Vanguard: Saga of Heroes

PC / RPG / Release: Jan 30, 2007 / ESRB: T

Free Realms, Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures, Vanguard: Saga of Heroes, and Wizardry Online to end

By Andrew Yoon, Jan 24, 2014 2:30pm PST

Online games eventually come to an end. For a number of Sony Online Entertainment's games, that time is sooner than later. Four games will be "sunset," so that the company can "refocus our resources on other areas in the best interest of our company and player community."


SOE 'Player Studio' to add item creation and sales to EverQuest, FreeRealms, more

By Steve Watts, Sep 06, 2012 12:30pm PDT

SOE announced the "Player Studio" today, an item creation system that will let creators share in-game revenues for their items. It will debut with EverQuest and EverQuest II.


Vanguard free-to-play relaunch this month

By Alice O'Connor, Aug 06, 2012 10:00am PDT

With the huge number of free-to-play MMORPGs hanging around nowadays, loitering in shopping centres and being mouthy to security guards, one could play nothing but their typically-decent starting levels and still not run out of games. Add Vanguard to that list, from August 1...


Vanguard's Free accounts detailed, Silver membership axed

By John Keefer, Jul 03, 2012 1:30pm PDT

As Vanguard moves closer to the launch of its free-to-play model, Sony Online releases a list of features available for free and for a fee, while offering an FAQ on some of the more pressing issues.


Vanguard: Saga of Heroes going free-to-play

By Alice O'Connor, Mar 22, 2012 8:00am PDT

Sony Online Entertainment is sending yet another of its MMORPGs free-to-play, planning to open Vanguard: Saga of Heroes up to all this summer. SOE's also ramping up development a little, expanding the team to make new content.


SOE 'Station Access' relaunched cheaper as 'All Access'

By Alice O'Connor, Jun 29, 2011 7:15am PDT

SOE's 'Station Access' subscription granting membership to multiple MMOs is relaunching as 'All Access,' with $10 knocked off the monthly price.


SOE details make-good rewards

By Steve Watts, May 13, 2011 1:30pm PDT

Sony has outlined the giveaways for the Sony Online Entertainment downtime, including double XP in EverQuest titles, free items in FreeRealms, a Slave-1 model in Star Wars Galaxies, and more.


Rumor: Massive layoffs at Sony Online Entertainment [Update]

By Alice O'Connor and Xav de Matos, Mar 31, 2011 6:15am PDT

As much as a third of Sony's MMO-making division has been laid off, according to rumours, and three studios may be outright closed.


Vanguard: Saga of Heroes Q&A

By Maarten Goldstein, Jun 26, 2007 7:26am PDT

There's a Vanguard: Saga of Heroes Q&A on Ten Ton Hammer, asking Michelle Butler about her role as community manager and SOE's support for the game.


SOE/Sigil Q&A

By Maarten Goldstein, May 16, 2007 7:18am PDT

There's an article format interview about Sony Online Entertainment taking over Vanguard: Saga of Heroes on WarCry, chatting with SOE's Courtney...


"That's pretty awesome. Sell your original company to sony, leave, start a new company, then ..."

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Sigil, Vanguard Assets Acquired by SOE (Updated)

By Chris Remo, May 15, 2007 10:01am PDT

Update 2: Sony Online Entertainment has now officially confirmed the acquisition statement made by SOE president John Smedley (pictured left)....


"I feel kinda sorry for the fools who bought this lousy game, hoping it'd get mediocre some day."

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SOE Discussing Future of Vanguard Dev Sigil

By Chris Remo, Apr 30, 2007 9:40am PDT

Brad McQuaid, CEO of Vanguard developer Sigil Games, made a lengthy forum post this weekend, appearing to confirm recent rumors that publisher Sony...


"Ha ha, you gotta just love that corporate spin - "difficulties in distinguishing itself to ..."

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Vanguard: Saga of Heroes Preview

By Maarten Goldstein, Jan 25, 2007 2:21am PST

GameSpot has the latest Vanguard: Saga of Heroes preview, going hands-on with the game one more time before its launch next week.


"I'm planning on trying out the RP server and team PvP server when the game launches tomorrow. ..."

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Vanguard: Saga of Heroes Pricing, Early Access Announced

By Maarten Goldstein, Jan 23, 2007 8:04am PST

We just received a press release, announcing that early access to Vanguard: Saga of Heroes will begin this Friday around noon CST. People with...


"I love how the Kurashasa (the lion race) are (SPOILER) basically EVIL, genocidal (albiet to a ..."

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Vanguard: Saga of Heroes Q&A

By Maarten Goldstein, Jan 22, 2007 7:29am PST

Over at Ten Ton Hammer you can find the latest Vanguard: Saga of Heroes Q&A. Nick Parkinson of Sigil Games is asked about the game's impending...


"That's exactly what I'm hoping (and judging from all of the blind bashing from WoW players, it ..."

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