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Harmonix Confirms Six More Songs for Rock Band 3, Three for Dance Central

At Comic-Con 2010, Harmonix and MTV Games revealed six more songs for Rock Band 3 as well as three songs for Kinect-based dancing game, Dance Central.

For Rock Band 3, gamers will be able to play the following six tracks as part of the disc's 83-song offering: Read more »

"Cool songs so far for Dance Central although I REALLY wish they showed your avatar on screen to ..."
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Rock Band 3 Frets to Retail October 26, Pre-order Bonuses Revealed

Time to take those leather pants out of retirement because Harmonix and MTV have announced Rock Band 3 will hit North American stores on October 26.

News of the confirmed release date comes alongside news of varying pre-order bonuses available at multiple retailers. Amazon orders include an exclusive in-game guitar as well as $10 off a future purchase for Xbox 360 and PS3 orders. Wal-Mart customers receive a $10 e-Gift card.GameStop customers get the most for their pre-order (provided they want the game for Xbox 360 and PS3), three exclusive tracks available at launch: "Blue Monday" by New Order, "My Own Summer" by The Deftones and "Burning Down the House" by Talking Heads. Read more »

"i wonder if they mentioned anything about the price of the fender squire stratocaster ..."
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Rock Band 3 Lead Designer Departs Harmonix

Dan Teasdale, senior designer at Harmonix and lead designer on the company's upcoming Rock Band 3, has left the studio and has taken a position at Twisted Pixel Games (Splosion Man, The Maw, Comic Jumper). The departure was announced via Twitter and included an accompanying blog post by Teasdale.

Read more »

"Cool! I'm sure they have raised up some good talent to keep rock band going. Plus - after 3 - ..."
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Rock Band 3 Uses Licensed Pitch-Tuning for Better Accuracy, Performances

Just as Harmonix is making the instrument play in Rock Band 3 more realistic with Pro mode, the vocals are going to be more realistic as well. How? By incorporating the hottest trend in popular music today: auto-tune! Well, "pitch detection and pitch shifting", to be more precise.

iZotope's Technology has announced that its pitch tech is being used in Rock Band 3. During gameplay, players can "enable vocal effects commonly used in the music industry, assisting players to sing on key more easily with pitch correction." Bring on the Cher DLC. No Cher, how about Kanye? Read more »

"good for Izotope. such amazing software (their VSTs), they deserve the exposure"
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Rock Band 3 Pro-Guitar E3 2010 Preview

Harmonix is trying something with Rock Band 3. Along with adding 80-plus on-disc tunes, improving the user interface, and changing up the single-player progression, the developer is attempting to change the landscape of the music game genre entirely.

Not only is a keyboard peripheral being added to the game, Harmonix will introduce something called Pro Mode, which will present a realistic experience on each of the game's instruments. On keyboard, the entire peripheral is used. On drums, cymbals must be hit. On guitar and bass, a new peripheral or a real custom guitar must be used to play as a real guitarist might play. Read more »

"For the keyboard, I really hope they add actual musical notation as well as the vertical ..."
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Weekend Confirmed Episode 12

It's not just the weekend; we're confirming E3 2010 this week. G4's Adam Sessler joins Garnett, Brian, and Jeff for predictions on whether Move or Natal have or even need a "killer app," the potential that there might actually be a new PlayStation Portable announced, and, of course, what it will take and who will "win" the show. They also cover some awesome games in Whatcha' Been Playin? including Metal Gear Solid: Peacewalker, Rock Band 3, and a quick revisiting of Alpha Protocol. Kingpin and Deus Ex lead a strong Cannata-ford a New Game lineup. And new game announcements pack the news in the Front Page.

Weekend Confirmed Ep. 12 - 06/11/2010 Read more »

"Just wanted to say that I started listening to the podcast. I was a constant listener of 1up ..."
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Rock Band 3 Instruments and Bundles Priced

Rock Band 3 will support a brand-new keyboard peripheral and a slew of new peripherals and adapters for the brand-new PRO mode, offering a more authentic gaming experience. Read our preview for details and then start saving for the following peripherals and bundles:

"How are they gonna be able to have 5 instruments on a system that only allows for 4?"
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Rock Band 3 First Look and Hands-On

The final appointment for many during the annual pre-E3 Judge's Week was a first look at Harmonix's Rock Band 3. In speaking with other journalists over appetizers, the prevailing theory was that RB3 would include a keyboard peripheral. It does. That isn't all, though.

