The Incredible Hulk

PC, GBA / Action / Release: Jun 10, 2008 / ESRB: T


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No more Sega-published Marvel games

No more Sega-published Marvel games

Sega won't be publishing any more video games featuring characters from the Marvel Comics stable any time soon, if ever again. Marvel's vice president of games production, TQ Jefferson, while light on specifics, confirmed the news in a recent interview.

"There are no current plans for additional Marvel games to be published by Sega," he said.

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Sega Delivers 'Intensely Realistic' Hulk Shots

Publisher Sega has just provided us with 11 new screenshots of The Incredible Hulk, which it described as an "intensely realistic third-person action video game."

While the game's flat tires and inconsistent detail may not exactly fit the "intensely realistic" mantra, keep in mind that the title stars a gamma-radiated super hero. Read more »

"Wow, the models from ILM look great.....the rest of the game looks like Legos. "
- bbmar23    See all 16 comments

The Incredible Hulk Media Blowout

Irradiated with gamma ray goodness, publisher Sega has dropped a Hulk-sized load of screenshots from every version of the upcoming film-game tie-in, all of which arrive alongside the movie this June.

Below are two of the four galleries--scope out the full post for all the assets.

PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 Developer: Edge of Reality Read more »

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Incredible Hulk Screenshots Have Flat Tires

Continuing its unrelenting assault of superhero game media, Sega has issued four more screenshots from the PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 editions of The Incredible Hulk.

Along with a radically inconsistent attention to detail--look at the Hulk's arm, then check out the tires--the shots highlight the characters of Bruce Banner, Betty Ross, Emil Blonsky, and General Ross. Each character is respectively voiced by their film counterpart: Edward Norton, Liv Tyler, Tim Roth and William Hurt. Read more »

"what? why are people spazzing out over this? What has it got to do with the gameplay? So they're ..."
- red2lucas    See all 14 comments

(Not So) Incredible Hulk Wii Shots Unleashed

Publisher Sega just sent over the first batch of screenshots from the Wii edition of The Incredible Hulk, highlighting the fuzzy textures, low-res character models, and lack of draw distance in the open world title.

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"There is a difference between reaching the graphical capabilites of the Wii and just not giving ..."
- sinner0423    See all 33 comments

The Incredible Hulk Leaps, Smashes in New Trailer

Sega has released a new trailer for The Incredible Hulk, developer Edge of Reality's tie-in title with the movie of the same name.

The game will see the Hulk unleashed in a recreation of Manhattan, with various quests and minigames serving as the impetus for the green character's destructive hijinks.

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"looks as bad as the movie trailer did. So sad, I was looking forward to Norton as Hulk."
- austere01    See all 8 comments

The Incredible Hulk Announced

Marvel and publisher Sega today announced The Incredible Hulk, a tie-in game based on the upcoming movie of the same name.

The project is being developed by Edge of Reality, an up-and-coming studio known for its games based on Dreamworks animated films. Read more »

"at first i thought (hoped) this was port to current gen and identical to Ultimate Destruction. ..."
- gokart.    See all 12 comments

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