The Agency

PC, PS3 / RPG / Release: Cancelled / ESRB: U

Sony Online Entertainment confirms studio closures, cancels The Agency

By Alice O'Connor, Apr 01, 2011 6:10am PDT

SOE has confirmed that its Denver, Seattle and Tuscon studios are closing, 205 are laid off, and that The Agency has been cancelled.


Rumor: Massive layoffs at Sony Online Entertainment [Update]

By Alice O'Connor and Xav de Matos, Mar 31, 2011 6:15am PDT

As much as a third of Sony's MMO-making division has been laid off, according to rumours, and three studios may be outright closed.


The Agency Now Due in Second Half of 2011

By Alice O'Connor, Dec 07, 2010 10:10am PST

While Sony Online Entertainment's The Agency was once slated to launch in 2010, the developer's relative silence on the espionage-y shooter MMO...


"Too little, too late. Unless it's free to play, there will be no chance in hell this game will fly."

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The Agency E3 Media Shows Espionage MMO PvP

By Alice O'Connor, Jun 18, 2010 9:42am PDT

Sony's been awfully quiet on the subject of


"Speaking of Sony and MMO's.....I wonder what they have planned for Planetside 2?"

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Sony Launches Facebook Game for The Agency MMO

By Brian Leahy, May 04, 2010 8:00pm PDT

While development on Sony Online Entertainment's PlayStation 3 MMORPG The Agency has been relatively quiet, the company has launched a Facebook game with


"Now if only they would release this on the iPhone/Touch/Pad... I don't like facebook games.. but ..."

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Sony Online Cuts 5% of Workforce

By Nick Breckon, Jul 17, 2009 4:12pm PDT

MMO division Sony Online Entertainment today confirmed that it has laid off 41 employees, amounting to 5% of its full-time workforce. In a...


"SOE ain't leading but two things, jack and shit, and jack left town... lol 'leadership role in ..."

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DC Universe Online, The Agency Coming in 2010

By Chris Faylor, Mar 24, 2009 2:00pm PDT

Sony Online Entertainment's super-spy MMO The Agency (PC, PS3) and super-powered MMO DC Universe Online (PC, PS3) will both see a 2010 launch,...


"I know nothing about The Agency but that girl character sure got my attention ;P"

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World in Conflict Patch 10 Arrives, Removes DRM

By Chris Faylor, Mar 10, 2009 9:41am PDT

Developer Massive Entertainment has released the tenth patch for World in Conflict. The update is now available on FileShack for the US, UK and...


"i wonder how much money these companies waste hiring someone like SecuROM and then removing the ..."

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World in Conflict Console Port Canned

By Nick Breckon, Mar 04, 2009 1:28am PST

The console port of Massive Entertainment's RTS World in Conflict, originally announced for a fall 2008 release, has now been cancelled according...


"This is AWFUL news. As one of the few people outside of Massive to have played this game ..."

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World in Conflict Expansion Now Coming in March, Console Versions Apparently Still Alive

By Chris Faylor, Jan 21, 2009 9:43am PST

Ubisoft will publish Massive Entertainment's World in Conflict PC expansion pack Soviet Assault this March, the two companies announced today....


"This news makes me giddy, I can never get enough World in Conflict... The campaign was one of ..."

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SOE Fully Commits to Console MMOs

By Nick Breckon, Oct 06, 2008 2:01pm PDT

Sony Online Entertainment president John Smedley has confirmed his company's commitment to console MMOs, stating that all future SOE MMO titles...


"I think this is a great move by SOE. In fact, they should stop releasing for PC platform ..."

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World in Conflict Patch 8 Released

By Maarten Goldstein, May 28, 2008 12:39pm PDT

A new World in Conflict patch has been released, updating Massive Entertainment's strategy game to version 1.008. The patch offers improved in-game...


Latest Agency Trailer Features Spytacular Exploits

By Aaron Linde, May 23, 2008 4:45pm PDT

Sony Online Entertainment has released a new trailer of its upcoming action-based instanced MMO The Agency (PC, PS3). The company has not yet...


"Non-fantasy MMOs are a welcome addition, IMHO. I want to see how The Agency does amidst the ..."

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PC, Xbox 360 Developer: DX10 Possible on Consoles

By Chris Faylor, May 20, 2008 2:20pm PDT

Many of the graphical effects exclusive to Microsoft's Direct X10 API can be achieved outside of DirectX 10 "if you give it enough time and...


"Yeah that STALKER: Clear Sky demo had all the DX10 features even when running the game on XP and ..."

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Sierra Screenshot Bonanza: Ghostbusters, 50 Cent, Prototype, World in Conflict: SA, Bourne

By Chris Faylor, Apr 28, 2008 5:36pm PDT

Publisher Sierra has supplied us with a large number of new screenshots for its upcoming releases, including Ghostbusters, Prototype, and World in...


"originally posted by Judecca: The plot of the new 50 cent game - So 50 is doing a benefit ..."

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