Tom Clancy's EndWar

XB360, PS3, PSP, DS / Strategy / Release: Nov 4, 2008 / ESRB: T

EndWar Demo Hits Xbox Live Marketplace

By Chris Faylor, Oct 15, 2008 9:03am PDT

A 1.64GB downlodable demo of Tom Clancy's EndWar is now available from the Xbox Live Marketplace, offering Xbox 360 gamers the chance to try out...


"This game is sweet. It took about 5 minutes and I was spitting commands and it was doing 100% of ..."

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Around The World In Tom Clancy's EndWar Shots

By Maarten Goldstein, Oct 09, 2008 6:20am PDT

Also at the 2008 Tokyo Game Show is Tom Clancy's EndWar, the voice-controlled strategy game from Ubisoft Shanhai due on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360...


"this game looks cool and at the same time looks horrible. I have no idea. I'll probably rent ..."

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EndWar PC Coming After Consoles Due to Piracy; PC Pirates Would 'Cannibalize' Console Sales

By Chris Faylor, Oct 08, 2008 8:12am PDT

Following up on yesterday's report that a PC release of Tom Clancy's EndWar is likely, creative director Michael de Plater has now revealed that...


"the only console that isnt pirated atm is the PS3.. for how long? time will tell!"

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EndWar PC Port Likely, Says Director

By Nick Breckon, Oct 07, 2008 4:33pm PDT

EndWar creative director Michael de Plater has said that a PC port of the Tom Clancy voice-controlled strategy game is likely. When asked...


"Maybe, instead of (or in addition to) End War for PC Ubisoft could buy Massive Entertainment off ..."

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EndWar Trailers Discuss Voice Command, Combat

By Chris Faylor, Sep 26, 2008 11:19am PDT

Publisher Ubisoft has issued two new trailers for Ubisoft Shanghai's voice-controlled World War III strategy game Tom Clancy's EndWar, which arrives in PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 form on November 4.


"Mouse and keyboard is easier, besides "Unit 2 attack enemy 3". "Roger that Unit two committing ..."

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First Batman: Arkham Asylum Screenshots Released

By Chris Faylor, Sep 12, 2008 10:13am PDT

The first official online screenshots of Batman: Arkham Asylum have been released by co-publishers Eidos and Warner Bros., showing off "completely...


"I just love how dark and gritty it looks. That, and the Joker looks totally bat-shit (pun ..."

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Ubisoft: Stronger Currency Makes Europe 'More Important' Than US, EndWar Will Change Industry

By Chris Faylor, Aug 27, 2008 9:51am PDT

Stronger European currency has caused French publisher Ubisoft to view Europe's market as more important than that of the US, CEO Yves Guillemot...


"Dear Frenchie, no voice-controlled anything will change the industry. XOXOX, a sane person"

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GC 2008: Tom Clancy's EndWar Screenshots, Trailer

By Maarten Goldstein, Aug 20, 2008 1:52pm PDT

Yet more from the Leipzig Games Convention as Ubisoft has also issued new screenshots from their upcoming sci-fi strategy game Tom Clancy's EndWar (PS3, X360).Addition


"Look awesome and has a pretty good idea, but why would it be for consoles only? Wouldn't the PC ..."

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Batman: Arkham Asylum Revealed, Hits Next Year

By Nick Breckon, Aug 12, 2008 2:18pm PDT

Publisher Eidos has pulled back the cape on Batman: Arkham Asylum, an original Batman game exploring the infamous mental facility, according to...


"about time someone made a batman game without it being linked to any of the movies or cartoons. ..."

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Tom Clancy's EndWar Walkthrough

By Maarten Goldstein, Jul 16, 2008 12:22pm PDT

Here's another video from Tom Clancy's EndWar (PS3, X360), Ubisoft's upcoming sci-fi strategy game. The video offers a walkthrough presentation of the game with developer commentary.


"I'm just going to be honest, this game looks too hard to play."

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Tom Clancy's EndWar Media

By Maarten Goldstein, Jul 15, 2008 5:13pm PDT

Also coming from Ubisoft later this year is Tom Clancy's EndWar, the voice controller strategy game for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Check out screenshots here, and a new trail


"I could imagine this working, not me playing it though. The problem I see is that if Ubisoft ..."

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Ubisoft Taking EndWar Beta Applications

By Maarten Goldstein, May 30, 2008 7:35am PDT

People interested in beta testing Ubisoft's voice-controlled strategy game Tom Clancy's EndWar (PS3, X360) can now sign up at this website,...


"why would they test on live as opposed to the open system the ps3 offers??"

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Tom Clancy's EndWar Impressions and Interview

By Nick Breckon, May 29, 2008 8:45am PDT

At the recent Ubisoft press event, I got a chance to try out the Ubisoft Shanghai-developed Tom Clancy's EndWar, that voice command-enabled,...


How Mario Kart Shaped Tom Clancy's EndWar

By Nick Breckon, May 28, 2008 4:56pm PDT

Tom Clancy's EndWar plays a bit like a voice-controlled version of World in Conflict. And like World in Conflict, it features an assortment of...


Tom Clancy's EndWar Footage Is Apocalyptic

By Chris Faylor, Mar 21, 2008 9:12am PDT

Ubisoft just sent over a new trailer for its upcoming voice-controlled strategy title EndWar. Get the Flash Player to see this player....


"hm, any more info on that voice stuff? After reading a few previews it still doesn't seem all ..."

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