Shift 2 Unleashed

PC, XB360, PS3 / Racing / Release: Mar 29, 2011 / ESRB: E10+


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Microsoft Game Studios: "We Need to Step up" PC Gaming Efforts

Microsoft Games Studios' general manager Dave Luehmann has addressed criticisms of Microsoft's commitment to PC gaming in an interview with MCV, saying that "It is our job to lead the way on PC" but conceding "we need to step up."

"There's been a fair bit of criticism aimed at Microsoft that we were spending a lot of our focus on console, and we need to be putting resources behind PC as well," Luehmann said. "Other companies should look to Microsoft for leadership, but I'm not sure they do. It is our job to lead the way on PC. And in some ways we are doing that and in other ways we are not. So we need to step up." Read more »

"I liked having games that allowed me to sign in and get achievements from the Games for Windows ..."
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MS Announces Flight Sim 'Microsoft Flight'

As well as unveiling Age of Empires Online, Microsoft has used the Gamescom 2010 event to announce another nod to its PC gaming history--a new flight simulator.

Developed internally at Microsoft Game Studios, Microsoft Flight is a PC exclusive described as being "inspired by" the long-running Microsoft Flight Simulator series. MS hopes it "will bring a new perspective to the long-standing genre, welcoming everyone, including long-time fans, to experience the magic of flight." Careful scrutiny of the teaser trailer teaches us that planes, sky, clouds, land and water are all quite likely to appear. Read more »

"PC Heritage!!!!! They (Microsoft) have spent the last 5 years trying to kill of PC gaming so ..."
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Electronic Arts Announces Need for Speed: Shift 2, Sequel Racing to Retail in Early 2011

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In its latest financial report, Electronic Arts has quietly announced another title in the Need for Speed franchise is currently in development.

According to the earning calendar, Need for Speed: Shift 2 is slated to release on consoles and PC between January and March of 2011. At the moment no other details for the title were revealed; however, we presume the game will continue in the direction of its simulation-style predecessor, from UK-developer Simply Mad Studios. Read more »

"Shift was pretty good, but if EA continues to screw PC gamers by not making all the DLC ..."
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