First, the keyboard peripheral. It's made by Mad Catz, now the official peripheral maker for RB (this will be important), and unlike the rumors, is not a keytar, but a scaled-down keyboard. It just happens to be usable as a keytar if you so desire. Read more »

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Rock Band 3 First Tracks, Real Guitar Controller, MIDI Keyboard, Pro Mode Revealed

Rock Band 3 will offer keyboard and guitar controllers which double as as functional instruments plus a 'Pro' mode to teach music-playing fundementals, USA Today has revealed, as well as tracks including Queen's iconic "Bohemian Rhapsody."

The standard Rock Band 3 keyboard controller will be a 25-key MIDI keyboard also playable as an actual instrument. Available separately will be two "advanced" stringed guitar controllers which must be strummed to be played, one of which is described by USA today as "a full-sized, fully functional" Fender Squier Stratocaster guitar. Read more »

"I guess I should be angry about more plastic shit in my house but this is the first time I've ..."
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Tickling the Ivories in Rock Band 3

Related Topics – Rock Band 3,

The third iteration of Rock Band is due out sometime "this holiday season," with more details sure to be spilled at E3 next month.

However, due to a teaser image shown at the end of the recent demo for Green Day: Rock Band (see top-story image), and a recent rumor that the game will sport a new keytar peripheral, it seems incredibly likely that some type of "ebony and ivory" control functionality will appear in Harmonix's next rhythm game. Read more »

"Muse - Feeling Good. Starts with a piano solo. Would be awesome IMO :) "
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Rumor: Rock Band 3 Adds Keytar, Not Keyboard

Having accurately predicated all sorts of hardware price drops and bundles well before they were officially revealed, Ars Technica's trusty "Mole" claims that Rock Band 3 won't be introducing keyboards to Harmonix's rhythm game franchise, but rather a keytar.

Indications that some sort of key-based instrument would join the existing stable of Rock Band peripherals--guitars, microphones and drum kits--arrived earlier this week, as a teaser image for Rock Band 3 prominently displayed the iconic black and white keys of such instruments. Ars claims that "the keytar will be the only new instrument for the game" and will be made by Mad Catz, which has been named the "principal Rock Band videogame peripherals partner." Read more »

"Can we finally get Mannfred Mann's Earth Band's cover of Blinded by the Light?"
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Green Day: Rock Band Demo Arrives on XBLM, Teases Keyboards in Rock Band 3

A 307MB downloadable demo for Green Day: Rock Band has arrived on the Xbox Live Marketplace, bearing a teasing image suggesting Rock Band 3 features keyboard according to reports on Destructoid and verified by our resident RB fanatic 'Masem.'

Read more »

"How come the Green Day models don't have lame emo make-up on?"
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Mad Catz is Your Official Rock Band Peripheral Maker

Mad Catz has announced that it has partnered with Harmonix to "produce and distribute Rock Band music videogame controllers for future iterations of Rock Band during the term of the deal, including the highly-anticipated Rock Band 3 for the Xbox 360(R) videogame and entertainment system from Microsoft, PlayStation(R)3 computer entertainment system and Wii(TM) system from Nintendo."

Absent from this list is mention of a PlayStation 2 version, though it might not be a confirmation of no PS2 version as the PS3 and PS2 guitars for Rock Band games have been cross-platform. Read more »

"Well they can't be much worse than my experience with the regular RB instruments. Just bought ..."
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Rock Band 3 Coming This Holiday

The third numbered entry in Harmonix's Rock Band line of peripheral-based music games is due out this holiday season, the developer has just confirmed.

Said the company through its the official Rock Band Facebook:

Harmonix is developing Rock Band 3 for worldwide release this holiday season! The game, which will be published by MTV Games and distributed by Electronic Arts, will innovate and revolutionize the music genre once again, just as Harmonix did with the original Rock Band, Rock Band 2 and The Beatles: Rock Band. Stay tuned for more details!
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"I don't care who does it, rock band or guitar hero, BUT GIVE ME A FULL MICHAEL JACKSON GUITAR ..."
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Rock Band Getting Jimi Hendrix in 'New Edition'

[UPDATE] Speaking to Shacknews, a Harmonix spokesperson referred to reports of a standalone Hendrix-themed Rock Band game as incorrect and reiterated the official statement of being "in discussions to bring more of his music to our platform." [/UPDATE]

ORIGINAL: Read more »

"YES!!!! Finally an artist worthy of a title like this! It's not that The Beatles were ..."
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