The Beatles: Rock Band

XB360, PS3, WII / Other / Release: Sep 9, 2009 / ESRB: T

The Beatles: Rock Band Full Tracklist Confirmed

By Alice O'Connor, Sep 08, 2009 8:13am PDT

With The Beatles: Rock Band hitting Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii tomorrow, Harmonix has announced the final of its 45 tracks--'The End,' the last song...


"I really wish the stylish look of the opening matched the look of the game itself."

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Beatles: Rock Band 'Here Comes The Sun' Video

By Chris Faylor, Aug 27, 2009 7:30am PDT

As a grey and cloudy day dawns here in Indiana, what better way to celebrate than an in-game music video of "Here Comes The Sun" from The Beatles:...


"This looks fantastic....looking forward to it a lot. From all the game footage I've seen it's ..."

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The Beatles: Rock Band Albums Priced and Dated; Upcoming RB2 DLC Includes Queen, White Stripes

By Nick Breckon, Aug 19, 2009 12:24pm PDT

Major Harmonix-related announcements have just been unleashed from GamesCom. The company has priced the downloadable Abbey Road album for The...


"Thumbs up on the White Stripes. How are they going to include a bass line, though?"

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All But One Beatles: Rock Band Track Confirmed

By Alice O'Connor, Aug 18, 2009 6:56am PDT

Harmonix has formally announced another nineteen The Beatles: Rock Band tracks, celebrated with a new trailer showing the digital fab four...


"I'm glad they've included I'm Looking Through You, its one of my favourites, right behind I Saw ..."

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The Beatles: Rock Band Getting 'Sgt. Pepper,' 'Rubber Soul' as Downloadable Albums

By Nick Breckon, Aug 12, 2009 11:02am PDT

Buried in a massive nine page New York Times article on The Beatles: Rock Band was the news that two more full albums are set to be released as...


"So are these free DLC, or paid? If paid that's bullshit. If free, kudos to them. I'm ..."

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Beatles: Rock Band Footage Is A 'Ticket To Ride'

By Chris Faylor, Aug 10, 2009 9:45am PDT

With less than a month to go, Harmonix continues to tease the impending release of The Beatles: Rock Band, this time to the tune of "Ticket To...


"Does anyone have a list of places to pre-order plus bonuses/deals or anything like that? I have ..."

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Watch The Beatles Play 'Birthday' In Rock Band

By Nick Breckon, Aug 03, 2009 5:02pm PDT

Hey hey, it's your birthday. What? It's not? Well, let's pretend it is. Your present: the in-game animation for the Harmonix rendition of The...


"I'm really glad Harmonix is making this game and not the people that are now behind the Guitar ..."

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More Beatles: Rock Band Songs Revealed

By Chris Faylor, Jul 21, 2009 8:09am PDT

Continuing the slow drip of its carefully prepared marketing plan, developer Harmonix has unveiled another batch of the tunes that will be found in...


""Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band* / Abbey Road Dreamscape With a Little Help from My ..."

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The Beatles: Rock Band Opening Cinematic

By Alice O'Connor, Jun 03, 2009 11:06am PDT

Eager Beatlemaniacs can now get their eyes on The Beatles: Rock Band's opening cinematic, a treat of an animated trip through the many ages of the...


"Damn amazing!! Yellow Submarine 2 anyone? Seriously, I could watch a full movie done in this ..."

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The Beatles: Rock Band Screenshots Harmonise

By Alice O'Connor, Jun 01, 2009 6:57pm PDT

Following on from the Beatles: Rock Band trailer and track information we brought you earlier in the day, we now offer the first screenshots of...


"from the absence of comments it looks like noone gives a shit about this lol"

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The Beatles: Rock Band Trailer, First Songs Confirmed, Downloadable Albums Revealed

By Alice O'Connor, Jun 01, 2009 10:40am PDT

Fresh out of Microsoft's E3 presentation we have the first in-game look at The Beatles: Rock Band, along with the first ten announced songs from...


"That looks incredible. I haven't been excited about RB:B at all until now. "

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The Beatles: Rock Band Replica Bass Revealed

By Chris Faylor, May 12, 2009 10:15am PDT

Last week, we got a look at the Rickenbacker 325 and Gretsch Duo Jet replica controllers that Harmonix will be selling alongside The Beatles: Rock...


"I haven't in any way jumped on to this rythm music game bandwagon since GH 1 took off but my god ..."

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Signature Guitars in The Beatles: Rock Band

By Alice O'Connor, May 05, 2009 9:14am PDT

Harmonix has announced guitar controllers based on the Rickenbacker 325 favoured by John Lennon and George Harrison's Gretsch Duo Jet for The...


"I know they don't want to mess with success, but these guitar controllers are so simplistic. I ..."

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First The Beatles: Rock Band Footage Emerges

By Chris Faylor, Apr 20, 2009 8:27am PDT

Paul McCartney's performance at Coachella this past Friday was more than just a mix of classic and newer tunes from the ex-Beatle--it served as the...


The Beatles: Rock Band Limited Edition Bundle Includes Replica Bass, 'Beatles-inspired' Drums

By Chris Faylor, Apr 16, 2009 7:53am PDT

Following a retailer listing earlier this week, developer Harmonix today confirmed the contents of The Beatles Limited Edition Premium Bundle that...


"Shouldn't there be some booze and drugs in that picture of the band equipment? I know they ..."

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