Transformers: War For Cybertron

PC, XB360, PS3, WII / Action / Release: Jun 22, 2010 / ESRB: T


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Transformers and the Cybertron War Screenshots

Following a computer-generated teaser trailer and later extended cut, the first screenshots of Transformers: War for Cybertron have made their way online, meaning that we finally get a proper glimpse of High Moon's robotastic action game.

Then again, it may be more appropriate to refer to these as target renders than screenshots proper--many of the images originally sported a resolution two or three times higher than 1080p, and the batch included the previously released render of Cybertron--but they certainly appear to be using actual in-game assets. Read more »

"I hate this kind of PR bullshit. I understand you have to generate hype for a game, but don't ..."
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Transformers Trailer Declares 'War for Cybertron'

Just over two minutes of computer-generated robot-on-robot action await in the latest Transformers: War for Cybertron trailer, which fleshes out the previous video.

Not based on any particular Transformers comic, cartoon or movie, the action game is coming via Bourne Conspiracy developer High Moon, with PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii and Nintendo DS editions all slated to arrive sometime later this year. Read more »

"looks cool and all, but is no one talking about why they are transforming into cars on their ..."
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Transformers: War for Cybertron Details Emerge

Following up on last week's computer-generated teaser trailer, new details on High Moon's Transformers prequel "War for Cybertron" have emerged from publisher and studio owner Activision.

In keeping with traditions established by past Transformers efforts, players can approach the Decepticon-Autobot conflict from either side, with each offering its own campaign. Read more »

"Co-op, you say? This could be promising... Now let's all join hands and enjoy a rousing ..."
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New Transformers Game Brings Cybertron War

The rumored Transformers game from Bourne Conspiracy developer High Moon has been confirmed through outlets Game Informer and GameTrailers.

Titled "Transformers: War For Cybertron" and due out next year, the action game details the conflict that eventually brought the Autobot-Decepeticon feud to Earth, with Game Informer writing that "it will not be tied to a specific movie or cartoon." Read more »

"Halo 3 rip off. Look again at the axe he wields. Straight up Halo shit."
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God of War Collection Shipping November 17

Sony today announced a release date for the God of War collection, pegging the pack for a November 17 arrival.

The God of War Collection bundles the first two action games into an HD PlayStation 3 presentation. It also packs a download code for a demo of the upcoming God of War III. Read more »

"I wish I had known about this a year ago. I just played through both games in the last year or ..."
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God of War Collection Trailer: Look Ma, No Jaggies

You might have heard that the God of War Collection coming to PlayStation 3 packs smoother versions of former PlayStation 2 exclusives God of War I and II. You might have also heard that the November-due release includes God of War III demo access.

But now, the time for talking is over. Now, we have a trailer. Now, it's time to watch. Read more »

"I wonder if it can pick up your PS2 saves if you've got them on your PS3. Probably not. :("
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God of War Collection Packs God of War 3 Demo

The recently revealed God of War Collection will include a voucher that allows buyers to download and play God of War III's E3 2009 demo, Sony has announced.

Packing upscaled PlayStation 3-enhanced renditions of God of War and God of War II--both originally released on PlayStation 2--the $40 Collection arrives at retailers in November. God of War III, meanwhile, hits PlayStation 3 in March 2010.

Read more »

"Having never played these games I'm looking forward to buying this version"
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God of War I & II Pack Coming to PlayStation 3

A God of War double-pack will see Kratos' first two blood-drenched adventures ported to the PlayStation 3 by Blast Factor developer Bluepoint Games, Sony announced today.

God of War and God of War II will be updated to run in 720p resolution at sixty frames per second with anti-aliasing, packing a cabinet of new PlayStation Network trophies. Read more »

"This is a really smart move by Sony. GoW3 is a system-selling game, but since they can't get it ..."
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Rumor: Prototype Developer Working on Spider-Man, Bourne Veterans Get Transformers

Citing anonymous sources, a new report from Variety's Cut Scene Blog claims that studio owner Activision Blizzard has Prototype developer Radical working on a new Spider-Man game, with High Moon, The Bourne Conspiracy folks, on Transformers.

High Moon's Transformers game won't be based on any particular movie, Variety claims, and should be expected to arrive at some point in 2010. Activision has previously announced that the game for the second movie is due this June. Read more »

"As much as I welcome and love the idea of Radical doing Spiderman, I really wish they got a shot ..."
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