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PC / Strategy / Release: Sep 18, 2007 / ESRB: T


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World in Conflict Patch 10 Arrives, Removes DRM

Developer Massive Entertainment has released the tenth patch for World in Conflict. The update is now available on FileShack for the US, UK and German versions.

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"i wonder how much money these companies waste hiring someone like SecuROM and then removing the ..."
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World in Conflict Console Port Canned

The console port of Massive Entertainment's RTS World in Conflict, originally announced for a fall 2008 release, has now been cancelled according to word from Massive owner Ubisoft.

"A console version of World in Conflict is not planned for release at this time," said an Ubisoft rep to IGN today.

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"This is AWFUL news. As one of the few people outside of Massive to have played this game ..."
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World in Conflict Expansion Now Coming in March, Console Versions Apparently Still Alive

Ubisoft will publish Massive Entertainment's World in Conflict PC expansion pack Soviet Assault this March, the two companies announced today.

Existing owners will be able to purchase and download the expansion pack online, while retailers will stock a new World in Conflict: Complete Edition that includes the original strategy game, the expansion, and several unspecified "all-new features." Read more »

"This news makes me giddy, I can never get enough World in Conflict... The campaign was one of ..."
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World in Conflict Patch 8 Released

A new World in Conflict patch has been released, updating Massive Entertainment's strategy game to version 1.008. The patch offers improved in-game voting, additional user and clan ignore functions and improved network code stability. Click through for a full list of changes

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PC, Xbox 360 Developer: DX10 Possible on Consoles

Many of the graphical effects exclusive to Microsoft's Direct X10 API can be achieved outside of DirectX 10 "if you give it enough time and resources," Massive development VP Petter Sydow told VideoGamer.

Within the PC edition of its RTS World in Conflict, Massive made use of some Vista-only DX10 features for additional graphical polish. Read more »

"Yeah that STALKER: Clear Sky demo had all the DX10 features even when running the game on XP and ..."
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Sierra Screenshot Bonanza: Ghostbusters, 50 Cent, Prototype, World in Conflict: SA, Bourne

Publisher Sierra has supplied us with a large number of new screenshots for its upcoming releases, including Ghostbusters, Prototype, and World in Conflict: Soviet Assault.

Be sure to check out the full post for all the goodies, as there is simply too much to fit on our front page. For information on a game, just click on its name to pull up all our past coverage. Read more »

"originally posted by Judecca: The plot of the new 50 cent game - So 50 is doing a benefit ..."
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World in Conflict: Soviet Assault Trailer Released

Developer Massive Entertainment has released a new trailer for its upcoming expansion and console port World in Conflict: Soviet Assault (PC, PS3, X360), introducing the strategy title to console players.

Soviet Assault will be released on the PC as an expansion to the original World in Conflict, while Swordfish Entertainment is combining the original and the expansion into a standalone console release for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Read more »

"is that all ingame video? can you control just 1 small infantry guy and go rambo style by ..."
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World in Conflict Patch 7 Released

A new hotfix update has been released for World in Conflict, fixing three issues in Massive Entertainment's alternate history strategy game.

- Fixed a bug where a bridge on do_Hometown could stop working after being repaired several times

- Fixed a bug where the results of a clan match could be reported for the wrong clan Read more »

"i hope they come out with an expansion pack. the game is great but the limited number of units ..."
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World in Conflict Hits PS3, Xbox 360 This Fall; PC Expansion Pack Announced

An enhanced version of Massive Entertainment's PC action-strategy title World in Conflict is heading to PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in fall 2008, publisher Sierra has announced. The Xbox 360 edition, revealed last year, was originally slated to arrive alongside the PC edition last fall.

According to Sierra, the game is being redesigned for consoles and will include new single-player and multiplayer content. That new content will be released for the PC version in the form of an add-on pack, with more details on the PC expansion said to be coming soon. Read more »

"Excellent news. My only gripe was that I wanted more units to play with!! Sweetness. Very fun ..."
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World in Conflict Patch 1.006 Released

A new World in Conflict patch has been released, updating Massive Entertainment's alternate history strategy game to version 1.006. The update offers bug fixes, balancing changes and a number of new features.

