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PS1, PSP MOVIE / Adventure / Release: Jan 31, 1999 / ESRB: U


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New Silent Hill Developer is Rush'N Attack Developer

1UP reports that the developer of the new Silent Hill title Konami teased at its Gamer's Day event last week will be developed by Vatra Games, also working on the new Rush'N Attack game for the publisher.

As 1UP notes, the Vatra lists its focus as one on "high-end action titles for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC," which is in-line with the PS3 and/or Xbox 360 graphics of the teaser shown to journalists last week. Read more »

"On a semi-related note I freaking loved the movie. I have never played any of the installements ..."
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Konami Teases New Silent Hill for E3 2010

At the end of its Gamer's Night last night, Konami ran a teaser trailer for a new Silent Hill game. According to Joystiq, the footage looked to have PlayStation 3 and/or Xbox 360 quality visuals along with a character resembling Silent Hill 2's James Sunderland.

The character "awoke from a public bench and began wandering the foggy, deserted streets of a suburban neighborhood." The teaser concluded with "End the Silence" and "E3". Read more »

"A Silent Hill 2 remake would be kind of tough to screw up. Seriously, unless they do something ..."
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Bizarre Pringles Commercials Combine Silent Hill, Resident Evil and Tomb Raider Strip Tease

Urging viewers to "get to the crunch" and avoid "squelch," the latest Asian ad campaign from snack maker Pringles bewilderingly combines elements of several video game franchises, including Silent Hill, Resident Evil, Tomb Raider and Cooking Mama.

Alongside "Sexy Lara revealed on Silent Heights" (above) and the alternate "twisted version" (embedded below), the campaign's equally confusing nods to non-gaming culture include "Monkey King X Gorilla" and "Rock Cinderella Rock". Read more »

"The strip tease did not even start. Disappointing. More T & A in Pringles commercials!"
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More Silent Hill 5 Media Comes Home

Publisher Konami just sent along several new screenshots from Double Helix's Silent Hill: Homecoming (PS3, 360), showcasing a disturbing amount of undead cleavage.

Silent Hill: Homecoming is slated to debut this September. For more, check out our recent hands-on preview and interview.

Read more »

"I love how titties are always resistant to zombification/mutation/decay in every movie/game. ..."
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Silent Hill 5 Interview: Jason's Philosophy, Jacob's Ladder, and Pyramid Head

Silent Hill: Homecoming lead designer Jason Allen had just finished talking about the virtues of Alien. Eloquent in his presentation at a recent Konami press event, he noted the strengths of Ridley Scott's classic horror film, pointing out that we only fully see the monster at the very end of the movie, a major influence on his approach to tension in Silent Hill.

Despite his clear appreciation of horror, I have to admit, I'm still skeptical about Allen's Silent Hill--the first American-designed entry to the series. It does look great on the outside, a combination of logical improvements and strict adherence to series code. But as a long-time fan, change is more scary than any monster. And like the fog-dowsed town of its namesake, a brief glance wasn't enough to reveal anything significant. Read more »

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Silent Hill: Homecoming Hands-on Preview

After a long presentation, a fair amount of hands-on time and a chat with lead designer Jason Allen, I still don't know what to make of Silent Hill 5--now known as Silent Hill Homecoming.

Read more »

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Konami Media Explosion: Metal Gear Online, Hellboy, Silent Hill 5, Castlevania: OOE, More

Following its press event last night, publisher Konami has unleashed a bonanza of new media, including screenshots of Hellboy: The Science of Evil (PS3, X360, PSP), Lost in Blue (Wii), and New International Track and Field (NDS).

Be sure to check out the full post for all the goods, as there are so many new assets that we couldn't possibly put them all on our front page. Read more »

"I hope this Castlevania is better than the last one for the DS. I hated the repetitive levels, ..."
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New Silent Hill: Homecoming Screens Released

Konami has released a new set of screenshots from Silent Hill: Homecoming, which in development for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 at The Collective. The game, previously known as Silent Hill 5, is expected some time in September.

Read more »

"No way these are Xbox 360 shots?!?!?! They look more like PS2/Xbox screenshots. Which is good, ..."
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Silent Hill 5 Titled Homecoming, Due in September

Publisher Konami has announced that the next entry in its creepy Silent Hill franchise has been retitled Silent Hill: Homecoming, with a European release set for the end September.

Handled by Marc Ecko's Getting Up (PC, PS2, Xbox) and Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Xbox) developer The Collective, Silent Hill: Homecoming is slated to arrive on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The game stars new protagonist Alex Shepherd, who struggles "with his own grip on reality" as he pursues his missing brother. Read more »

"I still don't understand why Team Silent let The Collective touch this. I'm a huge fan of the ..."
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Silent Hill 5 Screenshots Released

New Silent Hill 5 screenshots have surfaced, offering a glimpse at both the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360 builds of the game. No release date has been announced for Konami's survival horror game sequel.

Read more »

"Ugh, they've royally killed the series. Okay okay, I won't make that judgement until I get my ..."
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Silent Hill PSP Announced for PS2

Confirming recent rumors, Konami today announced that a PlayStation 2 version of the former PSP-exclusive Silent Hill Origins is in development.

