Team Fortress 2

PC, MAC / Action / Release: Oct 10, 2007 / ESRB: M

TF2 Mann vs. Machine includes paid mode with unique loot

By Alice O'Connor, Aug 16, 2012 6:00am PDT

Team Fortress 2's new PvE co-op mode Mann vs. Machine is free to play, but if you fancy extra special loot, you can pay 99¢ for a ticket which offers the chance to earn unique robot-loot.


Team Fortress 2 'Mann vs Machine' coming August 15

By Andrew Yoon, Aug 13, 2012 5:15pm PDT

As many Team Fortress 2 fans have already puzzled together, a new co-op mode is coming to Valve's free-to-play online shooter called "Mann vs Machine."


Team Fortress 2 robot shenanigans afoot

By Alice O'Connor, Aug 13, 2012 6:00am PDT

Valve's up to something again. Team Fortress 2 is, as we all know, an epic tale about the rivalry between two siblings, but now a third brother has appeared on the scene to shake things up. A new TF2 comic and several sneaky in-game secrets hint that something big, shiny and...


Hero Academy coming to PC with TF2 team

By Alice O'Connor, Jun 29, 2012 8:30am PDT

Orcs Must Die! developer Robot Entertainment is bringing its iOS hit Hero Academy to PC via Steam, complete with a team of Team Fortress 2 and cross-platform play.


Team Fortress 2 update adds Pyro goggles, new weapons

By Steve Watts, Jun 28, 2012 7:30am PDT

Team Fortress 2's "Pyromania" update has revealed its last bits of item additions, including a spiffy pair of goggles to let you see the world through the Pyro's eyes.


Adult Swim and Valve present: a Team Fortress 2 hat

By Andrew Yoon, Jun 27, 2012 2:00pm PDT

Adult Swim and Valve's collaboration has been revealed... and it is a hat.


Source Filmmaker lets you create your own Source engine movies

By Andrew Yoon, Jun 27, 2012 11:30am PDT

Meet the Pyro... and then make your own Team Fortress 2 movies with Valve's new Source Filmmaker, now in beta.


Team Fortress 2 'Pyromania' update launching this week

By Steve Watts, Jun 25, 2012 10:00am PDT

Team Fortress 2 is launching the "Pyromania" update this week, with a new game mode, the Meet the Pyro video, and something to do with Adult Swim.


Valve teaming up with Adult Swim for something Team Fortress-related

By Andrew Yoon, Jun 22, 2012 12:15pm PDT

Valve has teamed up with Adult Swim to create something based on Team Fortress 2.


Team Fortress 2 gets 'one-of-a-kind' moneyhats

By Alice O'Connor, Mar 29, 2012 6:45am PDT

Three special new hats have been only added to Team Fortress 2, but only three--ever. These "one-of-a-kind" hats move from player to player each day, going to, essentially, whoever's willing to spend the most money on various items in TF2's in-game store.


Team Fortress 2 pokes Valentine's fun with $100 item

By Steve Watts, Feb 15, 2012 11:00am PST

Valve poked a bit of fun at Valentine's Day yesterday, with a Team Fortress 2 engagement ring gift that costs too much and is functionally useless.


Steam knocked offline on Sunday by power failure

By Alice O'Connor, Feb 13, 2012 7:00am PST

Steam was knocked offline for several hours on Sunday by a power failure at Valve's data center. The downtime forced some victims to resort to archaic forms of Sunday afternoon entertainment, such as strolling in the countryside and conversing with loved


Team Fortress 2 'top secret' project in the works for 2012

By Andrew Yoon, Feb 03, 2012 7:30am PST

Valve is continuing to update Team Fortress 2, promising "something brand new for 2012" that "isn't a hat" and "isn't a map."


Team Fortress 2-inspired headgear coming to Saints Row: The Third

By Xav de Matos, Jan 16, 2012 5:15pm PST

Today, THQ has announced that Team Fortress 2-inspired head ware is coming to the PC version of Saints Row: The Third.


Team Fortress 2 celebrating Australian Christmas tomorrow

By Alice O'Connor, Dec 15, 2011 9:45am PST

Valve's Australian Christmas celebrations will begin tomorrow in Team Fortress 2, with a new map, new steampunk toys from Dr. Grordbort for the Engineer and Pyro, and more.