trials of World of Warcraft and is now offering the base game for free, "up to a maximum character level of 20."