Scratch: The Ultimate DJ

XB360, PS3 / Other / Release: Nov 30, 1999 / ESRB: U

Scratch: Ultimate DJ Trailer Details Controller

By Chris Faylor, Nov 03, 2009 1:30pm PST

Providing a gentle reminder that DJ Hero won't be the only turntable game on the market for long, publisher Genius Products has issued a new trailer that details Scratch: The Ultimate DJ's "scratch deck


"They're certainly presenting it as a more "hardcore" scratch game, with the names they invoke - ..."

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Scratch: The Ultimate DJ Gets New Developer

By Chris Faylor, Aug 06, 2009 10:12am PDT

Following the brouhaha of DJ Hero maker Activision buying Scratch: The Ultimate DJ developer 7 Studios and Scratch publisher Genius Products then...


"I don't understand why no music game has made the leap to more instrumental inputs. Like keep ..."

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Scratch: The Ultimate DJ Controller Busted Out

By Alice O'Connor, May 27, 2009 11:02am PDT

Genius Products, Inc. has today unveiled the fully-featured turntable controller for its hip-hop rhythm game Scratch: The Ultimate DJ. The...


"I think it's nice they used the exact same color layout as the Guitar Hero controllers. It'd ..."

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Rumor: Scratch Ultimate DJ Gets New Developer

By Chris Faylor, Apr 21, 2009 5:05pm PDT

As the legal battle between DJ Hero developer Activision and Scratch: The Ultimate DJ publisher Genius Products continues to unfold, "sources with...


"So Activision have purchased a company that had no game, and already have their own DJ game in ..."

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DJ Game Lawsuit Heats Up: Activision Hit by Restraining Order, Must Surrender Source Code

By Chris Faylor, Apr 20, 2009 3:00pm PDT

While the L.A. Superior Court refused to grant "any restraining order" against Activision last week, that apparently changed today, as Genius...


"You need to try their TTX turntable, I would say it is "legendary" as it ofen gets compared to ..."

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Activision Denies DJ Game Sabotage Accusations, Claims It Actually Helped Competitor

By Chris Faylor, Apr 16, 2009 12:33pm PDT

Activision has denied Genius Products and Numark's recent allegations that it bought 7 Studios, which is developing Scratch: The Ultimate DJ for...


"I'm not a lawyer, nor did I stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night, but it looks like Genius ..."

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DJ Game Lawsuit: Scratch DJ Publisher Sues Activision, Claims Conspiracy

By Nick Breckon, Apr 14, 2009 4:28pm PDT

The war over the lucrative music game genre escalated today, with the publisher of Scratch: The Ultimate DJ suing DJ Hero publisher Activision and...


"well either way we all know what djs want these days and these controllers seem like the real deal"

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