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Neverending Nightmares is a horror game inspired by Retro/Grade's terrible sales

Neverending Nightmares is a horror game inspired by Retro/Grade's terrible sales

24 Caret Games' debut game, Retro/Grade, is excellent. The bullet hell shooter featured a fresh way to play: incorporating a guitar controller into the genre. It was a unique idea, although not one that would sell particularly well.

Matt Gilgenbach, along with partner Justin Wilder, had invested $140,000 in the game, a total that has yet to be recouped. Retro/Grade's failure is attributed to a number of factors, including the already-crowded PlayStation Network marketplace, and the disinterest in using plastic instruments. However, Gilgenbach is ready to bounce back into games.

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Retro/Grade coming to PC March 20

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Retro/Grade coming to PC March 20

The previously PlayStation 3-only Retro/Grade is coming to PC on March 20. The game treats your spaceship's shots like musical notes as time moves backwards, making you "un-fire" the shots to the music to avoid ripping apart space-time. In other words, it's a clever rhythm gaming device.

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Retro/Grade hitting PSN August 21

Retro/Grade hitting PSN August 21

The indie rhythm-schmup with a twist Retro/Grade has set a release date for August 21 on the PlayStation Network. The game plays in reverse, so you'll actually be seeing your battle against a massive alien invasion backwards. Yes, it sounds confusing.

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Shack PSA: GameFly August Used Game Deals

It's time for a little corporate shilling, but it's the good kind of self-promotion that helps you find some good games on the cheap.

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"I'm confused.. Remind me again, does the shack collective think that the used game market is ..."
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New Silent Hill: Shattered Memories Trailer is Flashlight Friendly

A new trailer for the Wii version of Silent Hill: Shattered Memories is here to show you its "assets" and tease the impending release of the game next Tuesday.

Filled with dark moodiness, frantic flashlights, and lethal demon-hugs, the montage shows off some footage of Silent Hill's less-dead residents as well. The flashlight looks like it could be fun to use too, which is a good thing since you won't be packing heat this time around.

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"I hate everyone who doesn't want to play this game. Innovation is dead in video games. Every ..."
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Silent Hill: Shattered Memories Wii Release Date Revealed

Konami Digital Entertainment issued a press release today, announcing that Silent Hill: Shattered Memories for the Nintendo Wii releases on December 8 of this year. Shattered Memories is a remake of the Playstation's original Silent Hill (1999), but shakes up the first game's formula in significant ways.

The original game's decidedly awkward combat elements have effectively been stripped from Shattered Memories. This time around, players are only equipped with a cell phone and flashlight to help them navigate the darkness and solve puzzles. Thankfully, both exploration and fleeing from demonic forces should be better experiences than before, due to an increased line of sight. One of the more interesting sounding improvements is a "psych-profiling feature," which reportedly analyzes players and "adjusts itself to their actions." Read more »

"Everything after SH 3 has been complete suckage. Even Akira Yamaoka's music can't save these ..."
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Silent Hill: Shattered Memories Screenshots: Capturing Classic Monster Memories

Konami's released a new batch of Shattered Memories screenshots. The motif they're going for here seems to be "family portraits, interrupted."

The interesting Wii/PS2/PSP "re-imagining" of the original Silent Hill hits this fall. Check out more of our coverage on the game.

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"Well I'm glad this is no cannon. There hasn't been a real silent hill game since SH 3"
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Silent Hill: Shattered Memories Trailer Takes Us Back

Konami has released the first trailer for Silent: Hill Shattered Memories, a reimagining of the 1999 series-starting survival horror by Silent Hill: Origins developer Climax.

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"I never thought I'd say this about this game... but there looks like a small glimmer of hope ..."
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Silent Hill: Shattered Memories Screenshots: Fear of a Flappy-fleshed Face

With combat removed from Climax's reimagining of classic survival horror Silent Hill, poor old protagonist Harry Mason is forced to flee from these furious fleshy foes, who'll apparently do their best to drag him out of hiding and pull him down. Mortifying.

The new PSP version screenshots are of interest too, as they show several different locations and more of the reimagining's snowy setting. Read more »

"The impressions this game is getting are pretty interesting. When IGN first reported its ..."
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Silent Hill: Shattered Memories Impressions

Even though the original Silent Hill has always been a favorite of mine, I never once expected a reimagining of the game would emerge as the most promising title on tap at Konami.

Since the release of Team Silent's textured PlayStation 2 sequel, the Silent Hill series has slowly lost steam over the years. The most recent entry, Silent Hill Homecoming, was turned over to American developer Double Helix a few years back. The result was a competent but ultimately soulless retread of previous themes, and it appeared as if the once-fresh horror series was lost in its own fog. Read more »

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Multi-platform Silent Hill Reimagining Announced

Konami has announced Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, a reimagining of the original 1999 Silent Hill survival horror title. A Wii release had been revealed by magazine scans, now Konami confirm PlayStation 2 and PSP versions too.

Shattered Memories shares the same plot as Silent Hill but shakes elements up to keep seasoned players on their toes. Harry Mason (pictured here in concept art form) will still search the desolate fogbound town of Silent Hill for his missing daughter only to find unspeakable terrors, but its human inhabitants will appear in new places reacting differently, and new clues and gameplay paths are to be found. Read more »

"I'm cautiously optimistic about this. I really like the Wiimote as flashlight idea."
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Silent Hill 'Reimagining' Coming to Wii?

The first title in Konami's horror series Silent Hill is coming to the Wii as a "reimagining," according to a Nintendo Power article that appears to not be an April Fools' joke.

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories will feature the same basic plot of the original game, but will be tweaked to "betray your expectations."

"The characters play different roles, things don't necessarily happen in the same order, and the story is taken in lots of new directions," reads the article, as transcribed by GoNintendo. Read more »

"Awesome. I love the series, but the first one loses some of its impact to age. Not to mention ..."
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