Update #006

This is the sixth update for World in Conflict, focused primarily on balancing and several new features like enhanced server filters, enhanced "Play Now" functions and a feature to hamper clan smurfing. There are also several additions and enhancements to the various communications tools featured in the game. Read more »

"yea, I finally picked this up, so add me to your buddy lists bitches!"
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World in Conflict Post-Mortem

World in Conflict Wrap Report on RPG Vault offers a four page look back at the development of this Cold War strategy game.

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World in Conflict Patch 5 Released

A new World in Conflict patch is now available from FileShack. The update offers more bug fixes and balancing changes, and also introduces new features including rank-based team balancing, XML feeds for game stats and the ability to do clan match searches. World in Conflict Update

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"Hi......can u send me the link please My Email"
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World in Conflict Mod Kit Released

Massive Entertainment has released the World in Conflict Mod SDK, allowing people to modify the strategy game any way they see fit. The mod kit requires that the map tool is installed.

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World in Conflict 1.004 Patch Released

A new World in Conflict patch has been released, updating the strategy game to version 1.004. The patch fixes two bugs introduced by the previous update. An updated broadcast tool is also available, as is a dedicated server patch.

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World in Conflict Patch 002 Released

Massive Entertainment has released a new patch for World in Conflict, updating it to v002. The patch adds new server admin commands, while also fixing several bugs and improving stability. New features: - Several new Admin Commands have been added to give Server Admins increased control. For details on each of the individual commands and how to use them, read here. - A time delay of 20 seconds has been added between Assault rounds. - Clan officers can now invite other players to the clan, as well as kick Grunts. - A successful map vote will now change the map instantly. - Two new permanent chat rooms have been added to Massgate for clan war and few player mode matters. - Players should now get an in-game notification when receiving an "Instant Message". Units and balancing: - The cost for the "Heavy Air Support" Tactical Aid has been reduced from 30/50/70 to 25/45/65. - Score from repairing your own non-repair units has been reduced by 50%. - Improved heavy helicopter behaviour close to units. Bug fixes: - Fixed a crash that could occur directly after map load (on systems not supporting Pixel Shader 2.0). Was released on the forums as a Hotfix. - Fixed crashes that could occur on localized versions (languages other than English). - "Solo VOIP" (to specific player(s)) checkbox now stays enabled when exiting score sheet. - Players who experience occasional freezes/lockups can now try to append "-stabilityfactor 10" (without the quotes) to the target path of the WIC shortcut. It can also be toggled in the console (in-game) by typing StabilityFactor 10. The number 10 can be decreased or increased if users want to experiment (StabilityFactor 0 turns the feature off). - The game now defaults to full Field-of-View for Widescreen resolutions (such as 16:9). The widescreen Field-of-View from Update 1 can be used by appending "-widescreenscale" (without the quotes) to the target path of the WIC shortcut. - Entering the Mega-Map no longer resets changes to the camera settings. - Better feedback to players that are moved to the other team as a result of "Team Auto-Balance". - Players should no longer experience disconnects when selecting a role that has already reached its cap. - Players should no longer experience disconnects when buying more units than they had credits for. This could occur if a player �resupplied� and then ordered more troops before the server had responded. - Players should no longer experience disconnects when ordering more Tactical Aid weapons than they could afford. This could happen if a player ordered two different Tactical Aid weapons before the server responded. - Added Dynamic Lag Margin, activated by appending "-lagmargin" (without the quotes) to the target path of the WIC shortcut. This increases the lag margin to a maximum of 0.45 at packet loss / variation in ping. - Updated the NATO heavy helicopter texture.

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"Great game even though I found it kind of easy even on hard. Last year Company of Heroes was ..."
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