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Team Fortress 2 'War' Update Bestows Sword, Shield Upon Demoman

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Team Fortress 2's Scottish cyclops the demoman will receive a shield and haunted claymore as part of the 'War' PC update this week, Valve Software has revealed--and celebrated with a lovely new comic.

"Slow-forged for generations in the bowels of captured English kings," the haunted blood-hungry 'Eyelander' claymore replaces the bottle. While it cannot cause critical hits and reduces the demoman's starting starting maximum health, the Eyelander grants him a boost to maximum health and speed for each head it claims. Read more »

"Valve, why is there a St. George's (English) cross on the Demoman's (Scottish) shield?"
- slackshoe    See all 130 comments

Team Fortress 2 'War' Update Brings Crafting

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In addition to new maps and items for the Soldier and Demoman, the forthcoming Team Fortress 2 PC "WAR!" update will bring a crafting system to the colorful multiplayer shooter.

"If you thought all those duplicate hats and weapons in your inventory were incredibly useful before, man, were you wrong! You were also in the quiet minority, if the forums were any indication," developer Valve explains. Read more »

"Maybe this update will bring about my 10th copy bought for/on the behalf of friends :O"
- nisolider    See all 51 comments

Team Fortress 2 'War' Update: Soldier vs. Demoman

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The "meaningful" Team Fortress 2 update teased by Valve has been revealed as 'War,' a double-class update for the demoman and soldier which will pit the two against each other ahead of the patch's release on December 17.

As well as the usual new maps, achievements and three unlockable weapons for each class, the War update contains an extra exclusive weapon the classes must war over. Read more »

"I wouldn't be surprised if the secret weapon is totally useless and/or a nerf in itself. That'd ..."
- OMGzImBurning    See all 124 comments

Valve Teases, Releases 'Meaningful' Team Fortress 2 Friend and Mercenaries Patch (Updated)

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Update: The Team Fortress 2 blog has now been updated with the phrase "Friendship ends in one day," with an accompanying comic suggesting that whatever this brings, it involves the Red Demoman and Blu Soldier.

"We've got something coming, but it's not a new game mode," Valve's Robin Walker further teased Kotaku. "The key to understanding the new sound files is to figure out who's hearing them in-game, and who isn't." Read more »

"*Deathmatch. I get this idea because the announcer seems to want you to retrieve *something* in ..."
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Left 4 Dead 2 PC Pre-Orders Bring Bill's Beret to TF2

Valve has announced that hat-hungry Team Fortress 2 PC players who pre-order Left 4 Dead 2 on Steam or redeem a retailer-provided pre-order code can now don this fall's hottest TF2 fashion accessory--the green beret made famous by Bill in Left 4 Dead.

"For the first time in history, two separate Valve universes collide," Valve proclaims in a post on the TF2 Blog. "This is not fan fiction! This is not a dream sequence! The characters from Team Fortress 2 will team-up with Bill's hat from Left 4 Dead 1!" Read more »

"in the small tf2 update * Fixed client-side perf problem after changing levels on ..."
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Team Fortress 2 'Pumpkin Patch' Update Released

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Revealed mere hours ago, the "Terrifying Team Fortress Haunted Hallowe'en Special" is now available to all owners of Team Fortress 2 PC in the form of a free automatic update.

The download delivers Harvest, a community-made King of the Hill map, along with the addition of pumpkin bombs, collectible candy, and five achievements that unlock "Mildly Disturbing Halloween Hats." Read more »

"Yay, got it for 2.5 euro now. Last time i was to 10 sec too late"
- Unique    See all 21 comments

Team Fortress 2 Getting Halloween Update Today

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Update 2: The sale has come to a close. We'll let you know when the new content goes live.

Update: The $2.49 sale is only running for a few hours--it ends today at 2PM PDT--so act fast. Read more »

"Everyone who doesn't have tf2 by the end of the day should turn in their gamer card. And kill ..."
- watcherxp    See all 28 comments

Team Fortress 2 Hide and Seek Mod Found to be Great

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Darkimmortal's crazy Prop Hunt mod for Team Fortress 2 has been out for a little while, but somehow eluded us until now. Thanks to the below video, we can safely say this is something worth checking out.

