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EA's Top 10 Skate Replays

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If ever there was a game meant to be watched in slow motion, Skate was it. In fact, actually playing Skate has always felt like half of the experience; everyone gets something out of Skate from the replays, whether they own the game or not.

We know what our favorite Skate replays are--and there are many, many of them--but what are EA's? Well, in celebration of 1.6 million Skate.Reel uploads, the team has uploaded their own video that showcases its top ten favorite Skate replays. It includes some obvious classics, but also a few you may not have caught before. Read more »

"Great game, makes me wish I was 12 again so I had all day to master it. The ads suck though."
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Skate 2 DLC Hosts Maloof Money Cup

Skateboarding's prestigious Maloof Money Cup competition is set to arrive in Skate 2 as downloadable content shortly before the real event kicks off in July, EA has announced.

The Maloof Money Pack recreates the contest's park with freeskate, vert and street contests for singleplayer skaters, and online play receiving new competitive activities and challenges. The Xbox 360 version also picks up another 250 achievement points. Read more »

"Wow, skateboarding. A lot of fun and a lot of deadly tricks at the same time. Hope that ..."
- einaMo    See all 2 comments

Skate 2 Patch Touches Down on PS3, Xbox 360

Related Topics – Skate 2, xbox 360, PlayStation 3

A new patch for EA Black Box's Skate 2 was today released on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, updating the extreme open-world game with several tweaks and fixes.

Changes include the addition of PlayStation 3 custom soundtracks, better off-board controls, a more streamlined approach towards retrying a challenge, and the resolution of several bugs. Players will be prompted for the update when they sign online. Read more »

"Unfortunately i already deleted my save so i can finish try to complete the thrasher challenges. ..."
- kingdepork    See all 14 comments

Skate 2 Gets Classic Skate Spots Today

Electronic Arts sends word that a new "San Van Classics" Skate 2 DLC pack is now available for purchase. The pack will feature "classic" spots from the original Skate.

The pack will run 400 Microsoft Points, or $4.99 on the PlayStation Network. Check out a trailer of the new-old content below.

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"I like that the "style" of skate videos is being too cheap to afford a real fisheye lens that ..."
- Finchypoo    See all 6 comments

Skate 2 DLC Adds Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Plaza

A new bit of downloadable content for Skate 2 will bring Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Plaza skate part into EA Black Box's skateboarding sequel, publisher EA announced today.

Who's Rob Dyrdek, you may ask? Why, he's a professional skateboarder and the star of the MTV pseudo-reality show Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory, which is all about the antics and drama that occur in and around the funhouse below Dyrdek's office. Read more »

"I purchased this GLEEFULLY last night. The kicker is, it adds 10 new achievements to accomplish, ..."
- Werkin    See all 10 comments

Replay Mini: Jaw-dropping Skate 2 Tricks

Related Topics – Skate 2, xbox 360, PlayStation 3

This compilation of Skate 2 tricks by elemenopee183 is unbelievable. According to EA, the Skate 2 dev team was "blown away" by the solo effort.

It's no Take A Seat, but it is very impressive.

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"After I see all these videos I am going to have to try and convince my wife I need this."
- OmegaRed59    See all 37 comments

Skate 2 Screenshots Celebrate Release Day

The PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of Skate 2 head off to retailers today, so EA sent along a new batch of screenshots from Black Box's latest, and last, in order to celebrate.

But don't worry! Just because developer Black Box is shutting down doesn't mean the series is done, as EA promises that its development teams and "associated game franchises" are simply being relocated to a nearby office in Burnaby, British Columbia. Read more »

"Played Skate 1 today. It patched. Haven't played it in a month, so I'm not sure if it's new. ..."
- kingdepork    See all 7 comments

Weekly PlayStation Store Update: Skate 2 Demo

Related Topics – Skate 2, xbox 360, PlayStation 3

This week's PlayStation Store update is marked primarly by the Skate 2 demo, which makes its way to the PlayStation 3 after debuting last week on the Xbox 360.

The rest of the updates? A brick-breaker called Magic Ball and the arcade racer GTI Club+ have been added to the downloadable game section, while a number of plethora of DLC and game videos pad out the list. Read more »

"Has anyone actually purchased any of the Disgae 3 characters and can comment on whether or not ..."
- f4lln    See all 8 comments

Skate 2 Media Rolls Off into the Sunset

Electronic Arts today released the final Skate 2 media blast before the game's launch. If you haven't checked out the demo on Xbox Live yet, take a look at the follow screenshots for what you're missing.

Skate 2 is slated to hit the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on January 21--exactly one week from today.

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"I think they improved upon Skate. with new features enough to make it a more complete game ..."
- johemmer    See all 9 comments

Skate 2 Demo Hits 360 Tomorrow, PS3 Next Week

Seemingly confirming what was already known, Electronic Arts announced today that a downloadable demo for EA Black Box's Skate 2 will be available on Xbox 360 tomorrow.

But what about the PlayStation 3 demo that many assumed would hit at the same time? Turns out the PlayStation Store download isn't hitting until next Thursday, January 15. Read more »

"blah, next week? I was looking forward to checking this out tomorrow."
- pyide    See all 7 comments

Skate 2 Multiplayer Features Explained by The Wizard

Related Topics – Skate 2, xbox 360, Trailer, PlayStation 3

EA sent along this new Skate 2 trailer, which explains the new features coming to the multiplayer component of the game. It also features The Wizard.

Skate 2 is slated to hit PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on January 21.

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"Ya, whats with asking a producer of a skating video game about viking helmets, wizards, and ..."
- PaulyPlayer    See all 17 comments

Skate 2 Demo Coming Next Week

Related Topics – Skate 2, xbox 360, PlayStation 3

A downloadable demo of EA Black Box's extreme and pain-filled amateur skateboarding effort Skate 2 will be released on Xbox 360 next week, according to

The page details a demo-related contest that will run from January 8-15, during which time Xbox 360 owners can win Skate swag and Microsoft Points by downloading the free demo and the accompanying Skate 2 Demo Registration Gamer Picture. Read more »

"I just got the first one a few weeks ago. played all night yesterday with a friend. I am sooo ..."
- naabster    See all 14 comments

New Skate 2 Screenshots Present the Faces of Death

Why? Because Billy, for that one moment, you're free. Your feet leave the ground, and time suddenly stops. You taste the clean air. You can feel everything.

But whatever you do, remember to let go of the analog stick in time.

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Skate 2 Intro Video: Panda in the Big House

Related Topics – Skate 2, xbox 360, Trailer, PlayStation 3

Why are so many professional skateboarders stuck in jail with a panda? And just what does this have to do with Skate 2? Four and a half minutes later, I have no idea.

Developed by EA Black Box, Skate 2 hits PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on January 21.

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"wasn't the panda scene a reference to Shining? and was it bad that I didn't recognize a ..."
- deathofrats    See all 7 comments

Skate 2 Video Previews Graphics Creator

Related Topics – Skate 2, xbox 360, Trailer, PlayStation 3

This trailer for EA Black Box's Skate sequel details the new graphics creator, which allows players to design an image on the Skate website and import it into the game. Obscenities ahoy.

Skate 2 is set to hit stores January 21 on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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"Take that green dude, and the skateboard, and replace them both with penises, and then deck out ..."
- duffman03    See all 5 comments

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