PC / Action / Release: Oct 29, 2000 / ESRB: M

Rune Mega Preview

By Steve Gibson, Oct 26, 2000 6:21am PDT

Gamers.com has written up a lengthy preview of Rune from HumanHead, probably the last one you'll need to see until the demo or full game shows up....


"You should all go out and buy this game as soon as it comes out."

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Rune @ GameSlice

By Steve Gibson, Oct 22, 2000 8:27am PDT

A bit more on Rune, GameSlice has a first look of their own that is a bit more in depth than mine (heh) and also features an interview with the...


"Well...being lame is a perfectly legitimate excuse for not linking to an article."

- Kiwi Man see all 2 comments

Rune Is Good

By Steve Gibson, Oct 22, 2000 7:58am PDT

Well I took some time yesterday and played through a bunch of Rune. Gotta say I like it. There are certainly annoyances here and there that always...


"This game rocks. sCary's right about the level design...very creative. Made me see the UT engine ..."

- Cygnus X-1 see all 570 comments

Rune Demo Soon

By Steve Gibson, Oct 20, 2000 10:01am PDT

According to Runegame.com the playable demo of Rune that everyone has been clamoring for from from HumanHead is coming 'very soon' RuneGame.com,...


"Note to game companies: Make a point to release the demo BEFORE the warez version comes out, ..."

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Rune Multiplayer

By Steve Gibson, Oct 18, 2000 6:10am PDT

3DActionPlanet also has a copy of Rune at their offices and have decided to check out the multiplayer part of the game. Have a look at what they...


"sweet! I used to love playing Heretic II with just the blade and beating on people who were ..."

- positive see all 16 comments

Rune Footage

By Steve Gibson, Oct 18, 2000 5:58am PDT

No more Rune shots right? Well I didnt say anything about video footage. GameSpot has a bunch of videos of the game in action which are worth...


"Fine. So you got this one. I'll get the next one. On topic: Gamespot has Rune footage."

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Rune Shots

By Steve Gibson, Oct 17, 2000 6:47am PDT

Ok last mention of Rune screenshots. You can get your fill of shots from 3dqw , PC.IGN , and Gaming Age. I've got the local copies of shots as...


Rune Shots

By Steve Gibson, Oct 16, 2000 6:39am PDT

Keeping with the flood of screenshots theme recently, AVault is the latest to post a bunch more images of Rune from HumanHead which recently went...


RUNE First Glimpse

By Steve Gibson, Oct 15, 2000 7:06am PDT

The Stomped guys got an early copy of RUNE from HumanHead (*sniffle* *pout*) and JCal has got some first impressions of the full game as well as a...


"First 1,365th glimpse of Rune! Looks good, but Blade looks better."

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Rune Screenshots

By Maarten Goldstein, Oct 14, 2000 6:20am PDT

The Planet Unreal guys managed to grab twelve screenshots from the gold build of Rune. Game should be in stores soon.


"Is this game a bit like that old crappy game "Die by the sword" (or something)?"

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Dueling Designers

By Maarten Goldstein, Oct 12, 2000 5:48am PDT

The 3rd edition of 3D Action Planet's Dueling Designers feature is up, and this time Human Head level designers Dave Halsted and Mick Beard get to...


RUNE Screenshots

By Steve Gibson, Oct 12, 2000 5:45am PDT

With the celebration of Rune GONE GOLD the guys at GameSpot have slapped up a bunch of screenshots. You can check out the shack shots here. Thanks...


Rune Interview

By Maarten Goldstein, Oct 11, 2000 7:35am PDT

Over at All Game Radio is a new audio interview, this time with Chris Rhinehart who is one of the programmers on Rune that just recently went gold.


What Is Rune?

By Steve Gibson, Oct 10, 2000 4:52pm PDT

With the announcement of RUNE GONE GOLD! just the other day some people still werent sure what the heck the game was about. GameSpot has an...


"The game sounds cool, I just can't bring myself to go through the effort of downloading ..."

- Sniper21 see all 28 comments


By Maarten Goldstein, Oct 09, 2000 9:59am PDT

From the official Rune website comes the word that Human Head's 3rd person Unreal engine powered action game Rune has gone gold and will hit...


"- Five multiplayer mutator modes, including Low Gravity, No PowerUps, Fatboy, reduced Damage, ..."

- revolver see all 102 comments