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Ten DLC Packs on Sale for Rock Band Series

Harmonix is running a sale on ten DLC packs for the Rock Band series, with one week of discounts on the Xbox 360 and another week of sales on the PlayStation 3.

The Xbox 360 sales are live now and will run until January 11th. The PlayStation 3 sales will begin on January 11th and run through the 25th. The packs one sale are listed below with their prices on both the Xbox Live Marketplace and PlayStation Store (should the sales be equivalent). Read more »

"MASEM!!! Which of these packs have keyboard support? (Please say at least the Rush pack.) ..."
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Rock Band Dev Harmonix Sold, Goes Solo

Rock Band and Dance Central developer Harmonix has successfully been sold, former owner Viacom announced today, to itself--going privately-owned once again as an affiliate of investment firm Columbus Nova. Truly, it is a Festivus miracle!

"We're excited to be returning to our roots as an independent and privately owned studio," Harmonix wrote on its blog. "As for what it means for you, the DLC schedule marches on for Rock Band, we will continue our support of previously released titles and we're hard at work on some unannounced projects that we think you're going to be pumped about." Read more »

"Who owns the rights to the Rock Band IP? We honestly don't need a third music game series."
- f4lln    See all 14 comments

Viacom Sued Over Rock Band Payouts by Former Harmonix Shareholders, Founders

A group of ex-shareholders in Rock Band developer Harmonix, including several studio founders, are suing its parent company Viacom, Gamasutra reports, over allegedly attempting to avoid paying out performance-based bonuses for the rhythm game series.

When Viacom bought Harmonix back in 2006 for $175 million, it was agreed that Harmonix shareholders would be paid bonuses if the developer exceeded performance targets in 2007 and 2008. The ex-shareholders claim that they were never paid the 2008 bonus, which would have been based on any profit over $42 million. As the Rock Band franchise's retail sales were over $1 billion in 2008 and the first quarter of 2009, the profits and payouts were probably substantial. The plaintiffs are still calculating a figure. Read more »

"This sounds a lot like the, "They'll NEVER sue us because they KNOW if they do, we'll sell their ..."
- HisDivineOrder    See all 25 comments

Rock Band 3 DLC: Thirteen Queen Tunes

A royal two packs of tracks from English rock legends Queen will hit Rock Band 3 as downloadable content next week, developer Harmonix announced today.

The 'Queen Extravangza' pack will offers Rock Band 3 versions of two Queen songs from LEGO Rock Band as all as "some deeper cuts," while the other DLC pack contains RB3 enhanced versions of tracks previously released for other Rock Band titles. Read more »

"How can Viacom say they are not making enough money on the Rockband IP. Seriously, Bon Jovi and ..."
- swings1940    See all 17 comments

Rock Band DLC: Stone Temple Pilots and Jimmy Eat World

The final batch of Rock Band downloadable content before Rock Band 3 launches on October 26 will bring a six-pack of tracks from Stone Temple Pilots as well as a three-pack of Jimmy Eat World tunes, Harmonix has revealed.

Tracks will cost $2 (160 Microsoft Points; 200 Wii Points) a pop, while the STP pack will be $10 (800 MS Points) and the pack of Jimmy Eat World songs will be $5.50 (440 MS Points). They're all due on October 19 for Xbox 360, Wii and PlayStation 3. Read more »

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The Doors Queued Up as First Rock Band 3 DLC

On October 26, the same day Rock Band 3 is released in the US, twelve tracks from The Doors will be available as DLC. Additionally, three tracks will be free for the first week of the game's release.

Gamers can snag "Light My Fire", "Riders on the Storm", and "Touch Me" for free between October 26 and November 1 through the in-game Music Store. All three tracks will also support Pro Guitar and Pro Bass, which will not be available for all DLC songs and will cost extra when normally included. Read more »

"Obvious ones but at least there on the right side of the tracks."
- Skillmore    See all 10 comments

Rock Band Jimi Hendrix DLC Detailed, 12 Tracks Confirmed

Twelve tracks from The Jimi Hendrix Experience will push the Rock Band music library up to 2000 songs when the 'Are You Experienced: Rock Band Edition' pack is released next week for the PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii.

