World of Goo

WII, PC, IPHONE, IPAD, MAC / Puzzle / Release: Oct 13, 2008 / ESRB: U

Little Inferno announced from former World of Goo, Henry Hatsworth members

By Steve Watts, Jun 29, 2012 3:30pm PDT

Tomorrow Corporation, an indie studio made of members from the World of Goo and Henry Hatsworth teams, has announced its first game titled "Little Inferno."


World of Goo coming to Android 'soon'

By Xav de Matos, Oct 05, 2011 2:45pm PDT

The unique, indie puzzle-adventure World of Goo from 2D Boy is bound for Android devices, the developer revealed in a blog post today. No specific release date was revealed; however, 2D Boy's blog notes that it will be available "soon."


World of Goo on iPhone 'soonish'

By Alice O'Connor, Apr 04, 2011 9:15am PDT

The much-loved indie puzzler has been submitted to the App Store, and will cost 99¢ for the first 24 hours after it hits.


Shack PSA: World of Goo 75% Off; New 99 Cent Title on Games for Windows Everyday Until Dec. 8

By Xav de Matos, Dec 02, 2010 5:30pm PST

While we've already let you know that the Deus Ex: Game of the Year Edition is available on the Games for Windows Marketplace today for 99 cents,...


"I bought Deus Ex for $1.99 in the box unopened last year from Microcenter... I should have ..."

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Shack PSA: Steam Discounts Left 4 Dead 2, ARMA II & More in the Final Day of its Summer-themed Sale

By Xav de Matos, Jul 04, 2010 10:10am PDT

Today is the last day in the, "Please! My wallet is begging you to stop" sale on Steam (otherwise known as the Perils of Summer sale).As expected,...


"im enjoying sam and max a ton. well written. crashes randomly sometimes though"

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'Pay-What-You-Want' Indie Bundle Offers World of Goo, Penumbra Overture and More To Help Charity

By Alice O'Connor, May 04, 2010 9:40am PDT

Celebrated indie games including World of Goo


"I would love to support Indie titles like this, but unfortunately I don't like any of those ..."

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Nintendo's WiiWare Demo Program Ends

By Jeff Mattas, Feb 10, 2010 5:30pm PST

Back in November of last year, we reported that Nintendo had launched a pilot program to provide a small selection of free, playable demos for a...


"I didn't remember/realize the demo program was limited. :( It would be a HUGE mistake not to ..."

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Results of 2D Boy's 'Pay What You Want' World of Goo Sales Experiment Released

By Nick Breckon, Oct 21, 2009 11:40am PDT

Taking a page from Radiohead, World of Goo developer 2D Boy used the game's one-year anniversary to run a sale that allowed customers to name the...


"People who pay 1 cent because that is what they can afford are playing on $1k+ computers while ..."

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World of Goo 'Whatever Price You Like' Sale, iPhone Version Announced

By Alice O'Connor, Oct 13, 2009 11:00am PDT

In celebration of World of Goo's first birthday, developer 2D Boy is selling the splendid physics puzzler for whatever you feel like paying and...


"This game is the new-age Lemmings. If you want that OCD, you need pixel-perfection baybee! "

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DRM 'A Waste of Time,' Says World of Goo Dev

By Chris Faylor, Mar 23, 2009 3:00pm PDT

Utilizing digital rights management as a means to prevent piracy is "a waste of time," according to 2D Boy co-founder and World of Goo co-creator...


"DRM is overblown. In spite of all the crying over DRM I've continued to buy PC games that ..."

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Shack PSA: World of Goo $5 on Steam

By Nick Breckon, Mar 06, 2009 12:43pm PST

Here's an irresistible deal: 2D BOY's fabulous puzzle/goo game World of Goo is only $5 this weekend on Steam. World of Goo is a puzzle game...


"I forgot about DST, so I was actually playing until 4 am. Ooops. :)"

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World of Goo Co-Creator Claims 90% Piracy Rate

By Blake Ellison, Nov 13, 2008 1:53pm PST

2D Boy's World of Goo (PC, Wii) is being pirated at the rate of "about 90%," according to co-creator Ron Carmel. The statement came from...


"and people wonder why we're getting to "INTERNET REQUIRED" for antipiracy thanks ..."

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Wii Shop Channel Update: World of Goo, Secret of Mana, Street Fighter 2 SCE, Art Style: CUBELLO

By Chris Faylor, Oct 13, 2008 8:38am PDT

Nintendo has issued details on today's update to the Wii Shop Channel, which adds two original WiiWare games and two retro re-releases to the Wii's...


"Secret of Mana for 8 bones?! nice! game is great. wonder if it cums with all the nasty bugs ..."

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World of Goo Hits Wii October 13, LostWinds Revealed as Top-selling WiiWare Game

By Chris Faylor, Oct 03, 2008 9:48am PDT

2D Boy's Independent Games Festival 2008 winner World of Goo will bring its physics-based puzzle solving hijinks to Wii as a downloadable WiiWare...


"World of Goo is looking goooood... might just have to pick it up for the Wii."

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