The setup is simple: one team spawns as Team Fortress 2 props and scurries to hide, while the other all-Pyro team must seek out and identify those props from the rest of the scenery. It all results in some fairly hilarious situations, such as the sequence beginning at 4:25. Read more »

"i cant find servers to play this, can anyone help the post in the steam forums lists a few but ..."
- irishbloke    See all 39 comments

Valve Punishes Team Fortress 2 Idlers, Rewards Legit Players with Free Hat

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Team Fortress 2 players that made use of external programs to earn random item drops in the game are now being punished for their ways, according to a new Valve blog post.

"Over the next few days we'll be removing all TF2 items that were earned using external idling applications," said Valve's Erik Johnson, who noted that 4.5% of TF2 players will be affected by the measure. Read more »

"Whew, glad I didn't use that idler program, just idled in idling servers."
- yacoub35    See all 159 comments

Valve Talks Team Fortress 2 Comic Book Plans, Movie and TV Show Possibilities

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In addition to Left 4 Dead 2 details, the latest episode of GameTrailers TV revealed more of Valve's TF2 comic book plans as well as movie and Television show dreams.

Valve co-founder Gabe Newell told GTTV that Michael Avon Oeming--artist on fine comic book 'Powers' and writer of 'Ares'--is onboard, "teaching us about what it means to have a character and do character development in a comic format, how you do storytelling." The comic book was previously said to be by the team behind TF2's "Meet the..." trailers. Read more »

"A 15 min short cartoon on adult swim would be awesome. Anything more than that would kill TF2."
- Funeraldirge    See all 19 comments

Team Fortress 2 Classless Update Goes Live

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After only two days of teasing--an abbreviated period of anticipation for Valve--the latest Team Fortress 2 update has now gone live.

In addition to the 18 new hats, a new community map, and the King of the Hill mode, the update also includes a reworked version of Sawmill for capture-the-flag play.

Read more »

"I've got 500+ hours of fucking tf2 and no hats. What the fuck does one have to do to get a damn ..."
- OMGzImBurning    See all 73 comments

Team Fortress 2 Update: New 'King of the Hill' Mode

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Valve has updated its teaser site for the upcoming "classless" content release, announcing a new "King of the Hill" mode.

The new mode is "focused around a single central capture point that must be defended for three minutes," according to Valve. "Gameplay begins with the point initially locked--after a short time, it will open for capture by either team." Read more »

"I think Valve likes the secrete images page refeshing trick since SvS update. Check it, medic's ..."
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Valve Announces 'Classless' Team Fortress 2 Update

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In lieu of its normal classy demeanor, Valve today announced that Team Fortress 2 is getting its first ever "classless" update.

As with past updates, the content will be revealed over a number of days. The initial blast included the revelation that eighteen new hats--including a cowboy hat for the Engineer and a Russian ushanka for the Heavy--will be added to the title, in addition to a new community map. Read more »

"Oh man, "classless" update. I completely misread that as they were developing a game mode where ..."
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Team Fortress 2 Closed Beta to Test Pro Tweaks

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Valve has started a Team Fortress 2 closed beta test, with the goal of balancing the game for competitive matches, according to TF2 developer Robin Walker.

"The TF2 Beta is something we've just started running," said Walker to Shacknews. "It's aimed at filling a hole in TF2's iterative development model."

Read more »

"Ooooh just play Fortress Forever damnit that game deserves more :("
- Esque    See all 86 comments

Valve Still Experimenting with Team Fortress 2 Items, May Eliminate Unlock System

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Team Fortress 2 lead Robin Walker says that Valve is not entirely happy with its new method of random weapon drops, and could eliminate the unlock system entirely.

"I think we've learned that the random drop system is only good for some types of things, like the rare cosmetic hats," said Walker to CommunityFortress. Read more »

"The unlock system would work better if it was xp based like it is for CoD4. X xp for Y unlock ..."
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