XB360, PS3, PC / Puzzle / Release: Jun 30, 2011 / ESRB: E10+

Shining Force, Gunstar Heroes, ToeJam & Earl and More Sega Genesis Classics Hit PC

By Alice O'Connor, Jan 11, 2011 2:00pm PST

Sega's mission to re-release classic Sega Genesis games for download on PC has finally struck gold. The fourth batch, available now, packs wonders...


"Wow, Alien Soldier! About Time! Already have this for my Mega Drive but the Steam version will ..."

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Stacking First Look Preview

By Ozzie Mejia, Dec 23, 2010 10:00am PST

A friend's grandmother has a collection of Russian nesting dolls. I would always notice them and wonder what their purpose ultimately was. What led...


"Testing. If you can see this, then progress is being made to get the API posting again! Surely ..."

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DoubleFine Explains Lack of PC Releases

By Alice O'Connor, Nov 25, 2010 9:30am PST

When Brutal Legend and Costume Quest developer Double Fine announced its new title Stacking earlier this week, many were disappointed to see that...


""publishers simply "don't see enough financial reward" in bringing Double fun to PC gamers." ..."

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Double Fine Reveals 'Stacking' for Spring 2011

By Brian Leahy, Nov 23, 2010 2:00pm PST

Tim Schafer and Double Fine's next downloadable game, following up on Costume Quest, will be Stacking and has been revealed by IGN. The game...


"while costume quest looked fantastic and was a great idea in the right size and format, the ..."

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