Tribes 2

PC / Action / Release: Mar 28, 2001 / ESRB: T

Tribes 2 Championship

By Maarten Goldstein, Sep 21, 2001 10:04am PDT

The Tribes 2 World Championship has been announced. Team registration will start October 15 with matches starting sometime January 2002. For...


"I think, despite INITIAL release problems (long since fixed), this is the best team-based ..."

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Name That Engine

By Steve Gibson, Sep 09, 2001 1:22pm PDT

Here's a weekend goofup for you guys. As most people know a while back a bunch of Dynamix employees took off to do their own company, GarageGames....


"How about the "Hot Lez Engine", and all games made with it are required to have hot chicks ..."

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New Tribes 2 Patch

By jason bergman, Sep 07, 2001 7:16pm PDT

The official Tribes 2 download site has been updated with a Beta 5 patch, as well as a patch to drop it back to the most recent non-beta release...


"New patch? Aww how interesting! You can keep on patching the hell out of it all you want, but ..."

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TRIBES2 Team Update

By Steve Gibson, Sep 04, 2001 8:38am PDT

Some more news on the TRIBES team guys following the mention of Dave Georgeson taking off for Verant. Here's an update from Blake Hutchins...


New Tribes 2 Maps

By Maarten Goldstein, Aug 26, 2001 11:05am PDT

There is a Tribes 2 map pack on Tribes2Maps, offering six new maps from the game. The catch is that the maps were made by the ex-dev team from...


"Probably not. It looks like these were made after they laid off both of their map makers."

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New Tribes 2 Renegades

By jason bergman, Aug 22, 2001 12:13pm PDT

Beta 2 of the Renegades mod for Tribes 2 is now live on the mod's beta servers (thanks Blue's News). Like the first release, the mod is primarily...


"Shifter owns renegades so bad it isn't even funny. Eventually everyone will see the light."

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TRIBAL Support

By Steve Gibson, Aug 20, 2001 12:35pm PDT

Sierra sent out a little PR for everyone concerned about the continued support of TRIBES2 after the axing of Dynamix recently. TRIBES will...


"They should not include the people from the Tribes 2 team for Tribes, they will just ruin the ..."

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Renegades II Live

By jason bergman, Aug 20, 2001 10:43am PDT

The official Renegades site has been updated with the happy news that Renegades II, the Tribes 2 port of the phenomenally popular mod for...


"i played this renegades thing in this morning i dont get it whats with these mods that dont ..."

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V12 Engine Out

By Maarten Goldstein, Aug 09, 2001 2:24pm PDT

For those interested mod makers/game developers, Garage Games is now offering the V12 engine on their site. For a $100 you get a modified Tribes 2...


"for a 100 bux i would get that engine just to screw around with. Ill make a some kind of ball ..."

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Tribes2 Beta Patch

By Maarten Goldstein, Aug 08, 2001 6:55am PDT

If you want to infest Tribes 2 with even more bugs, there's a new beta patch at the Tribes 2 Central Download. This patch fixes network hitching,...


"Good work sounding like a fucking asshole Maarten! I'm sure you don't even play the game, too. ..."

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TRIBES2 Demo Beta

By Steve Gibson, Jul 28, 2001 7:49am PDT

If you never got to check out TRIBES2, a "beta" demo version has been released that you can now download. Grab it from Tribes 2 Central...


"They made a beta demo to make sure the demo itself is stable as hell (you aren't forced to ..."

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Tribes 2 Patch Info

By Maarten Goldstein, Jul 26, 2001 8:44am PDT

The monkeys at Tribal War have some info on the latest patch that Dynamix is working on for Tribes 2. Word is that this patch fixes bugs, omg!...


"Ya know... having a news item about a tribes 2 patch getting to the point where it's like the ..."

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TRIBES2 Patch News

By Steve Gibson, Jul 11, 2001 7:10am PDT

If you're waiting on the next TRIBES2 patch you'll want to read this post by Alex from Sierra (Thanks Eric) talking about the next release which...


"So I guess Steve didn't read the post? Which stated in no uncertain terms that there is not ..."

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Tribes2 Interview

By Maarten Goldstein, Jun 23, 2001 11:17am PDT

There's a new audio interview about Tribes 2 on the Tribes Shoutcast Network. They talked to Sierra brand manager Alex Rodberg about this game and...


"Took me over an hour of dicking around with installing and reinstalling and patching to get it ..."

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Tribes2 Attacks

By Maarten Goldstein, Jun 23, 2001 9:33am PDT

Not sure this is going on but whatever. Planet Tribes is reporting Sierra.net was hacked and attacked by DOS attacks, causing the authentication...


"Not sure this is going on but whatever. Nice. Why don't you go all the way and just ..."

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