Unreal Tournament 2004

PC / Action / Release: Mar 16, 2004 / ESRB: M

UT2004 Retrospective Q&A

By Maarten Goldstein, Mar 16, 2005 2:52am PST

Beyond Unreal has a new Unreal Tournament 2004 Q&A, asking Epic Games' Steve Polge and fellow developers Phil Cole and Laurent a few post-mortem...


"Post-mortem? WTF? Now, I'm not saying UT2k4 has the multiyear popularity of UT99, but come on ..."

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Red Orchestra Q&A

By Maarten Goldstein, Mar 03, 2005 4:43am PST

Boomtown has a Red Orchestra Q&A today, chatting with Alan Wilson and Ingmar Spit of Tripwire Interactive as the team is now known. Questions are...


Red Orchestra 3.2 News

By Maarten Goldstein, Feb 28, 2005 5:29am PST

The website of Make Something Unreal contest winner Red Orchestra has a few updates, talking about and showing off what the team has been working...


"Sir, more on the relaxing. This mod needs love in the way of players playing it. Every time I ..."

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UT2004 Patch 3355

By Maarten Goldstein, Feb 22, 2005 10:14am PST

Epic sends along the latest Unreal Tournament 2004 patch, which updates the game to v3355. As always this patch is completely compatible with any...


"I agree this is a great game. I didn't buy it until last fall so I missed the original fan fare, ..."

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Red Orchestra Q&A

By Maarten Goldstein, Jan 25, 2005 6:25am PST

HomeLAN Fed is quick to interview John Gibson of the Red Orchestra mod team, winners of the million dollar Make Something Unreal competition. As...


"It's unfortunate that everybody is too busy playing CS and CS:S to give great mods like this ..."

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Make Something Unreal Contest Winners

By Maarten Goldstein, Jan 24, 2005 12:41pm PST

We were sent this press release, at long last announcing the winners of the $1,000,000 NVIDIA Make Something Unreal contest. Big winner is the Red...


"Neat.. good to see them end up winning after all. Not that the issue was ever really in ..."

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Updated UT2004 Source Files

By Maarten Goldstein, Nov 30, 2004 5:48am PST

Epic has released updated UnrealScript source code and debug .U files for UT2004 mod makers, with both those releases now compatible with the 3339...


UT2004 v3339 Patch

By Steve Gibson, Nov 15, 2004 12:04pm PST

Epic Games has released the new Unreal Tournament 2004 v3339 patch today in a couple of different flavors. One is just the patch, and the other...


"Keep that awesome support coming! This is the best supported game ever. "

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New Action UT2004 Release

By Maarten Goldstein, Nov 15, 2004 6:03am PST

A new version of Action Unreal Tournament 2004 has been released, which according to its creators "truly represents the original Action Unreal...


"So, what's the verdict? Oh... everyone's playing HL2. Right."

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New UT In The Works?

By Maarten Goldstein, Oct 16, 2004 9:30am PDT

In a post by Angel Munoz of The CPL on cached.net, responding to comments about the CPL deciding to use Painkiller as their 2005 World Tour game...


"isnt that new malcom model on the cover of MaximumPC's 3d gaming guide for the new ut? (crosses ..."

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UT2004 Mod Contest Finalists

By Maarten Goldstein, Oct 08, 2004 12:36pm PDT

The Unreal Tournament website has been updated with the finalists for the FPS and Non-FPS categories for Phase 4 of the Make Something Unreal...


"Any shackers suggest any of these? I LOVE Red Orchestra, anything else that's as good as it?"

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Strike Force 2004 Patch

By Maarten Goldstein, Oct 06, 2004 6:27pm PDT

The guys at Vision Studios have released the first patch for Strike Force 2004, adding three new maps to this UT2004 mod and also fixing several...


Updated UT2004 Server

By Maarten Goldstein, Oct 05, 2004 6:56pm PDT

Epic sends along an updated Unreal Tournament 2004 server files, which people can use to run Windows, Linux and Mac OS X dedicated servers without...


"DAG NABIT! I just downloaded the server package, the patch and the bonus pack to my server last ..."

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CliffyB Interview

By Maarten Goldstein, Sep 24, 2004 10:33am PDT

XGR recently conducted an audio interview with Epic's CliffyB and they have made the MP3 available on their site. The 24 minute long interview has...


"Question I've been DYING to ask you! Remember, before any of the new generation unreal games, ..."

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New UT2004 Demo

By Maarten Goldstein, Sep 24, 2004 6:49am PDT

Epic has released a new Unreal Tournament 2004 demo for Windows, which is based on- and full compatible with- the latest retail patch for UT2004....


"FaceClassic. Meh. What is the deal with this boring snipe-fest of a map? I have no idea why ..."

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