We Love Golf!

WII / Sports / Release: Jul 15, 2008 / ESRB: E10+


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Capcom Drops We Love Golf Screens

Capcom has released new screenshots of We Love Golf! (Wii), showcasing more of the game's Capcom-themed character cameos.

Developed by Japanese studio Camelot (Mario Golf series, Golden Sun), We Love Golf! is expected to hit North America this summer.

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"I have to wonder.. that first screenshot of the Arthur lookalike.. does his armor completely ..."
- Aramaru    See all 3 comments

Capcom Shows SF's Ken as African American; Honestly Admits Fan Contest 'Was a Terrible Idea'

Publisher Capcom has released new screenshots from We Love Golf! (Wii), which it claims to show the "first African-American incarnation of [Street Fighter's] Ken Masters."

The outfit comes out of contest in which Capcom asked fans to pick alternate costumes for new characters in the Camelot-developed title. As a result, Mark can mirror Ken's look and Stephanie can be made up to resemble Darkstalkers' Morrigan. Read more »

"This is a glorious day for my people. Another victory on the front lines of postive portrayment ..."
- digitalnegro    See all 14 comments

We Love Golf! Includes Online Multiplayer Mode; Latest Shots Show More Capcom Swingers

Publisher Capcom has issued another barrage of screenshots for Camelot's Camelot's We Love Golf! (Wii), which arrives this July. Included in the new shots are appearances by Street Fighter's Sakura and Zack & Wiki's Zack.

Capcom also revealed that the North American edition of We Love Golf! will feature online play, a feature absent from the original Japanese release, as well as two exclusive characters.

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"why are they trying to perfect something that can obviously never be very accurate"
- tard21    See all 5 comments

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