Syndicate (Classic)

PC / Strategy / Release: Jan 1, 1993 / ESRB: U

  • One of the best games I've played in the '90s. The graphics was rather sui generis and sophisticated for 1993 when the game was released.

    I liked the small thinks that you could you in the cities, like driving cars, including police ones, destroying them, using trains, armoured vehicles and so on. The interaction with people walking the streets was also nice. When the agents were unarmed, the civilians walked fearlessly, when the guns were taken out, they ran like brood of hens. You could also "persuade" them and make them your helpers.

    The strategic element also played an important role. Is it worth to buy some additional information during the briefing, or a better map? Should I raise taxes in the controlled countries and risk a revolt? The money was needed for purchase and research of new weapons and other means of equipping your cyborgs with e.g. more powerful arms, legs, eyes.

    I played and completed both the original Syndicate and the subsequent datadisk - The American Revolt. The latter was sometimes almost unplayable due to the difficulty, especially in missions protecting a person of interest. The original CD was one of the last computer games I really bought.

    I feel now rather nostalgic when seeing the screens from that game. Fortunately, it runs in dosbox perfectly.