Sword of the Stars: Complete Collection

PC / Strategy / Release: May 14, 2010 / ESRB: E


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Iron Man 2 Demo Now Available on Xbox 360

Did you catch Iron Man 2 in theaters? Curious about how the game will play? Xbox Live Gold members can now download a free demo of Iron Man 2.

SEGA has already closed the studio responsible for the game so it's your last chance to play anything from that team. Review scores for the game have not been favorable, perhaps contributing to the studio's closure. Read more »

"I thought the studio closed down well before any reviews came out. It seemed as though Sega ..."
- House    See all 10 comments

Iron Man 2 Trailer Sets Up Super Drilling Story

Tony Stark was just minding his own business, getting drilled by one of his close friends. All of a sudden some flying robots burst in and messed up his sweet rides.

It didn't take long before the sparks started to fly, resulting in a fair amount of robot-on-human-in-an-armored-suit action and, of course, Iron Man 2: The Video Game.

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"Keepin the proud tradition of the shitty movie tie-in game alive and kickin! Woohoo!"
- three-d    See all 13 comments

Report: Sega Closing Iron Man Studio

Sega could be closing Sega Studios San Francisco, previously known as Secret Level, most recently responsible for Iron Man and the upcoming Iron Man 2 video games.

Originally reported as a rumor by Sega Nerds, 1up is confirming the closure via an anonymous source. The studio could close as early as today. Read more »

""The closure shouldn't affect the release of Iron Man 2, which was reportedly completed" But ..."
- SeraphielX    See all 17 comments

Iron Man 2 Trailer Explores Enemies, Destruction

Perhaps the most exciting thing to take away from this Iron Man 2 trailer is the fact that our ruby-red hero will find himself pitted up against the fictional terrorists of A.I.M. (Advanced Idea Mechanics). Now, that's no guarantee that MODOK will be in the game, but it certainly opens the door for his super-sized cranium, as he's a member of A.I.M. and all.

Coming to PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii, Nintendo DS and PSP, Iron Man 2: The Video Game arrives May 4. The theatrical feature film of the nearly same name is due May 7.

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"Apparently it's too much to ask for a good Iron Man game, isn't it?"
- three-d    See all 12 comments

Iron Man 2 Screenshots Detail Wii, PSP Visuals

With the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 editions of Iron Man 2 having taken center stage thus far, you may be wondering what the Wii, Nintendo DS and PSP editions look like.

How fortuitous, then, that publisher SEGA has doled out the first screenshots of the Wii and PSP editions, along with some of the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 iteration. Read more »

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Iron Man 2 Video Game Release Date Confirmed

SEGA's video game adaptation of Iron Man 2 will hit North America on May 4, mere days before the theatrical feature film's May 7 release, the publisher confirmed today.

Though "based on the cinematic universe" of the film, SEGA San Francisco's heroic shooter features an original story crafted by Iron Man and Casanova comic scribe Matt Fraction, complete with villains that aren't in the movie, like Crimson Dynamo. Read more »

"Man I wish these things didn't always have to come out before the movie. They usually have plot ..."
- NuMMnUtZ    See all 4 comments

Iron Man 2 Game Trailer: A Real War Machine

Theaters aren't the only thing that Iron Man 2 will be hitting in May, so SEGA has issued a new trailer to remind everyone that an accompanying video game is in the works.

Claiming to have "paid close attention to comments from fans and critics concerning the first Iron Man movie game," developer SEGA San Francisco (formerly Secret Level) is bringing its second stab at the super to PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii, DS and PSP. Read more »

"holy hell look at the textures in the BG in the video preview pic. Please tell me that is PS2"
- MamiyaOtaru    See all 15 comments

Marvel 'Not Doing Crappy Movie Games Anymore'

With a spotty record of movie tie-in videogames, Marvel is hoping the well-received X-Men Origins: Wolverine becomes a turning point.

"We are not doing movie-based games anymore," Marvel digital media VP Ira Rubenstein told Joystiq, before restating: "Actually, wait... we are not doing crappy movie-based games anymore. You can quote me on that." Read more »

"I highly doubt they will be willing to delay a game if its not ready by the time the movie is ..."
- jabuck    See all 24 comments

Iron Man 2: The Video Game: The First Trailer

Though it doesn't officially kick off until tomorrow, the onslaught of San Diego Comic-Con related news continues as Sega has issued the first trailer for Iron Man 2.

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"As much as I'd love to have a nice Iron Man game, this is still going to suck, I'm 99% sure..."
- Don Soleone    See all 12 comments

Sega Announces Iron Man 2

In a terse announcement today, Sega revealed that it is preparing a multi-platform video game tie-in for the upcoming Iron Man 2 film.

Development of the game is underway at Sega Studios San Francisco, previously known as Secret Level, which worked with A2M on last year's critically-panned Iron Man video game. Read more »

"I'd be super impressed if they could bump up the score to like, let's say a a solid 7. Come on ..."
- Wii_Tard    See all 17 comments

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