Shadows of the Damned

XB360, PS3 / Action / Release: Jun 21, 2011 / ESRB: M

World Game Project to highlight Western games in Japan

By Jeff Mattas, Jul 15, 2011 5:00pm PDT

Sony has announced the World Game Project, an initiative meant to highlight Western games in Japan.


Shadows of the Damned review

By Garnett Lee, Jun 30, 2011 9:55am PDT

The weird and wild world of Shadows of the Damned makes it way to the Xbox 360 and PS3. Shacknews rushes into hell and attempts to aid Garcia Hotspur in his quest to save his girlfriend.


Daily Filter: June 22, 2011

By Xav de Matos, Jun 22, 2011 8:00pm PDT

The Daily Filter returns, compiling all of the media added to the Shacknews database that hasn't found a spot in our overflowing news river. Today we have new media for Killzone 3, Shadows of the Damned, and more.


Shadows of the Damned delayed

By Alice O'Connor, Apr 21, 2011 11:30am PDT

Grasshopper's supernatural shooter has been delayed by a fortnight into mid-June, helping it avoid the hustle and bustle of E3.


Shinji Mikami on Shadows of the Damned and inspiring a new generation of competition

By Xav de Matos, Mar 09, 2011 8:00am PST

Shacknews interviews Shinji Mikami, legendary creator of the Resident Evil franchise. In our time with the Shadows of the Damned creative producer we discuss the upcoming shooter with Suda51, how Resident Evil 4 could have never been made, and more...


Shadows of the Damned Hands-on Preview

By Xav de Matos, Mar 08, 2011 12:30pm PST

Imagined by the all-star team of Goichi "Suda 51" Suda (Clock Tower, No More Heroes) and Shinji Mikami (Resident Evil, God Hand), Shadows of the Damned is an exercise in the violent, comical, and absurd--and I mean that in the best way possible...


Daily Filter: February 14, 2011

By Xav de Matos, Feb 14, 2011 6:00pm PST

Shacknews receives a slew of new screenshots and trailers for upcom


"Am I the only one who thinks that Crysis 2 footage looks kinda awesome?! The scale and detail ..."

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Driver: San Francisco Developer Ubisoft Reflections Hit With Layoffs

By Xav de Matos, Nov 29, 2010 1:30pm PST

Another studio has suffered layoffs today, as Ubisoft has confirmed the Newcastle-based studio, Ubisoft Reflections, will see cuts. According...


""According to Ubisoft, the Reflections dev house is "crucial as a studio" and there are no plans ..."

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Daily Filter: October 29, 2010

By Xav de Matos, Oct 29, 2010 8:15pm PDT

Shacknews receives a slew of new screenshots and trailers for upcom


No More Heroes Dev Announces 'Psychological Action Thriller' Shadows of the Damned

By Alice O'Connor, Sep 15, 2010 5:48am PDT

The prospect of


"Visually I wasn't wowed but this looks totally awesome otherwise."

- House see all 13 comments

Driver: San Francisco skids to 2011

By Xav de Matos, Jul 12, 2010 9:50am PDT

Gamers will have to wait a little longer to get back behind the wheel as Tanner, as Driver: San Francisco has been delayed.According to an...


"Whenever this happens i have to question the quality of the product they deem to shitty to ..."

- purekillforce see all 8 comments

Driver: Frisco E3 Walkthrough Shows Gameplay

By Alice O'Connor, Jun 18, 2010 8:20am PDT

A Driver: San Francisco walkthrough has emerged from E3, showing four minutes of kind-of sort-of mostly gameplay footage from Ubisoft Reflections' brum-brum sequel. "What we've do


"regardless of its use in this game, i think the teleporting to the next closest car to the ..."

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Driver: San Francisco Media Burns Rubber

By Alice O'Connor, Jun 15, 2010 7:38am PDT

Ubisoft has released an E3 trailer and batch of screenshots for Driver: San Francisco, which was


"The way to stop a runaway money truck with a con in it is to send in a muscle car into the ..."

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Ubisoft Unveils Driver: San Francisco

By Brian Leahy, Jun 14, 2010 6:48pm PDT

Teased last week, Ubisoft has officially revealed Driver: San Francisco, which sees series protagonist John Tanner put into a coma following a...


"I can honestly say that due to Ubisoft's previous attempts at piracy prevention I will likely ..."

- Q-ball see all 13 comments