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Super Meat Boy entering Super Meat World

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Super Meat Boy entering Super Meat World

The Steam edition of delightfully cruel indie platformer Super Meat Boy is soon to receive its long-awaited level editor and an online portal for user-created levels named Super Meat World.

Developer Team Meat explained over a series of Twitter messages that Super Meat World is "an automated level portal where you can play single levels people upload as well as full chapters we feature." User-created levels will have "difficulty and fun factor ratings to weed out the crap." Read more »

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GDC: Super Meat Boy 'Ultra Edition' to retail in April

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GDC: Super Meat Boy 'Ultra Edition' to retail in April

Super Meat Boy is finally coming to retail, in April, with an "Ultra Edition" of the game. Joystiq reports that Team Meat member Edmund McMillen announced the retail edition and showed off the box art at a GDC postmortem.

McMillen later confirmed that it's set for an April launch, and will cost $20. Goodies for the Ultra Edition include a 40-page booklet with art, behind-the-scenes info, extended comics, and the soundtrack. The (creepy) art revealed last year will be included as a mini-poster, and no longer serves as the cover for the game. Read more »

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XBLA Super Meat Boy Getting Fan-Made and 'Expert Remix' Levels Next Week

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People complain about games getting too easy, but these people have not played Super Meat Boy. The indie-turned-XBLA game hangs its hat on being tough as nails, and next week it's going to get even tougher.

Team Meat tweeted (via Joystiq) that the first fan-made chapter and the Expert Remix chapter should hit Xbox Live Arcade next week through its sneaky back door. If a week seems like too long to wait for harder Super Meat Boy levels, you could always smash your fingers one-by-one with a hammer. Emotionally it will feel about the same.

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LIMBO, Red Dead Redemption, and Mass Effect 2 Most Nominated Games for 11th Annual GDC Awards

The nominees for the 11th Annual Game Developers Choice Awards have been announced, meaning that we now get to see what games the international panel of industry professionals felt are in the running to be acknowledged for the greatest overall achievements over the past year. (via Gamasutra)

The Xbox Live Arcade exclusive, LIMBO, leads the charge with seven nominations, followed closely by Red Dead Redemption (six nominations) and Mass Effect 2 (five nominations). All three front-runners are in the running for GDC's Game of the Year award. Pioneer, Ambassador and Lifetime Achievement Special Awards, as well as the host of this year's awards show, have yet to be revealed. Read more »

"How Bad Company 2 did not get nominated for Best Technology is beyond me."
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Super Meat Boy Devs Discuss Development, Publishers, PETA, Future Endeavors, and More

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The two man indie developer powerhouse behind this years hair-pullingly difficult platformer, Super Meat Boy, recently conducted a postmortem interview with Game Informer magazine in which the duo describe the squishy red hero's journey from inception to fan-reception. Also discussed are developers Edmund McMillen's and Tommy Refenes' humorous run-in with PETA, the trials and tribulations of getting the game published, and some general musings about the team's future projects.

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"I don't like the devs much because they chose to put down the keyboard and mouse control scheme ..."
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Best of 2010 Awards: Indie

Indie: LIMBO

2010 was a fantastic year for independently developed games, with many of the category's front-runners providing some of year's most memorable experiences. The black and white, melancholic platformer LIMBO has been lazily described as "the Braid of 2010," but beyond the fact that both are puzzle-platformers, they're really different beasts. Whereas Braid engaged players with colorful worlds and an intellectually engaging and text-driven story, LIMBO engages the player on a more visceral level, burying its incredibly subtle (but creepy) meta-story underneath minute-to-minute action that is equal parts foreboding, pulse-pounding, and head-scratching. Read more »

"Where the fuck is Minecraft in this list?! Every other publication had Minecraft as their ..."
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Super Meat Boy Boxed Special Edition Expected by 'the End of January'

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Currently, Super Meat Boy is only available as a downloadable title for PC users; however, soon the indie favorite will receive a limited, boxed special edition.

According to the developer's blog, the upcoming special edition--featuring fantastic box art from Daniel Rapoza--is set to include the Steam version of Super Meat Boy, behind-the-scenes videos, art, and more. Read more »

"Hideous. Makes me wanna quit meat. Stick to the cartoons will ya."
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Super Meat Boy Spoofed by PETA; Tofu Boy Hooks Up With Bandage Girl

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Riding the wave of the breakout success of Super Meat Boy, animal activist organization PETA has jumped in with a spoof title featuring a similarly sized, but vegan-friendly, hero of their own.