Released on PSP last fall, Silent Hill Origins details the exploits of hallucinating trucker Travis Gordy as he explores the creepy-as-hell town of Silent Hill. Konami mentioned that the game would sport updated controls, through no further details, such as a release date or developer, were provided. It is believed that Climax Studios, which handled the PSP edition, is behind the PS2 version. Read more »

"Good, this saves me from having to buy a PSP. Here's hoping it clocks in at $20 like a lot of ..."
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Silent Hill: Origins Rumored As Next PSP to PS2 Port

Owing to retailer listings featuring release dates and box art, rumors are circulating that Climax Studios' Silent Hill: Origins (PSP) might be making an appearance on the PS2.

While both sites feature the same official-looking box art, they differ on release date. Amazon lists the PS2 version's release as March 4, 2008, whereas GameFly has it down for March 31. Read more »

"Will definitely pick up SH: Origins, and God of War: Chains of Olympus would be nice as well. ..."
- David Craddock    See all 4 comments

Silent Hill, Wolfenstein Screenwriter Arrested

Related Topics – Silent Hill

Screenwriter Roger Avary (Pulp Fiction, Silent Hill) was arrested Sunday on suspicion of driving under the influence and vehicular manslaughter after a car crash left one man dead, according to an AP report.

The Oscar winner was driving after midnight in Ojai, California when he was involved in a single-car accident. The impact killed Andreas Zini, a friend of the writer. Avary's wife Gretchen was ejected from the car, and has been hospitalized in stable condition. Read more »

"if the strike wasn't goin on, this wouldnt have happened! omg stop the picketing office"
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Silent Hill Composer Yamaoka Producing Konami Title

Related Topics – Silent Hill, Konami

Known for his memorable scores to Konami's flagship horror series Silent Hill, Akira Yamaoka is now heading up production of an unnamed Konami project, according to a Gamasutra article. "I can't say much about it yet, but it should be announced soon, probably," said Yamaoka, who will be serving as both producer and composer on the venture. While Yamaoka has gained recognition as a composer, he initially entered the industry with hopes of serving as a designer. Although he was credited with a producing title on the past three Silent Hill games--including the upcoming Silent Hill V--this new project will mark the first time he has served in a major directorial capacity.

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"You made a mistake in the name on the second line. It should be Akira Yamaoka and not Yamaoaka"
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TGS 07: Silent Hill Origins Hands-on Impressions

Climax Studios' PSP Silent Hill prequel has undergone a lot of changes over the past year. Once a departure for the series in many ways--featuring over-the-shoulder shooting a la Resident Evil 4--it now instead plays a lot like a direct sequel to Silent Hill. You are cast in the role of Travis Grady, a trucker with an appropriately dissheveled appearance. As I moved Travis throughout the town of Silent Hill, I couldn't help but feel like I was playing one of the earlier titles in the series, only on a smaller screen. Behind the curtain of the grain filters, the graphics appeared to be somewhere in the Silent Hill 1.5 domain. This game could have easily passed as Silent Hill 2, had that brilliant title never been released. In all, it's a satisfying level of detail. But with the town already feeling familiar from the get-go, my only question going into the demonstration was whether or not that was a good thing. Wandering about the misty streets from the familiar fixed-camera perspective, I ran into a few annoying quirks early on. Moving from one screen to the next can often be jarring, as the perspective will sometimes shift 180 degrees from one shot to the next. Holding the analog stick in one direction will sometimes see Travis continuously entering a screen over and over again, as if he is stuck in a surreal, hellish trap. Terrifying. After exploring the town a bit, I entered the familiar hospital. The walls were the normal color of tope, so I knew I was safe for a moment. Turning on my trusty flashlight--which is attached to your coat-pocket as usual--I set about walking the halls, picking up items accompanied by Japanese subtitles. Oh, I picked up the Jaslkdjfakfd. Spooky. Following a few moments of exploration, I soon encountered the token "scary little girl," who placed a blood-soaked hand onto a full-length pane of glass separating us. This was not scary at all. Entering a cutscene--one of many throughout the demo--Travis put his hand on hers, like a touching moment between two lovers in a prison. This triggered the familiar transformation of the level in the hellish, rusted aesthetic. If you've noticed the word "familiar" used throughout this preview, it is not a mistake--this game could be called Silent Hill 1: Episode 2 for all it matters. Once the transformation had completed, the token bloody, bandaged nurses began their lumbering attack. Combat is the standard practice of holding down the right trigger while tapping circle to swing. The attacks are relegated to a one-two punch combo, which grows tiresome quickly. After slamming one nurse with my sledge, the weapon suddenly shattered--apparently the things are destructible. Left to swing my fists in vain, I put down the PSP. Combat is never why I play a Silent Hill title, and this game does nothing to improve the experience. It is hard to discern whether Silent Hill Origins is in good shape at this point. It looks and plays like one of the original games, which was the safe move for Konami. And while I am a huge Silent Hill fan, a little innovation would have been nice. If Climax can deliver a fresh story and interesting levels, I'm there. As it stands, this demonstration felt a little too familiar. Silent Hill: Origins is set for a November 6, 2007 release in North America.

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