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Trine Hits US PlayStation 3s on October 22

Ending a lengthy period of speculation, publisher Nobilis today announced that the downloadable PlayStation 3 version of Trine is due in the United States on October 22.

Frozenbyte's gorgeous puzzle-platformer arrived on PC in early July--a demo can be found here--with the $20 PlayStation 3 edition then suffering several incremental delays before hitting the Europe in late September. It's well worth checking out.

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"I fucking loved this game. played the whole thing in one sitting, before I even knew what ..."
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Shack PSA: Trine Marked Down to $22 on Steam

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Frozenbyte's wonderful platformer Trine is 25% off on Steam for the next week, lowering the title's normal price of $30 to $22.50.

The sale ends August 19, so jump on it soon. And you should; Trine is one of the many great downloadable games of this summer season.

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"I've been playing this game together with my 6 year old daughter on my laptop. She controlls the ..."
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Trine PS3 Delayed Again

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The downloadable PlayStation 3 release of Frozenbyte's gorgeous platform-puzzler Trine has once again been delayed, this time slipping from late July to an unknown later date. The PS3 version was once expected in early July, alongside the PC edition.

"Trine isn't coming to PSN this week, and this time it's our fault as there was discovered yet another small bug which needed to be fixed," Read more »

"Well I would think it's been delayed because of Fat Princess."
- phinn    See all 11 comments

Trine Interview: Frozenbyte on Pricing, Online Co-op, Future Projects and More

As a big fan of Frozenbyte's slick platformer Trine, it was unfortunate to see its recent PC release somewhat confused by price-point discrepancies and puzzling platform information.

A typical Trine discussion included any, or all, of these questions: Why is the game $10 more on PC? Will online co-op be patched in soon? When is the PlayStation 3 port coming out? And what's this about an XBLA version? Read more »

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Trine Trailer Worsens PlayStation 3 Release Woes

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As we're still waiting for the PlayStation 3 edition of Trine to arrive--developer Frozenbyte had hoped it would release by this week, with publisher Nobilis recently clarifying that it's due out "by the end of July"--the studio has issued a new trailer.

Already available for PC, the gorgeous downloadable platformer lets you swap between three different characters at any time, with the below trailer demonstrating the various capabilities of each. The PlayStation 3 edition will be $20, the PC version is $30, and Frozenbyte is working with Atlus in the hopes of bringing Trine to Xbox 360 one day. Read more »

"seems a bit too easy. oh, i cant jump that far, let me magically make some floor appear. keep on ..."
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Trine Release Moved Up, Coming Today

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The downloadable PC release of Frozenbyte's platformer Trine will go live this morning, according to the game's Steam page.

The PC version is priced at $30 on Steam, and is set to unlock at 9am PST today. The PlayStation 3 release, expected either today or next Thursday, will cost only $20. Read more »

"i played the demo and the truth is, i will buy it, but not at 30$. The game is really sweet ..."
- xl70e3    See all 47 comments

Trine PS3 Priced at Half of Retail PC Version (Update)

Update: SouthPeak, which is publishing Trine PC in North America later this summer, just let us know that the North American release of Trine PC will carry a suggested retail price of $30 in lieu of the $40 price point set by international publisher Nobilis.

Original: The PlayStation 3 edition of Frozenbyte's downloadable platformer Trine will sell for $20, half the "official" international price of the PC version, publisher Nobilis has confirmed to Shacknews. Read more »

"I played the PC demo and I really don't think mouse and keyboard controls warrant an extra $10 ..."
- AgentDan    See all 96 comments

Trine Available for Steam Preorder: $30, Includes Bonus Copy of Shadowgrounds

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Following the release of an impressive demo for Frozenbyte's very attractive action-platformer Trine, the PC version is now available for preorder on Steam.

Trine will cost $30 on the service--as opposed to the reported $40 retail pricetag--and will include a free copy of Frozenbyte's co-op, run-and-gun shooter Shadowgrounds as a preorder bonus. Read more »

"I've never bought a game on Steam before -- if I buy/download it, can I play it if I am on my ..."
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Trine Demo Released, Game Dated for July 3

Related Topics – Trine, Dark Sector, , PlayStation 3, PC

The demo for Frozenbyte's enticing downloadable co-op game Trine has been released, and we've now got it up on FileShack.

A physics-based platformer of sorts, Trine will allow players to switch between a Thief, Wizard, or Warrior character as they progress through fantasy-themed levels. It's a little bit Lost Vikings, and a little bit LittleBigPlanet. Read more »

"is every platform game gonna be "a little like littlebigplanet" now? just like the gears phase ..."
- brainchild420    See all 82 comments

Trine Screenshots Trials and Tribulations

Side-scrolling Trine continues to please with lush new screenshots showing off its combat, platforming, physics problems and puzzle solving and all-round loveliness.

Trine will be available for download for PC on Steam and for PlayStation 3 on the PlayStation Network, most likely around the announced UK retail release date of July 3.

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"Cannot wait for this game. It's like a modern Lost Vikings with physics and magic and stuff. i ..."
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Trine Looks Gorgeous

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I love the music in these Trine trailers. There's a driving quality to it that evokes platformers of the past, along with a lyrical element that speaks well to its fantasy theme. Who remembers the SNES classic King Arthur's World? That's what I'm thinking of here.

Frozenbyte's downloadable platformer is set for a second quarter release on PlayStation 3 and PC. Check out the HD feed of the trailer for higher quality sound. Just don't mention the rainbow to Diablo fans. Read more »

"It looks nice, but if you look carefully the gorgeous graphics are infact mostly down to some ..."
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Trine Trailer Trickles In

Related Topics – Trine, Dark Sector, , Trailer, PlayStation 3, PC

Frozenbyte has released the first trailer for its just-announced title Trine (PS3, PC).

The physics-based action game will see players inhabiting the Thief, Wizard, or Warrior characters in order to exploit varying abilities. Trine is set for a Q2 2009 release on PlayStation 3 and PC.

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"is this the first time a game has come out on ps3 and pc and no xbox?"
- dantastic    See all 28 comments

Shadowgrounds Dev. Unveils PS3 Game Trine

Frozenbyte, developer of the PC top-down shooter series Shadowgrounds, has unveiled its first PlayStation 3 effort: a downloadable physics-based action game titled Trine.

Due out in Q2 2009 and also slated to hit PC, the fantasy-themed game gives players immediate access to three different characters--Thief, Wizard, Warrior--as they fight against the undead. Each character has a different focus--agility, puzzle solving, strength--that must be exploited to get through the game and save the kingdom. Read more »

"Despite the laughable voice acting, Shadowgrounds was a pretty fun game. Alien Shooter was a ..."
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