Today, PETA launched Super Tofu Boy, a flash-based game featuring some of the more simplistic gameplay found in the Team Meat developed downloadable title Super Meat Boy. In the game, Tofu Boy must save Bandage Girl from her new captor, former boyfriend Meat Boy. Read more »

"I'm sick of having to make this post so many times, but here goes again: I, and MANY other ..."
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Team Meat Address Super Meat Boy PC Launch Issues

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The PC launch of Super Meat Boy didn't go entirely smoothly, as developer Team Meat has posted a blog entry addressing a variety of issues and complaints reported by players of the "hard as nails" indie platformer's PC edition.

Team Meat's Tommy Refenes details a patch launching today on Steam, fixing issues from crashes and stuck resolutions to missing bosses--which he says happened because "I'm a moron and forgot to upload the boss files for Dr. Fetus and Brownie." Read more »

"Question: You using the sticks or the dpad on your xbox controllers? I find the dpad so dire ..."
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Super Meat Boy PC Character Roster Revealed

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Super Meat Boy developer Team Meat has at unveiled the exclusive lineup for the PC and Mac editions of its "tough as nails" platformer.

The last two PC and Mac-exclusive characters to be revealed were Naija, star of the watery Aquaria, and RunMan of RunMan: Race Around the World fame. They'll be joined by Machinarium's Josef, a World of Goo goo ball, VVVVVV's Captain Veridian, Mr. Minecraft of Minecraft and, exclusive to the Steam version, a Half-Life headcrab. Read more »

"I like how the characters in the 360 version are mostly only from pc games aswell. heh"
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Super Meat Boy Gets Headcrab, Goo Ball, and Pre-Order Discount on PC, XBLA Sale Ends 11/21

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Team Meat has officially confirmed that not only will the PC version of Super Meat Boy be available for pre-order at a discounted price starting on November 23, but will feature Half-Life's Headcrab or a Goo Ball from World of Goo as playable characters - depending on where the game is purchased.

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"Anybody know which services besides steam will be selling this? I'd like to buy it directly ..."
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Super Meat Boy New 'Teh Internets' Chapter Revealed, Starring Gish

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Sticky tar ball Gish will be the star of Super Meat Boy's second free Teh Internets downloadable chapter on Xbox 360, developer Team Meat has revealed.

Dubbed 'The Sewers of Dross' and playable only with Gish, the chapter will feature twenty levels that Team Meat says "ramp in difficulty from medium to soul crushing." Read more »

"I think I should just give in and get this while it's still on sale, and maybe after I beat my ..."
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Super Meat Boy Adds VVVVVV's Captain Veridian as an Unlockable Character in PC Version

It looks like the Mr. Minecraft won't be the only guest-star when Super Meat Boy launches on PC later this month.

In a Tweet over the weekend, Team Meat revealed that Captain Veridian from the "what do you mean you haven't played it" indie-darling, VVVVVV, will also be unlockable Super Meat Boy for PC. Shacknews has contacted Team Meat to confirm whether or not the bonus will also make its way to Mac users. Read more »

"This isn't a "bonus", it's that the six bandage-unlocked indie characters will be different in ..."
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Super Meat Boy XBLA Update, PC/Mac Level Editor Coming

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Team Meat has made some Super Meat Boy announcements through its Twitter account and is happy to share that "the title update for the [Xbox Live Arcade] version is being finished this week and hopefully will be up soon.

Contained within the update? Fixes for all of the known bugs, 20 new levels, and a new music track. All of this will be free for owners. Read more »

"The level editor is PC/Mac only, has been clarified in numerous interviews before. MS/Nintendo ..."
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Super Meat Boy Developers Eying Retail as Solution to WiiWare Filesize Limitation

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Super Meat Boy's planned WiiWare release has been delayed following Team Meat's struggle to bring the game's size down to 39mb in order to squeeze by Nintendo's limit for the platform.

One possible solution would be to go retail and Team Meat has asked fans on Twitter if this is an avenue worth pursuing, writing: Read more »

"If the best release possible for the Wii is on disc, I'll buy it on disc. No biggie."
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