"What an honor it is for Jimi's music to be part of the Rock Band family," said Janie Hendrix, CEO of Experience Hendrix LLC. "We're delighted that his sound has found yet another route to propel his art and legacy by offering a multigenerational experience that will be a source of inspiration for future musicians." Read more »

"AWWWW YEAH!!!!!!!!!! thanks for the wicked awesome B-Day gift Harmonix :))))"
- panbient    See all 8 comments

Rock Band DLC Adds T. Rex, More R.E.M.

Not only does next week's Rock Band DLC bring even more R.E.M. to the franchise, with hits like "It's the End of the World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)" and "Stand," it's throwing a little early T. Rex action our way, too.

The "R.E.M. Pack 01" features eight songs from the band's catalog in a bundle priced at $13.40 (1,080MS Points), while the three-track "T. Rex Pack 01" can be purchased in a bundle for $5.49 (680MS Points). Read more »

"REM, a rock band? Although I do like their music, I don't think that they are a rock band. They ..."
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Rock Band DLC Debuts Anthrax and The Doobie Brothers

Next week's Rock Band DLC offering will debut music from Anthrax and The Doobie Brothers, both of whom have on-disc songs in Rock Band 3, which will release in late October.

Additional debut bands include My Chemical Romance and Atreyu, while tracks from 30 Seconds to Mars and Buckcherry round out the offerings. All tracks can be purchased as singles ($1.99 / 160 MS Points / 200 Wii Points), but the Anthrax Pack can be had on the PS3 or Xbox 360 for $8.50 / 680 MS Points. Read more »

"Dude, if you buy the Doobie Brothers tracks, do the avatars have lego headbands?"
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Harmonix and Konami Settle Lawsuits Over Music Game Patents

Bloomberg reports that Harmonix and Konami have dropped lawsuits aimed at one another over patents relating to music video games. The original suit by Konami in July 2008 was met with a counter-suit from Harmonix in February 2009.

Read more »

"that's because even when it sold for $3.97 i couldn't be bothered to take the shrink wrap off ..."
- panbient    See all 2 comments

Bob Marley's 'Legend' Coming as Rock Band DLC

According to MTV Multiplayer, the folks at Harmonix will add Bob Marley's greatest hits compilation "Legend" to the Rock Band Music Store. It will be released on September 21 in the US and on September 22 in Europe.

The album will be available as a single purchase on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 for $19.99 / 1600 MS Points or as individual tracks on the PS3, 360, and Wii for $1.99 / 160 MS Points / 200 Wii Points. Read more »

"This is a fantastic album. Can't wait to dust off the Rock Band set and put this on. Probably ..."
- WilliamDecker    See all 3 comments

Rock Band DLC: Dio, The Smiths, Morrissey and More

Harmonix has announed next week's batch of Rock Band downloadable content, revealing an assortment of tracks including several that'll feel instantly familiar to anyone who spent a portion of the seventies, eighties or nineties clad in black.

"As a long-time fan of Silverchair I'm pretty disappointed that Straight Lines is in Rock Band ..."
- flashmasta    See all 14 comments

Rock Band DLC Goes Country Once Again on Aug. 31

Next week, Rock Band is going country for a fourth time, adding a slew of new tracks from country music artists. Downloadable content featuring Reba MacEntire, Keith Urban, Josh Turner and more artists (that I wouldn't know unless they were named in this press release) will be available for budding Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii musical superstars.

Due out on August 31, all tracks will cost $1.99 (160 Microsoft Points, 200 Wii Points) a pop while the complete track pack will be available for $14.99 (1,200 MS Points). Read more »

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Rock Band DLC: Disturbed, Crash Kings, The Veer Union and We Are the Fallen

Yet another three-pack of tracks from moody metalmen Disturbed will arrive in next week's round of Rock Band downloadable content, accompanied by a selection of tracks from Universal's Motown Republic label in a pack of their own.

Due out on August 24, all tracks will cost $1.99 (160 Microsoft Points, 200 Wii Points) a pop while the three-track packs will run you $5.49 (440 MS Points) apiece. Read more »

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Rock Band DLC Bringing Classic Ministry Tracks

Bad news--there are only three tracks in next week's batch of Rock Band downloadable content. Great news--they're three hard-rockin' tracks by industrial rock cowboys Ministry.

"Man if I wasn't so busy. I'd have no problem dropping the three hundred or so dollars for this."
- Liquid    See all 13 comments

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